Thursday, April 23, 2020

An Improvement in Weather

The Ridge - Home
Today, Thursday, Apr. 23rd, it was just after 7 when I joined Bill downstairs. He was up before me and was in the shower when I woke. It was a cool -1C/29F outside but we knew it was warming up to 8C/47F today. We’ll take it! It’s only 9 degrees but it will be a big improvement. The winds are not as strong either which does make a difference, especially up here. Okay, enough about the weather.

Morning pictures
The pond and driving out the north end of Durham
I didn’t go for a walk but instead we made our coffee and tea and caught up on things. We’d been tossing around who we were going to go with to get our Suite fixed. Either CarStar in Mount Forest or Heinz in Hanover, where Black Beauty is going. Since the cold weather has added insult to injury on the cap damage, we need to make a decision soon.

Driving through small towns is refreshing and we took
a route we haven't travelled in a while
To move it along, after our drinks, we drove to Hanover to Heinz Auto Body and talked to Trevor. His shop is very nice but it just isn’t big enough to handle our unit. Not in length. My preference was to have the Suite completely inside a shop and Trevor can’t offer that. Bill was hoping to give him an opportunity as he is a nice guy. He does good work, we’ve seen that before with the truck, but after Bill looked inside the shop window, he confirmed that it just wasn’t going to work.

Isn't it interesting that with all of the strong winds we've had lately,
barns like this are 'still standing' proud
The wind blows right through them
We next drove to Mount Forest and met Dave from CarStar. They’d already given us a quote on the cost to repair the cap and we’d heard high recommendations regarding their work. Bill looked in their shop and we came away quite convinced that we will be pleased with the finished job. Now, we just need to wait until Trevor gets the tailgate shipped in. We’re hoping that we don’t have to wait too much longer. Once the truck is done, could be 2 weeks, the Suite can go in.

Bill pointed out this machine cutting and splitting logs
What a neat process
It was a nice drive and we feel that we have accomplished something today. We drove back through Durham and stopped to fill my 5-gallon water jug on the way through. I also asked Bill to stop at the Mat. Somewhere, I lost a sock in our last washing so I wanted to check the lost and found. I didn’t have any luck but realized when I stopped that I actually missed working there. I don’t know why, as I certainly don’t miss the early hours. It was just nice to have that outlet. On the way back, we stopped at the Acreage so Bill could turn the tap off for the day.

And don't think that Arizona is the only place to see burros
These adorable guys saw us slow down for the pictures

Back home, Bill advised Aviva of our choice for the trailer. I mixed up a batch of cherry Jell-o to set and then made a couple of packages of Instant sugar-free Jell-o pudding. I wanted us to have some choices for dessert this week. These are healthy choices and that makes me feel better too. When they were done, I fried bacon and eggs for lunch. That hit the spot and I was hungry for it.

Water is $3.00/5 gallons here
$1.25 in Arizona
I could tell that Bill was anxious to go down to the Hangar and that is a result of the weather making a change for the better. Inside, I started pulling Mom’s paperwork together for her Income Tax assessment. I needed to dig a bit to gather her medical receipts as they were all in emails and then I had to print them off. You never know if they’ll make a difference but since she had foot care and dental care added last year, it was worth a try.

another group of pictures from the Acreage
I walked from the front gate to the back today
Once the package was ready, I basically messed around online in Facebook and emails. Sometimes emails come through with videos, a lot, actually, and I don’t open them right away. Sometimes, I just delete them if they are too big but mostly, I try to see what they entail. I had 3 or 4 unopened that our friends, Jim or Pat, sent through and that usually means they are worth looking at. I trust their judgement for which ones I would enjoy. 

No birds made an appearance in my pictures today
but their food is waiting for them
I couldn’t believe that the day was slipping by so quickly so at 2 I took a walk down the lane and to the corner. It was quite pleasant when I stepped down to the patio but once I got around the corner of the Suite, the wind had me zipping my coat up to my neck. The walk was nice and I went beyond the corner before I noticed something in the ditch. I first thought it was glass but then realized that it was slate from a roof or something. Nice to paint on so I found a nice piece and carried it home.

I never really noticed the shape of this tree before but
it is on our road and I pass it often
The second picture is after playing with the Zeke effect
There were a few flyers in the mailbox so I brought those up at the same time. Bill was just closing up the Hangar and came in for a hot chocolate. He said his feet were getting cold. Soon, he can work down there and be warm and I can get back out in the Bunky. I had a tea and started today’s post and my sweetie caught up on his sleep beside me. 😊 When he woke up, I was able to blend the cream cheese and heavy cream for the Jell-o. I also blended some whipping cream for the pudding.

Remember the plants along the fence down by the gate?
The bright green lilies are growing well

On my way up the lane, the road grader went by
He wasn't grading the roads today, just passing through
For supper, we had pork chops with a coating fried in olive oil. One was quite a bit thinner than the other so didn’t want them to cook for the same time in Madame IP. One would end up either over or under done. As the chops cooked, I heated some corn on the stove. It was a good meal and I actually enjoyed the pork chops with the crispy coating. We did the dishes and then had some of the vanilla pudding and whipped cream for dessert. With a macaroon, it was yummy and filling.

One of the first years in our sticks and bricks home
my daughter, Bridgette, made this sign for Bill's work room
He was teaching young r.c. pilots how to fly at the time
It has found a home here on his Hangar
We had a couple of programs on our PVR so starting with FBI:Most Wanted. The night had started to cool down and we’ll be hitting below freezing tonight again. Hopefully, just one more night. Donna and Gerry were at the Acreage and left the water running before they left.

No sun for a sunset tonight
so instead
you get a food collage
Good night!
This was a better day and we enjoyed it. Thank you for your visit.


  1. Sounds like you had a good day. Glad you got the repair shop figured out for the Suite.

    Just a tip, medical expenses must be 3% or more of total income to be eligible for the tax credit. A quick calculation will help you determine whether your mom had sufficient expenses. If she doesn't then you wouldn't have to print off all those receipts!

    Have a good day!

  2. Good point Maebeme! Her income doesn't change from year to year so I'll pay attention to it this year and then I can look at the 3% for next. I appreciate that. :) Luckily there were only 5 pages to print.
    Thanks for the comment! Take care!

  3. Nice to get things figured out for the Suite. Love that old barn with the tin roof..sure would love to have some of that! Love the sign Bridgette made for Bill! Dinner looks awesome, nice to have a treat you don't have to feel bad about for sure.

    1. Thanks Shirley, now we just wait for the call for the truck to start things in motion. :)
      It is quite the barn, the things it has seen. haha
      Bridgette will be surprised, I think, to see the sign hanging.

  4. Sounds like you got a lot accomplished!! I'm NOT looking forward to doing my taxes, which is on the top of my home agenda. I'm glad the weather cleared a tad. It's much more welcoming to see a little blue sky.

  5. I've never heard of Jello described as a healthy product … isn't it 100% chemicals?

    1. Ha ha, not that I know of but it is sugar and carb free and that is what I was referring to!

  6. Things are looking up. Soon the truck will be good as new as well as the Suite and all will be forgotten. I also love the signs on Bill's shed, very cute.

    1. Yes, they are looking up indeed!
      Now, just for the virus to clear out, eh? :)

  7. To this point you've actually been getting warmer temps then we have because we have water all around our area. Soon we'll all be enjoying the warmth.
    Have you considered bringing the Suite to where Bill works. Depending on the damage to the cap it might be easier and less expensive to replace it. They could also do the warranty work while they are at it.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Soon it will be warm everywhere. Yay!
      CanAm is currently not open for repairs and they are also 3 hours away. We'd have to find somewhere to live near London.
      CarStar is one of the best shops in this area and we can stay close to home while it is in the shop. :) The price for the cap repair is quite reasonable and it is all under warranty anyway.

  8. I sent some warmer weather your way. You should get it soon. We call that "High Blading" when the grader drives with his blade in the air.

    1. thank you for the weather, I knew it was from you. What a guy!
      High blading, hmm, I've learned something today! Thanks!

  9. The Richard's Flying School eh? Impressive!