Friday, April 3, 2020

The Windy Ridge, Grocery Checklist

The Ridge
On Friday, Apr. 3rd, we slept in again. Last night we watched a recorded show of Garth Brooks receiving the Library of Congress Gershwin Award for Popular Song. This hour and a half event has in the past been a pretty ‘buttoned-down’ affair (E’s def. not mine). 
At 8:26 last night, we watched this beautiful sky
for the International Space Station to arrive

And then it appeared and we watched it pass over from
NW to NE before returning back inside
Last night, if you know Garth as an entertainer at all, was just the opposite. He ended the show with an uplevel 16-song finale and we loved it. After watching the recorded Voice episode, the latter program found us still sitting in our recliners (awake!) at 11:30!

Another resting place, another Yertle soaking up sun

Justified now, we slept in until 7:30/8. The sun was bright in the sky again and although the winds were minimal first thing, they increased within the next couple of hours. It is our last day where we are ‘stuck’, for lack of a better word, on the Ridge. It doesn’t really feel too stuck but, we’ve been restricted to the property since Mar. 21st. It has actually been very nice!

Before going any further, I wanted to share this picture fom
Bob's Eyes blog
This one made me chuckle, after dealing with all the winds we've been having
I'm not the only one with bad hair days!
We had our tea and coffee as per usual and Bill went outside to clean out the back of Black Beauty. We don’t know when things will fall into place for her to be repaired, but at least she will be ready. It is known that CanAm is not an essential business so were informed a while ago of their shutdown. That means the Suite is also on the back burner. No problem for us right now, as the damages are not life-threatening (or necessary in the immediate future).

another turtle, can you feel my excitement building?
 I called Bill in for breakfast around 10:45 and we had our bacon and eggs. Once more we are still living on what we had in the fridge since when we were in Albuquerque, NM with the exception of cream and a loaf of bread, yet to be opened. Needless to say, our grocery list, which I’ve been adding to daily, is growing larger. It will be interesting (?) or frightening (?) to see what we are able to cross off that list tomorrow morning.

A ground level shot of the daffodils taking their time
It is just too cold at night so they are protecting themselves
After dishes, Bill went back out and generously dumped the full wheelbarrow for me. I appreciated that very much as with the weight of it and the winds, he would find it easier than I would. There were clouds that moved in early, after the sunrise, but by noon hour they were mostly in remission. The temperature isn’t expected to get much above yesterday’s 10C/50F but I will at least get a couple of laneway walks in and see what else I can get done out there.

There are many pieces still in the box but I had to do the border first
I started with a walk down the lane and then went into the Bunky to clean it out a bit. I took our 2 big patio chairs outside and that freed up a lot of space. I shook the mats, cleaned off the futon and wiped the table down as well as swept the floor. I had a 750 pc puzzle out there that I hadn’t done so planned on working on it. First, I took a pair of clippers out and trimmed a large root on the corral hill and then went around the immediate area and trimmed tree branches. The sun was nice.

There is hardly any evidence of the snow now
Inside the Bunky again, I turned my $1 radio on and started working on the puzzle. The Toronto station had discussions about the Covid virus #’s, both positive things and then the possible negatives. Premier Ford came on at 2 and I’d called Bill in to listen with me. He spoke well and couldn’t stress enough about how important it is for us to STAY HOME. We’ve already decided to be diligent in our activities when we are out and about tomorrow and going forward but this message still hit home – hard.

My freezer list
There are some decisions that may have to be made in hospitals and LTC homes regarding elderly residents/patients. Our family needs to be prepared for those discussions down the road in regards to Mom. That wasn’t mentioned in the premier’s message but instead from a doctor in a Simcoe hospital. After the message, there were a few questions and then Bill went back down to the Hangar. By this time, clouds had rolled in and the air in the Roost was cool. I came indoors.

I made myself a cup of tea and had some popcorn that was left from my ‘win’ at Yuma Lakes. I was surprised that it was still fresh enough to enjoy. Curled up in my chair, I delved into my book again. Bill came in around 5 and we watched some tv together. Our buddies, Rob and Pat, called and we chatted about serious stuff and did some joking around too. It is important to laugh when you can. We sure miss that banter with those two and hope that soon enough, we will be back at it in person.

About 2 minutes too long on the fries
Bill remembered our earlier discussion of what we were having for supper so brought the Fry Daddy in from in the basement. At 6, he began heating the oil for fries and I did the same with the oil in a frypan for fish. I crossed a ‘meal’ off the list I’d made a couple of weeks ago naming what was in the freezer, indicating how many suppers we had before we were out of food. I wasn't too worried but driving home from the U.S. seeing and hearing about empty shelves in stores had me on the alert.

Clouds moved in and hovered for a while
We were eating by 6:30 and after our fish and chips meal, we had apple pie and ice cream. Well, now that was just yummy. 

Bill suggested I make this again, just like this! After dishes, I sat at my laptop to finish this post and then I took some Heating cream and rubbed it on Bill’s left shoulder. He thinks when he was trimming some vines yesterday and tossing them in a pile, that he pulled a muscle. Dr. Patsy to the rescue! I hope with the cream and a good sleep, that it improves for him.

While doing dishes, Mr. & Mrs. Drake were on the hill again
Something, other than me, scared them back into the water
I can’t say for sure, (Ken knows what I mean) but the rest of the evening will likely be spent in our chairs with tv noise on in the background and our books on our laps. 

This was a good day and although it is our last one in isolation, methinks that not much will change in the days to come. I hope you are also making the decision to stay home as much as possible, therefore staying healthy.

Good night from The Ridge

Thank you for popping by.


  1. We could have gone out shopping today but changed our minds. We are going to try again tomorrow but neither of us really wants to venture into the grocery store. Fortunately our daughter had to make a Costco run for her family so she picked up my stuff as well so now all I need is a few things from the grocery store.

    I hope it goes well for you tomorrow :-)

    1. We actually were starting to look forward to getting out and seeing for ourselves how bad things are. :)

  2. No worries at the stores here. Just that couple weeks the hoarders went crazy. All shelves stocked but not caught up on tp. Apple pie - yum!!!!!

    1. I'm glad that things have settled down. the pie was a real success.

  3. I thought the muskrat one was the one you would pick, but not for the reasons you did. Girls think different than guys eh. Dinner looks real good for sure, yummy.

  4. Hope you have a good shopping day tomorrow and you are able to get most of what is on your list. Where we are certain things are back on the shelf but still not real cleaning supplies.
    Always nice to see the daffodils making there way up...another nice sign of spring.
    Take care and stay healthy.

    1. Thankyou D & T.
      It is very nice to see spring coming to life.

  5. Have fun shopping! Went by Raley's yesterday with the boys. No tp still, but the Family Dollar x the street is loaded with it..NO ICE CREAM! Really...I never buy it, but for the boys I would. Crazy the things they're out of here. Love that sunset!

  6. I'm so jealous of your Spring showing through. We're still buried in snow. It 'might' get above freezing in a few days. :-(
    Hope all goes well with your shopping trip. We are done our quarantine Monday and will need to make a grocery run soon.
    Stay safe!
    (Did Bill get my email?)

    1. You will get spring soon too, I hope!
      Good luck with the grocery shopping on Monday.
      Yes, Bill got the email and we've been on the hunt here to check prices too. :) Thank you for the info! He'll be in touch.

  7. I can't believe I forgot to watch Garth! Hopefully there will be a repeat at some point in time.
    We continue to quarantine ourselves - from others! We are making trips out occasionally for groceries but I don't like going. If you have a store you can go to early, for Seniors, you might have the best luck. So far there have never been more than 5 people in our store when I've been there early (6-7am).
    Oh that apple pie looks good!

    1. It was a great show and I'm sure you'll see it come up again.
      The pie turned out so well. We cashed in during a seniors hour. :)

  8. Good luck with your shopping. Hopefully the store(s) won't be too busy and have what you need.

    I am envious of your spring, we just had another skiff of snow fall here. It will gone soon I know but I want to be able to sit outdoors. If I can't go anywhere at least I can enjoy the fresh air.

    Take care and stay well!

    1. Thank you, we had some good luck today shopping.
      I hope you get some spring weather soon too!

  9. Replies
    1. We needed to shop for food and then return to our safe home. :)