Wednesday, April 1, 2020

No April Fool’s Joke, The Sun was Real

The Ridge - Home
On Wednesday, Apr. 1st we woke around 7 but dozed off until closer to 7:30 before hauling our butts out of bed. I know the lazy mornings will change when it is warranted but for right now, aaah. I peeked out of the window blind near my head and smiled. Blue sky and sunshine! Good morning!

And this almost reminds us of Arizona
Downstairs, Bill sat with his coffee reading blogs. I sat in my chair with my tea and finished the last 4 chapters of The Sixth Man. It was good indeed and the last 15 or so chapters were full of intrigue and suspense. Just the way I like a book to be. When I finished, I hopped in the shower. With that done, I added water and Tide to the kitchen sink.

First time to have clothes on the line
and when they were dry, around 2:30, boy
did they smell good
 It was time to do a small bit of laundry. Private stuff only lasts so long. Bill teases about getting 4 days’ worth out of 1 pair. Inside, outside, back and front but that is an rv’er’s joke not real life. I removed the 2 dining chair covers, replacing them with our second set. I may as well wash those too. I may be needing long sleeve tops for the next week so tossed a couple of those in also. With the sunshine, they will dry but with the cool winds, it will take a lot of the day.

Still some snow over the hill
I went out for a walk after Bill had his shower and either before or after that, I sat and caught up on blog comments and posts. Thank you, Maebeme, Deb and Nancy for the tips on fixing my sweater. I haven’t touched it yet, as there have been other things going on. Bill had some toast and jam and I had a bowl of my oatmeal around 9:30 since we were both feeling a bit hungry. We’d have something more substantial later.

Walking in the front field, I found the second golf ball
on the property

With the warm sun, I went out with my boots on and double layer jacket to do some more raking. It is hard to stay inside when that sun is so glorious. I almost didn’t recognize the yellow ball. I finished in the corral, up on the hill where I placed the summer and fall plants last year. Under the leaves, they were thriving and now I am very hopeful and will nurture them as much as possible. Bill is not allowed on the hill as he doesn’t know plants from weeds. He admits that openly.

Working on the hill this afternoon felt good

Another angle before raking
I raked around my flower garden, what a surprise to see some rhubarb popping up, and then over behind the outhouse. The wind had picked up and it was beginning to be a losing battle over the leaves. I left the hefty piles I’d made and put the rake away for the day. I was tired and didn’t want to overdo it. I’d noticed around 1:30 that the mail lady went by just as I returned indoors but she had stopped at our box. First, I made myself a veggie wrap with some cottage cheese and then walked down to check it out.

This picture is blurred, well, the rhubarb sprout is blurred
I was excited!

this is where the sprouts are coming up so I left the leaves
over them for another week or so
Bill almost at the same time, came inside to make his own sandwich, peanut butter and cheese. The cheese is getting skimpy so it is a good thing there are only a couple of days left of this rationing. 😊 We’ve planned very well and have not been deprived of anything over this past two-week isolation period. The mail wasn’t too exciting, a Home Hardware flyer, but the walk was refreshing and topped me up over my 8,000 steps.

Looking back as I walked away, the hill is done
then I worked on this side of the black pip
 Back inside, I went upstairs and lifted the bed to sort out the ‘things’ we’ve brought back. I don’t know when we’ll be able to hand them out to the kids but one day we will. There was a virtual Family Meeting with Grey County Long-Term Care last night. The Director and a Dr. of Public Health were conducting it and families of residents were invited to join and watch. I couldn’t gain access with Zoom (like FaceTime or Skype) so waited until today to view the recorded hour-long message.

It was interesting and there were a few things that I was not aware of as far as ‘how’ things are being handled in our long-term care facilities, like Rockwood. It gave me a good feeling to know that normal things, especially for residents like Mom with dementia, are being handled as regular and normally as possible. She wouldn’t be able to understand any of what is going on so that normalcy is priority. Mom has a birthday in April and although I won’t be able to see her, I now know what I can do to get my card to her on the special day.

This is our second set of chair covers
We'll buy another set this year if we ever get to Keady Market
I made myself a tea and sat to start my blog post. When Bill came in around 3:30, he was pretty much done working out and about for the day too. I sat in my chair and attempted to start my next book. The Innocent by David Baldacci. Bill read it fairly quickly earlier in March so I knew it would be another show stopper. With the tv on, I couldn’t focus so just stretched back after the first chapter and watched the reruns too. 

Supper was good, Madame IP came through again
 Bridgette called me from her home, in between work conference calls and we had a nice catchup chat. At 5:30, I sautéed the sausage until browned on both sides and then cooked them for 10 minutes. On top, I placed the inner pot with mini carrots. After a 10-minute release, supper was ready. Oh, and I cooked some mixed vegetables for Bill, he’s not big on carrots. I added some sauerkraut to my sausage and that just topped it off perfectly!

Custard for dessert, another success
We did dishes and then just for the fun of it, watched Big Brother Canada’s last episode. We used to watch this reality program years ago until it got a little sickening and we stopped. Today we saw previews for the last episode this season and they were all informed that because of the Covid virus, the show was shutting down, 24 days in. No winner, no more television, just sending them home. It was interesting and scary at the same time, seeing just how much this virus is controlling.

The sun prepares to set to the west
And I love how this tree looks like a spider web
This was a wonderful day. The spring weather was presented to us on a platter and we made the best of it. We know there is more to come. It didn’t get too warm today, mostly because of the strong winds, only reaching 8C/46F but that sun was something to celebrate.

Good night from the Ridge!

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  1. We have one more day and then we can go to the grocery store and I have to admit I'm not looking forward to it ... it just feels so much safer to stay at home but I can't make our daughter or my sister to continue shopping for us :-)

    1. We have 2 days and then Saturday we can venture out. We were late coming across Friday so didn't count it. I have mixed feelings but we are mainly anxious to get our own groceries and Suite needs. (propane and water)

  2. I'm glad your self-quarantine is coming to an end. You may want to check with nearby grocery stores, as many are offering early morning time periods for seniors and immune suppressed individuals to shop - before things get too crazy!

    Good luck with the sweater. I like crocheting because it's easy to re-do something if I don't like it. With your neckline you can try a few options and decide which one you like best.

    Take care and stay well!

    1. thank you, I think we are happy to just have the option to get 'out there', carefully of course. I think our Foodland in town has senior hours and the town further away where my sister shops does as well. I'm glad about that.
      I will let you know how the sweater goes. Too many outside things now taking my interest but I'll get at it!

  3. It's amazing how that tree resembles a spider web!

  4. The pictures say it was a lovely spring day.
    Really liked your last one.

  5. So glad the sun has finally made an appearance. Raking leaves is always great exercise. Bill sure has you fooled with the weed/flower thing:)) Hopefully you have new ideas to try on that sweater.

    1. Yes, we are happy about the sun too! Thanks for sharing it! I don't mind raking at a leisurely pace.
      If Bill is tricking me, that's okay. He has already whipper snipped a couple off and got the blazes for it! :D

  6. I have to admit it's weird wondering if you are going to get what you need at the store. How wonderful to see all your plants start to grow. I'm with Bill ... mostly I don't know what's a weed and what isn't! LOL

    1. We'll find out on Saturday what that is like. We experienced the empty store in Gallop, NM I think it was. It was freaky.
      then, you, like Bill have to stay out of my garden! haha