Sunday, April 12, 2020

Happy Easter!

The Ridge
And so, it was Easter Sunday, Apr. 12th. We were both awake and out of bed before 7:30. We had nothing special planned today but I pretty much tore the place apart looking for the Easter chocolate that Mr. Cottontail left. Hmm, he apparently does not realize that he is classified as an essential worker. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to bake something with chocolate in it.

The little wishing well where we get our water
at the Acreage
 We had our coffee and tea and it was nice to see the temperature was above freezing by 5 degrees. It was very dull though; I doubt there will be any sunshine today. Rain, rain and more rain but that is always better than snow. We had a few Facetime chats on Messenger before noon hour and Donna, Aj and I set up a time to chat with my siblings this afternoon.

Bill waits while the bladder fills with water
I went for my walk around noon hour but it wasn’t a long one. It was after having a lunch of sausage and eggs with rye toast. We took care of the dishes and I walked just down to the corner. I could have gone further but there were some dark clouds and threats of showers so I didn’t want to push my luck. It was feeling quite mild and I enjoyed it. My hat kept my ears warm today!

My pale chocolate macaroons (w/peanut butter)

I’d mixed up the ingredients to make Cheryl’s No Bake Cookies so when I got back home, I finished putting them together and scooped them onto waxed paper to cool and harden. The colour was off a bit, not as chocolatey as I thought they’d be and then realized that I only added 1 tbsp of cocoa instead of 3. LOL My laptop with the recipe opened up was across the island on the table and I misread the number. LOL Oh well, next time.

Mother Goose sits on her nest
Bill and I didn’t end up getting water over at the Acreage yesterday after all so we decided to go back today. It was a much milder day and there were hardly any winds to speak of. If there was going to be some nicer weather coming, this would be a perfect calm day to do some outside work. However, we know we are still expecting cold and some possible snow before warmth creeps in.

Looking across our front field to our home
on a dull day
We got a full bladder of water and returned home just minutes before 2 pm. I set up my laptop and after a few mis-steps, I finally found all 6 of my siblings waiting for me on FB messenger. Look at those happy faces. 😊 It wasn’t perfect for a while as we all got settled and I still at times had garbled sounds instead of voices but we eventually had a pretty nice conversation. We all caught up on what we we’ve been doing during this pandemic before sending kisses and Easter wishes. We’ll try and do this again in a few weeks.

I finished the puzzle and put it away
It was a good one with a challenge
By the time we said goodbye, we had a fair bit of sunshine coming across the Ridge. Bill had been outside filling our fresh water tank, and surprisingly it took all 45 (?) gallons, and came in without his jacket. “It’s warm out there now!” he told me.
and when it was out, it was beautiful
 I slipped on my clogs and jacket and went out to see for myself. In between the clouds and sun, yes, it had warmed up to a pleasant 12C/53F. I walked down the lane to check out the turtles as I knew they would be out sunning.

I knew they'd be out and they didn't see me
Back inside, I got a text from Donna that Gerry and Mike were going to the Acreage to do a couple of things so Bill took a drive over to see if he could help. From a distance, of course. I had the ingredients out to make a Miami Vice, since the weather was a bit warmer today. Before starting, I gave my son a call on Messenger to wish them a Happy Easter too. Nate was beside him on a video game so I got to say hi to him and then Patrick and I had a nice chat. It was nice to see those smiling faces too.

Look at their little faces up to the sun
Then, I mixed up a drink for myself and put the rest in the fridge to blend one for Bill when he returns. Yum, now I’ll just close my eyes and pretend I’m in Akumal again. 😊 With the way the day turned out, I didn’t really need to imagine too hard. 

A nice little Easter Sunday drink
The outside temperature just kept going up until it peaked around 14C. Yay! I read a few chapters in my book and before 5, I made up meatloaf for supper. Tonight, I’m giving Madame IP a break and using the convection oven.

A little mullien plant and a couple of  little yellow daisies
Bill came home around 5:30 and once the meatloaf was done, I prepared some dressing and heated creamed corn on the stove. Supper was very filling and we enjoyed our Easter Sunday meal together. We even have leftovers for another night which is always nice. Bill washed and I dried the dishes before I sat at the table to work on my blog. Bill tried to connect a video call with his sisters but it wasn’t working out.

Shirley was interested in Bill's curtains
Nothing special but they cover his windows
and that was all he wanted

This little one up high is currently on a string for now
But it opens and closes to block the sun when he needs to
I put my puzzle away and will have to find something else to do over the next few days if the weather stays cold. It was nice talking to our family today and I have a feeling you’ve done some of the same. Since we can’t get together like we normally do, this is the second-best thing. I wasn’t able to see my oldest Grandsons as they don’t have the same access, especially when they can’t be home at their Mom’s right now. Hopefully, soon, we’ll be able to see them.

A filling supper
Good night
We’ve had a nice day today and I hope you’ve enjoyed your Easter as much as we have. Take care and stay healthy! Thank you for your visit today.


  1. Happy Easter!! Glad you had a nice day. Spring is coming soon!!! Can’t wait to see baby geese!

    1. Thanks Nancy, Happy Easter to you too. Mama Goose will sit on her nest for 28 days so we have a while yet. I'm excited to see how many this year!

  2. What a cute wishing well at the Acreage! We haven't walked in three days. I hope we can tomorrow. The chocolate macaroons look so good. It's been raining off and on all day. Mid afternoon the winds came up and it's been blowing ever since - it's now 39, compared to 57 when I got up this morning. We've managed to get in several phone calls today with the kids and grands as well. So thankful we can do that to keep in touch.

    1. Walking is certainly being put on the back burner with this weather. I miss my long ones in the early hours.
      Glad you had a nice Easter too talking to the kids and grandkids. :)
      Happy Easter!

  3. Isn't Technology great? Glad you were able to Face time with family on Easter.
    Be Safe and Enjoy hunkering down again.

    It's about time.

    1. It sure is! We are all fortunate to have the visual option for talking to family.

  4. Glad you had such a good Easter Sunday! I always enjoy your posts and find them interesting, but was struck by the little pump that you get your water from. I've never seen such a small pump sitting outside! Of course, where I live the water table is probably a lot further down, but still....doesn't it freeze up where you are? Never mind. Random thoughts. Again, I enjoy your posts. And thanks for that recipe the other day..

    1. Thank you Judith.
      To answer your question about the pump. The wishing well is just for show, it sits around the top of the pipe/casing for the well which is about 100' deep. Underground pipes off the casing go into the shed to a pressure tank with on/off switches. We attach our hose to the tap in there. The well is shut down over the winter and only turned on when we're pretty sure freezing is done. :) Nothing wrong with random thoughts! :)

  5. I love the red ink on your post! The curtains turned out really nice, thanks for sharing the pictures. I'm sure they'll help keep the heat out once it happens! The little well is adorable! No bake cookies look yummy too!

    1. Thanks Shirley. That was just an Easter Sunday treat, the red lettering. :) Bill is happy about his simple curtains.
      The cookies were good.