Tuesday, April 7, 2020

We Are Being Good, Our Lives Depend on It!

The Ridge - Home

It looked sunny out my window this morning but the blue sky didn’t last long. By the time we’d had our showers and got downstairs at 7:30, the clouds were showing up and soon took over. It was a milder morning though, above freezing and therefore no frost ‘on the pumpkin’. Because my hair was wet, I seldom blow dry it anymore, I had my tea with Bill rather than heading out for a walk right away.

Good morning
Unfortunately, when my hair was wet, I took that opportunity to trim my bangs. After they were dry, I realized how crooked they were! LOL How many times I’ve done this cannot be counted on one hand but I always manage to work it into something half decent looking. Plus, no one is going to see me so there is time for them to grow! Ha ha. I read in a joke somewhere that everyone is going to be showing their ‘true colours’ soon. This is for the ladies who colour their hair.

As I walked down the lane, this was a wonderful surprise
For me, nope, not going to happen. I can do my roots from home when they need it so you’ll never know. We have to look at the lighter side of things, don’t we? I wish I had the wigs that our friend, Sharon, has as that would be fun at times like this. After our first morning drinks, Bill went outside to do some work on the Hangar. A couple of touch up spots at the back and I stayed inside. For some reason, I couldn’t get warm after getting dressed.

This little guy/gal was trying to get across the road

But I had to stop and do a Face Time, just for a minute
I had finished The Innocent last night so found another Baldacci read called Stone Cold. It was written in 2007 so quite a few years old. It is about the character, Oliver Stone, so a switch from Will Robie, Sean King and Amos Decker.  No matter, I like them all. I read 4 chapters just to get into it and then got out the vacuum. After I’d done upstairs and down, I was quite warmed up. That was part of the purpose, plus now the Suite has clean floors again.

The sun was sure tryig to stay out
Then I slipped my boots on, my hoody and puffy vest for my walk. I remembered to take my old gloves, walking stick and a couple of grocery bags. From the last two trips, I noticed many tossed beer/alcohol cans. I planned to gather them. I would be careful and only touch them with my gloved hand even though I doubt they were contaminated since they’d been buried under the snow all winter. By the time I finished I had at least 15 in the bag to take to the Beer Store one day.

These were found on a one mile stretch
I stopped to see Bill and his finished projects before coming up for a coffee. He needs curtains for the two windows so I’ll check in my ‘material’ scraps to see if I have enough to make some. Nothing too girly but I'm not sure what i've got. Before I went out, I put together a little mask made out of a Valentine’s scarf that my buddy gave me February ’19. It will be a precaution when I am out in a store and I feel threatened. Most people are staying the correct distance but I’ll carry this in my purse and wash it after I’ve worn it.

I found some material to make Bill’s 2 curtains and he approved of the colour and pattern. He had 2 other choices but this was the ‘manliest’. 😊 I got my sewing machine out for the first time since last summer. It is one thing that no matter whether I use it or not during our winter away, it will still go along. There is a spot just the right size in the hall closet that the box fits in. Before I started, it was time to make lunch so we had our bacon and eggs first.

Bill went back out and I set to work. I made one long one for his door and then 2 for the same size window but it sits horizontally. He wants to be able to open them sometimes to let daylight in but in the heat and humidity of the summer, to close them. Now we just have to locate where we put the curtain wires. Hmm. With that job done, I took them down to him and then wrapped myself in my snuggy in the Bunky and worked on the puzzle.

Chippy found the bird seed I left out
 It was only 2:30 when I found myself too chilled to stay any longer so came inside and made myself a cup of tea. I’ve got ground beef out for supper to make a hamburger stew with rice and biscuits on the side. Madame IP is working overtime this week! When Bill came in just after 5, I had already started cooking. I’ve made this before and it was a successful easy meal. I’d received a recipe from our friend, Cheri, for No Yeast Biscuits so I had made a batch of 6 up, ready to bake.

I missed watching this little guy
We were eating shortly after 6 and everything was delicious. We did the first dishes up and then I warmed up the last two pieces of apple pie. Bill finished the dishes while I caught up on my post. This was another quiet, lazy day. Each day I seem to accomplish one thing, well, I try to, and today the vacuuming got done and some curtains made. Tomorrow, I guess I better get the dust rag out.

We’ve had a good day and I hope you can say the same. No sunset tonight in our neck of the woods so no picture there. Before I say goodnight, I want to tell you about something from yesterday. Bill and I have been making more regular contact with our girls and Marilynne. This is fairly new to us. I have missed getting hold of my son in that same effort, so yesterday morning, I called him early. Caught him still in bed but we had a very nice catch up chat. Now I know he and his family are also safe and sound. Patrick is home from work with Nathan but doing ok. 

The biscuits were great too, Cheri
Thank you!
Then, a text message I'd sent to my 2 oldest grandsons was answered by both. Taylor and Jake filled us in on their lives during this pandemic and are doing the best they can while following the same rules as we are. I was a happy 'camper' after getting in touch with 3 of my boys. 

Thank you for your visit to see what we’re up to. Comments are always welcome and appreciated.


  1. Glad things are going well for you both and visiting with your family while keeping yourselves away from Others.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Our visits are virtual but at least keeping in touch is important. :)

  2. Love the turtles!! I'm leery of the results, but today is hair cutting day here too.

  3. Can't wait to see how the curtains turned out! Nice you got a hold of Patrick. Dinner looks very yummy!

  4. One day Baby Easton will say....."what? You actually talked to each other without seeing each other"? Lol...

    1. Baby Easton will be so far ahead of what we've done that I won't understand him! haha

  5. Good to hear your weather is warming. That'll be easier on the propane and power usage. Still very wintery here :-(
    Today's technology is amazing. Even our Granddaughter's Kindergarten class is using virtual meetings to keep up their schoolwork.
    Stay safe!

    1. Thank you but falling into a deep freeze now for a week. LOL
      I know, the kids are all getting their lessons online now. Sad but a year they will never forget.

  6. Spring seems to be taking her sweet time getting here. It's going to be cold this weekend with more snow - I'm so tired of it!

    Chatting with family is good, but boy won't it be nice when we can finally hug them? Hopefully soon. Take care and stay well!

    1. She sure is!! I'm with you. Bring us the heat to stay!
      It was nice chatting with Patrick and my grandsons but one of their great hugs would be wonderful!
      You stay well also!