Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Come On! Enough Already!

The Ridge
On Wednesday, Apr. 15th we woke to a warm Suite but it was only -5C outside. Yeuch! The ground was lightly dusted with a white coating of you know what. Not a pretty sight. The sun really wanted to make an appearance and played a good game of control throughout the morning but lost to the clouds each time. I had made plans yesterday, talking to Donna, to meet at Rockwood today at 2 and when we witnessed a couple of snow blizzards up here, I texted her with doubts that it would happen after all.

Through the screened window, that was not a warm day out there
Bill and I went about our morning ritual at the table of reading blogs while having our coffee and tea. As warm as it is in the living room area of the suite, when sitting at the table in the door end of the slide-out, it feels quite cool at our legs and feet. Neither of us like to sit there too long especially when the wind is blowing from the northwest, which is often.  So, after reading and commenting, I moved to my chair with a blanket over my feet. Donna texted during the morning that our meet was a go.

Now my booties have a little bow at the back
I still wasn’t 100% happy with my bootie slippers as the wool does stretch after pulling them on and off a few times. While sitting there I chain stitched a necklace and then a couple of lengths to go around the top of the bootie that I could tighten and loosely tie. Now, I’m happy. I started the new book but only got a chapter read before Bill and I started talking about ways to make our home warmer in the event that we are unable to go south this winter. It is a possibility even though we hate to think it.

Ptooties is saying 'what's this white stuff?'
 Bill did some research on line and then called our friends, Dave and Cheryl, who’s opinion we highly value. On this subject, especially, since they are living in the cold northern province of Alberta, we wanted to what Dave thought. Because they also had to head home early because of the virus, they have first hand experience in regards to keeping warm. They had a good chat and by then it was time to meet Donna. The sun was winning the battle, temporarily.

The solar panels in the corner field were waiting for the sun too
I drove in to the post office to mail a parcel and then went to meet sis. She was inside the foyer and we both dropped our mail for Mom in the resident box. I got 3 puzzles from her and we walked back to our vehicles together, catching up a bit. It was the cold wind that drove us into our cars more than anything and we said goodbye and went our separate ways. Back home, Bill wasn’t home so I knew he was at the Acreage checking the water. Unfortunately, today, nothing was flowing over there. 

When I came back from Durham, I followed an Airstream
We’d had a poor man’s breakfast this morning of oatmeal and toast so around 3, we had a snack of cheese, crackers and some pub mix with a drink. Mine was a virgin Miami Vice and Bill’s was a Gatorade. We had bought a 12-pack on our way home from the U.S. as we heard it was good for keeping hydrated. He may as well drink them and we’ll forget about the sugar in them for now. We sat together to enjoy the rather unorthodox meal.

Our mid afternoon snack
 It seemed like a very lazy, kind of boring day and we each dozed in our chairs. The temperature didn’t get above freezing today so needless to say, we didn’t get outside much at all or for very long. Since we weren't too hungry it was around 6 when I opened a can of mushroom soup for supper. I had crackers with mine and Bill had a couple of slices of bread with his. That will get us through until morning. We cleaned up the dishes and sat to watch some tv.

Simple meal of soup was all we needed tonight
I was slowly getting into the first few chapters of my book so had one eye on the pages and one on the tv. This was a pretty calm day in our life on the Ridge but it passed, we are healthy and still staying warm. If you are experiencing any of this cold weather like we are, I think you'll agree with my title for today's post. 

And this was the best sky we had all day
Good night folks!
Stay healthy and safe please!

Thank you for popping by.


  1. If need be there are many ways to Winter Use your RV. The next alternative is an apartment but that' a One Year lease minimum.
    Hoping things clear by this fall but the Scientist are saying it could be 2022 before it's all clear.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the warming weather.

    It's about time.

    1. There certainly are ways and we really hope to avoid the apartment route just yet. We aren't done travelling. :)

  2. Sounds like your grocery shopping went well. The last time I went shopping I had a guy get right up behind me and reach over me to get something. That is when we decided to do curbside pickup.
    The white stuff and cold temperatures not fun. Truly hope the warmer temperatures find you soon.
    Nice to have a plan if you cannot go south but we hope you never have to use it.

    1. Thanks guys, I totally understand your decision! We see a light at the end of the weather tunnel, it is just taking its time. :)
      A back up plan is necessary, especially this year when it is out of our hands, but we also hope not to use it! Thanks!

  3. Oh my ... every picture just gives me the chills. I'm sure it will warm up eventually!! In the meantime, you can get lots of reading and puzzling done!!

  4. Biding our time at home really tests our patience. We've had cold spring weathers in previous years but at least we were able to visit a mall or browse department stores. If it wasn't for the present restrictions I would invite you over :) Try to stay warm and find lots of little projects to keep you entertained.

    1. You're right. Now would be a great time to visit friends and family when we are all home, not bustling around BUT we can't because we can't be out bustling around. LOL
      We are trying to stay busy. Stay well!

  5. I can't imagine cold like you are experiencing. Knowledge is a good thing so it's best to learn more now in case you need the knowledge later. Hopefully this coming Winter everyone will see each other in the warm desert!

    1. One can only hope for the winter plans to transpire, we're just not very hopeful right now.:(

  6. It's been cold here too and I am so ready for it to be over. Soon I hope!

    While I hope you won't need to make different plans, it's good to be thinking ahead. Who knows what the rest of the year will bring. Take care and stay well!

    1. Fingers crossed here too!
      One needs to be prepared as much as we hate to think of it. Just getting ideas and channeling our options 'in case'.

  7. Sorry you're having to deal with this cold weather. I'm not enjoying it either!

    1. That's sweet of you to say F.G. I know you and Mrs. F.G. are anxiously waiting for the warmth too. :)