Sunday, April 19, 2020

Rainy Day, Taking a Drive, Garage Visits

The Ridge
On Sunday, Apr. 19th Bill was up first and in the shower by 7:15. I was awake and waited until he was done and it was my turn. With that out of the way, we met downstairs for our coffee and tea. Unfortunately, it was raining and would be all day so no walking but fortunately it was clear precipitation this time. We can live with that.

Looking for something different to take pictures of today
I focused on some beautiful homesteads on our drive
We sat down together and called Marilynne and began our phone calls to the kids. Once that was finished, we set about getting the day underway. I worked on the puzzle for a bit and we each had a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. After dishes, we left the Suite around 11:30 and took a leisurely drive to Tavistock. 

Some have nice ponds
We’d told Bridgette to expect us between 1:30 and 2 but we were early so stopped to say hey to Bob and Jo-Anne. We did a door way greeting and chatted for about 15 minutes.

Others have porches and little barns
some have llamas 
At Bridgette’s, we were greeted by Bridgette, had a coffee and moved on into their living room as it is their largest room to be social-distanced. We managed to be at least 6’ apart, more like 10 so it was quite nice. 

We were thrilled when the clouds broke up and the sun came out
We gave them their gift and also the ones for Taylor and Jake. Chances of us seeing them anytime soon is slim.  

The country road to Bridgette and Chris's

Here is a beautiful homestead
Oh, it theirs

Proud owners in a lovely kitchen
on the edge of renovations
The time slipped by and before we knew it, it was almost 4:30. We texted Yvonne next, as they were on the route home, and swung around there for a garage visit.

A mix of old and new barns sharing space

another beautiful pond property
A garage visit at Yvonne and Dennis's
It was nice to see them and 3 of the boys. We missed you Braeden! We think they also liked their goodies that we chose. It was getting late so we headed out of there around 5:30. 

Clarke in front (5 mths) and Cleo
Beautiful pooches
On the way home, we turned towards the Acreage and Bill turned the tap on to a slow flow for the night would be another one below freezing.

Another nice looking place with a lawn for Keith to cut
Some houses were pretty colours
Others were natural and beautiful
We were both getting hungry so as soon as we got back to the Ridge, I started making grilled cheese sandwiches for supper. Bill likes his done in the oven so the best I could do was fry it in our copper pan. He doesn’t like the extra butter that I do so I did them separate. Mine had onion slices in it and they hit the spot for a quick meal. It was almost 8 o’clock when we finished dishes and turned American Idol on.

We could ring the bell at the Acreage but no one was home
Grilled cheese and cottage cheese
partner up for my meal
 This was a great day with some family visits in. We missed the hugs but they will come, all in time. Two deliveries done and 4 to go. All we need now is better weather so we can make a few more outdoor drop-ins.

Good night y'all!

Thank you for stopping in!


  1. That Clarke is a big boy for being so young. Glad you two got your visiting in. I'm wondering what the rule is for Dolly and I. Do you think I should stay in the WL for two weeks at home in seclusion or just stay six feet away for a couple of weeks? I'm in a delimma:))

    1. Clarke is a big boy, I was surprised he was only 5 mths.
      In your situation, Doug, our personal thought is that because you haven't been out of the country you should be able to stay in the house with Dolly. You haven't been in contact with hardly anyone, let alone anyone with the virus. I wouldn't think you'd need to do the 2 week quarantine. If you showed symptoms, that would be when I'd stay in the WL for the length of time required. How close you get is up to you two!

  2. Yum, grilled cheese with onion sounds good. I assume you do it with a frying pan. So do you put the cheese and raw onion on one piece of bread, then slap the other slice of bread on top, and fry. That's how I make my grilled cheese with tomato. But tomato, onion and cheese sounds like a winner.

    1. Hi bonkers. That is exactly how i do it with the onion and if I have tomato, I have added that too. I like a softer sandwich so butter both sides of the bread so it is frying in a butter coating. :) Yummy!

  3. That was definitely a NON boring day. Good for you guys for stretching your legs!!!

    1. Thanks Nancy. It felt good to get out and to see from 'little' family faces. :)

  4. What a nice way to spend the day. Getting a chance to spend time with family sounds nice. The not hugging must have been a little hard.
    Pretty homes and property along the countryside, especially your daughter's. It is always nice to see the sun. Stay safe and healthy.

    1. It was a great Sunday, a break for all of us. The kids and their kids are getting bored so it was a nice change of pace. Not hugging was hard so it was 'arm circles' in the air that we did. One day soon. Our grandchildren are all old enough to understand that we can't hug them, younger ones would find it hard.

  5. What strange times we live in. Not hugging or touching family members when we know everyone is probably healthy anyway. You did yourselves good by taking a drive and just getting out is good for the soul. You'll see everything will be better soon. Do not worry presently for the what ifs and be hopeful. Sending you sunshine from Leamington!

    1. It is strange for sure. Across the room from our children and grandchildren with no hugs. We know they haven't been anywhere but trying to be as cautious as possible. Seems we're closer to strangers in grocery stores!
      Thank you for your support. Trying not to worry but do need to have it in our head for sure. :) Thanks for the sunshine!

  6. Getting out is nice. The sun is here now so should be headed your way in the next day or so.

    Take care and stay well!

    1. Thank you, we'll take it! I think Thursday will be a turn around for us. :)

  7. Looked like a nice day to just get out and relax.
    Be safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. It started out quite positively but our winds get nuts up here so it changed by mid afternoon. Nice sun just chilly gusts.

  8. So glad you were out and about and enjoyed your drive. Beautiful homes along the way and seeing family - you just can't beat that!