Saturday, August 10, 2019

Lovely Country Walk, Last RV’ers Arrive, Elvis Visits

The Ridge
It was 5:00, then 5:30, then 6 etc. when I woke up on Friday, Aug. 9th. I didn’t have a good night’s sleep as I was too chilly. If I hadn’t been so lazy, I would have got up and grabbed the afghan on the floor at the bottom of the bed. I knew Bill was appreciating the window at the dresser being open but again, I was too chilly and slovenly to move. My own fault. At 5:30 I put on my flannel pants and crawled back in, snuggling up to my warm body for a heat rush.

We're hoping for a lovely day today

We got up just before 7 and I got dressed for a walk. It was a gorgeous blue sky that I was seeing and yet only 53F/12C. Rob and Pat slowed down to say good morning on their way to Walkerton. 

I had company this morning, my shadow went with me
 By the time I returned, my jacket and safety vest were undone. It is looking like a beautiful day coming our way. Inside I had my tea with Bill and he got washed and cleaned up for the day. Then he disappeared down in the Hangar.

I wiped off my plastic garbage table find and dug out our camping tablecloth and the clips to hold it in place. This looked much better, hiding the leaf stain spots. The winds are up again today so we still may not get the screen tent put up, darn! We all puttered around doing our own thing. George went into town for a bit, Suzie, Kim and Ken sat outside and then it was time to eat breakfast. I managed to eat my eggs and bacon with Bill this morning.

After dishes, I wrote more on this post and then got washed up to go visit Mom. It would be a short visit, since that is what works best for her these days. And for us, who am I trying to kid? I left at 11 with fingers crossed to have a good visit. I found her in the Garden Room and she truly believed that she was sitting in her own room. That she had planted the growing perennials and succulents. What could I say except to say they were very nice.

Ron and Loree and of course sweet Freddy arrived
The conversation went beyond any sound reasoning so I just agreed and laughed along with her and was grateful for her cheerfulness. When she insisted that she’d never married, with no children I had to leave. I know it isn’t her talking but it still hurts my heart. I bluffed (ok, I lied) about an appointment and left her in ‘her’ garden room and told the nurses where they would find her for her lunch. I just wanted to coddle her and correct her but you can’t. Many of you know that.

Their new little Lance bought from CanAm and orienteered by Bill 
From Rockwood Terrace, I went to the LCBO for some Lite Beer (margaritas!!) and some coolers and then drove home. We welcomed Ron and Loree when they arrived around 1:30 and Bill helped them get turned around and situated. What a great group! Freddy was so happy to see everyone and then even happier to be rein-free. He is such a beautiful dog and well behaved. The initial greeting can be a little intimidating but he soon settles down.

Welcome Freddy!
We were all surprised when Elvis/Mitch drove up the lane about the same time and brought me an old galvanized watering can. He knew I was eyeing his new ones. 😊 He was like a travelling peddler and managed to sell a set of Impact sockets to Rob. 
afternoon happy hour
A nice big group
He didn’t hang around too long and after a couple of stories, pulled out wishing us all well. Let the second round of fun begin with a Happy Hour. The gang is now truly all here!
Elvis is about to leave the Ridge
Notice the TCB symbol on his vehicle
At 4:45, Kim and I drove into Durham to pick up a cake that I’d ordered for Rob and we each got some bread. It was kind of sneaky of us as Rob wasn’t aware. Bill lit the Weber and we had the best rib-eye steak, little potatoes, mushrooms and I had cucumbers. Yum, a wonderful meal along with a glass of chardonnay. We know how to eat right – sometimes!! After dishes, Bill lit the campfire and we gathered, hoping the wind would die down some.

Rob and Pat brought me (us) a beautiful huge Hibiscus!!
I've never had this perennial
thank you buddies

A wonderful supper that my sweetie cooked
At 7:30, I cut the cake and Kim provided the plates so we could celebrate Rob’s 70th birthday. We couldn’t let this annual gathering go by without it even though his birthday was on August 1st. I hadn’t given him a card and I wouldn’t be satisfied until I did, doggonit! 

Happy belated, Rob


We surprised him and pleased him at the same time. A special birthday is worth celebrating. Heck! Any birthday is worth that! The black clouds had moved out of the way completely by the time we'd all eaten so the evening was perfect.

So, he slipped in to put his t-shirt on
I finished writing my post, leaving only pictures to add in the morning. For you morning readers, sorry for the wait. (Again) I changed into long pants to join the group. We are certainly having some fun evenings. 

Awesome fire with a chimney
It put Kim into a trance as fires often do
 The fire was wonderful and I added the pack that adds some colour to the flames. That was a fun night and we laughed a lot. I consumed a little more wine than usual; Bill and I finished the bottle of Pelee Island Chardonnay off.

Love bugs sharing the mosquito repellent thingy
Good nigh!

What a great time! Thank you for taking the time to see what we’re up to!


  1. It was a fun day we all had nice to see us all together again and enjoying some good times. That was a great cake too thanks for taking care of that

  2. Always fun getting together with friends like that and to be able to celebrate a Birthday even better.
    If you keep having large gatherings you might have to enlarge the pad on the Ridge.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. What a great group of friends you have. I really like that t-shirt!

  4. And that cake looks delicious!!! Your new hibiscus is gorgeous. What great friends to have.