Friday, April 24, 2020

A Change is Afoot, We’re Ready For It

The Ridge
Friday, Apr. 24th and we want to cheer TGIF! This is when the temperature was forecasted to increase to ‘above freezing’ overnight and moving towards double digits during the day Saturday and beyond. Yahooie Louie! Let’s hope they’re right this time. Today that comes with dullness from cloud-filled skies but we are getting there.

You know the weather is improving when my Ross runners
are on my feet
Bill and I both slept until almost 7:30 and I popped the furnace on for a cycle right away. It was 15C/60F downstairs but it felt cooler than that. After I had my tea made and was sitting with my laptop, I realized that it was a mild 4C/39F outside and I probably could have had a nice walk. I'll go later.

There is something about rocks covered in rocks that attracts
a camera
No matter the weather, it grows
I got caught up on blogs and emails, played my online Scrabble games and was basically ready for the day. Bill went out to check the propane tank, and we’re still good, and then he thought it was a good day to remove our 5th wheel hitch from the truck. As he backed up and prepared to do that, I bundled and went for that walk down to the corner. I planned on going further but that wind was still very cold and I turned back and returned home.

Mother Goose still sits
We're getting close to baby time!
By the time I got back, Bill was finished, the hitch came out easily so Black Beauty was ready for when Trevor calls to take it in. He had already been over to turn the water tap off at the Acreage but now drove back with the water bladder to get us a fill up. Inside, I got the vacuum out and did the floors. After finishing, I was my old clutzy self as I walked hard into the corner edge of the island. Yeouch! Those corners are sharp and it brought tears to my eyes.

and the hitch will just hang out here for a while
I have never broken a bone before, other than cracking my nose years ago, so didn’t know if that’s what I’d done. I’m not a wimp, really, but it hurt like heck. When Bill returned and came inside, I told him what I’d done and instead of starting lunch right away, I was going sit for a few minutes and let the Tylenol kick in. I looked at my toes but they seemed fine even though I couldn’t walk on my foot for about half hour.

Egg, bacon, lettuce, cottage and cheddar cheese in a fried tortilla
We had bacon and eggs with toast (Bill) and mine in a tortilla. I’m enjoying the switch up instead of having them plain. Because he was transferring water from the bladder to the tank, I went outside and stoked the fire Bill had started in the pit. It felt nice just sitting beside the fire and after helping with dishes inside, I went back out with my book. I watched the mail lady drive by so knew there was no mail and when I felt the fire wasn’t keeping me warm, came indoors at 2:15.

Yesterday, you saw this full of seed
It's dirty but almost empty today
Sitting by a fire but it wasn't enough to keep me warm
I made a tea and sat with my book. I’m sure it will be finished tonight – well, I’ve said that before! Bill came inside around 3 and went upstairs for a snooze and to watch some tv. 

Bill and I walked up to the fence line and he pointed
out all the peony buds
At 5:30, I sautéed some beer brats in Madame IP and then added an inner pot on top with potatoes for mashing. Both were done perfectly within 12 minutes and we were eating by 6. Since we had carrot cake left, I got it out of the fridge and lightly heated 2 pieces.

A good supper tonight
We did dishes and watched the London CTV news. When the meteorologist showed us that it was going back down to below freezing tonight (Grrr!*#%) Bill drove over to the Acreage once more to turn the tap on. 

 It was as I was sitting typing that the sun came out and there was blue sky to the west. LOL First time all day, just in time to set for the night. I hope we get lucky and see some tomorrow as that will make everyone happy. Bill, me and all the critters up here.

This was a nice day and we are still healthy and staying warm. I hope you are too.

Good night!

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  1. It was very cloudy here in the Ottawa Valley this morning, but when the sun finally graced us later in the afternoon it was glorious. We sure enjoyed sitting on the back porch after supper with our tea.
    I stubbed my toe over the Christmas Holidays. I finally got around to letting a doctor look at it in early March and discovered my toe and a bone in my foot was in fact broken. The pain stayed with me until just a few weeks ago. Not much we can do about it now.

    1. I won't complain about our day BUT (isn't there always a but?) the sun would have made a HUGE difference. Nice that you could sit on the porch with a tea. :)
      My daughter is the toe breaker in the family. I think she's broken 4 toes in her short 40 yrs. LOL The first time she went to the hospital and they said they couldn't do anything with a toe. I think they were never her big ones.
      It sure hurt like you know what though I'm positive it isn't broke. Just a faint bruise this morning.

  2. I'm so envious of you being able to sit outside around the fire. We have a fire ban in our area :-(

    1. I love an evening fire but during the daytime, I enjoy it too. :)
      Sorry about your ban, it must be very dry out there.

  3. Your meals are looking a lot more appetizing than mine!
    We're supposed to 'break the ice' here in Tucson this weekend; that means we'll hit 100F (37C) for the first time this year! So strange that we're going to be so hot while you really are breaking the ice and warming up.

    1. I really dislike 'planning' meals. I don't mind the process of cooking once I decide but it must be something in us that we just set about the task and do it. Bill might help with the meat decision but the rest is up to me.
      Wow, that is really breaking the ICE!! It must be ice in a cool drink where it got the name! haha

  4. I feel your pain about two weeks before my left knee replacement I caught and broke my little toe on the left foot. I told the doctor at least I kept all the fun on one side.
    I always enjoyed seeing those first shoots of green in the garden making an appearance. Always gave me hope that spring weather would join us soon. I am guessing it was nice to enjoy sitting by the fire even for a bit. Fingers crossed your warm weather is just around the corner. Take care.

    1. It was my left foot, two smaller toes that got the brunt. Just a bruise on the second one this morning. Phew!
      I also love watching the green shoots and when the hostas pop, I get so excited watching their quick bursts every day.
      I do believe we have made it to warmth - going up to 14C/58F today! Yay!

  5. I was looking for some ideas for perennials to plant as some in my garden didn't make it through the winter this year. The Peony buds you showed in your picture give me an idea and hope that they are hardy enough to try and plant here too. 14C is pretty good, isn't it?

    1. Peony bushes are very hardy. They are tempermental if you move the plant but only for one year. We brought ours from our London house when we sold. :)

  6. OUCH!! I hope your foot is okay. If nothing else, you have a beautiful place to sit outside by the fire ... with your heavy coat on.

  7. And today was a great day! Hope you enjoyed it.