Thursday, April 9, 2020

Snow!! Now You See It Now You Don’t, TG

The Ridge - Home Sweet Home
We woke around 7 on Thursday, Apr. 9th and the ground was white. We didn’t like the looks of that but we knew enough from the news last night that it was expected. Why is the weather forecaster always right when it is ‘not’ what we want to hear? LOL Bill got downstairs earlier and turned the heat up while making his coffee. I joined him within 20 minutes after making the bed. I made my tea and we sat and caught up on our friends’ blogs.

But Good morning regardless
 It is nice to hear that everyone is healthy even though some are dealing with challenges, trying to live in their cold environment and others dealing with mechanical issues on their rigs as they make their way home. Yesterday, I said to Bill, “If we’d waited to come home on the 4th, and had work done on the Suite as planned on the 6th, we would probably be talking about heading up here today”. What a cold bitter day this would be to have to deal with that move. Things happen for a reason.

At 7:30 we saw this
We heard a comment on our SiriusXM radio this morning that made us laugh. “Can we delete and reinstall 2020? This one has a virus”. Now, wouldn’t that be nice? After his coffee, Bill bundled and went outside to empty our black and gray tanks. Not a fun temperature for him to be doing that, it is below freezing. When he finished, he emptied the last 19 gallons of water from the water bladder still in the truck into our fresh water tank. Without even realizing that we are doing it, we seem to be rationing water.

By 9, it was green again
We took a drive into Durham to return Rob’s grass raker ‘thingy’ and their soup dish. We hung around and chatted with them from a distance for a while. It was nice to catch up a bit about our winter and theirs. Come to think of it, it was mostly ours, geesh sorry buddies. Still, it was very nice to see them again. The wind outside today is really nasty, with gusts between 20 – 28 mph. The sun is an invisible force in the sky today so I plan on staying indoors.

On the way back home, we stopped so I could run in to the post office and buy a book of stamps. It is nicely laid out, with directions to follow on the floor and the cashier is behind a counter and plexiglass. Before I left, I thanked her for being in at work for us. I think she appreciated that and probably doesn’t hear it enough. Life is trying to go on and this essential Government service is another important way to reach our loved ones.

A drive on our country road instead of a walk
Back home, I made us bacon and eggs with a tangerine and we had the last two biscuits from last night. Bill went down to the Hangar, saying it was warmer in there than it is outside. I’m not surprised but it still isn’t warm. He bundled and said he was fine. If he wasn’t, he’d be back in. 😊 I’m going to have my little puzzle done soon so will have to get the second one going too. I worked away until I finished it and then turned to my book.

One down
For supper, I’d planned on fish and chips so when Bill came in at 4:30, he brought the little Fry Daddy. Together we watched some NCIS until it was time to start. At 6, we turned the CTV news on and even though it is very disturbing to hear about the fall out from Covid-19, it is something we need to be on top of.  Once the oil was hot enough for the chips, Bill started those. I heated oil and cooked the Alaskan Pollock filets in a fry pan on the stove.

another success
this time with our Fry Daddy
While doing dishes, this band of white blowing snow
came across our area
Left its mark
Supper was good. The fries were perfect and we are really enjoying the nice pieces of fish we bought this time. After dishes, we settled in for the night. It isn’t a good tv night so you know I’ll be getting into my book. 

before moving on to the east
I’ll put the puzzle away and probably get the other one out tomorrow. This has been a nasty cold day and I didn’t even get out for a walk or to check the mail. I do believe we’re spoiled. I hope you managed to keep warm and had a good one!

And now, my two favourite pictures of the day

Rockwood sent us pictures of Mom throwing kisses
to the Easter Bunny
Talk about an uplifting story when you need it
Good night everyone
Stay safe and healthy

Thank you for visiting.


  1. Brrrr from the photos, but thank you for the tea biscuit recipe! Stay warm and safe.

    1. These photos show nothing compared to what we woke up to on Good Friday. Blech!
      You're very welcome!

  2. what a sweet photo of your mom. Nice touch by Rockwood to send it.

    1. I know, Mom would believe the E.B was real and that melts my heart. :)

  3. At least April snow is usually gone as fast as it comes. Cold and wind is never fun though. Great pictures of your mom how wonderful they took and sent them. Really like the picture of the road with the trees lining it and the clouds in the background, beautiful shot. Stay warm, safe and healthy.

    1. Thank you T & D. april snow doesn't usually last long but with this cold now, what we got this morning will be here for a few days. LOL
      Isn't that special of Mom?
      Nice to hear from you. Stay on the healthy side too!

  4. What? SNOW!! That's not allowed!! I love the pictures of your Mom!!

  5. The photos of your mom are so sweet. I'm sure it's hard to not be able to visit at this time, but it is safest for her especially. Take care and stay well!

  6. OMG! Mom is just too cute with the Easter bunny! Yeah you're definitely having interesting weather! Beautiful sunset pic!

  7. Hopefully it will be warmer soon. Happy Easter!

  8. Wonderful pictures of your mom!! I hope your weather warms up soon. It isn't too bad here but we are having another rain day. Happy Easter to you and Bill!