Saturday, April 18, 2020

Dumpy Day Turned Out Okay, Another Birthday

The Ridge
On Saturday, Apr. 18th we woke and got up around 7:30. Looking outside, there was an abundance of fog around the area so I knew I would not be walking this morning. Darn! I was hoping to get two days in a row as it is warmer than it was Friday. Maybe later. We had our drinks in our recliners today and caught up on our friends’ news. Bill went outside after 9 to putter and eventually ended up down at the Hangar.

Finally around 10, the fog lifted

Not only is the day foggy but our minds are foggy with all the options, choices, decisions, positives, negatives and ‘what-ifs’ running through them. I’ve got to shake my head and get busy at something so I’m not letting it get me down in the dumps. It is the weekend so we have children phone calls to make and that will perk us up. We had our breakfast for lunch and then Bill went out again to the Hangar.

With all the stuff we’re trying to put on the back burner, I texted Suzie and she called so we could chat. It was very nice to hear her voice too. She gave me some info that we were curious about. My sister, Gayle, and her husband texted and asked if we were up for a visit, socially distanced of course. We haven’t seen them since Pilot Knob so we were happy to see them. They arrived around 3:30 so we had tea together and chatted across the span of the living room about the upsets of last winter and the possible ones ahead.

These little street sweepers went by today

But they weren't sweeping today
It was a cold wind outside even though the sun made appearances during the day. At one point, I slipped my newly crocheted sweater on over my hoody and went out to help Bill measure a couple of things. The Suite, for one, and the frame for our ‘car’ shelter. We need a new cover for it so wanted to have it set where he wants it and measured properly. I was happy to get back indoors. My sweater is warm but not quite warm enough in this weather.

Leftover spaghetti - yum
I worked at a new puzzle for a lot of the day. For supper, I had an easy job. I warmed up our last container of chili on the stove and the leftover spaghetti in the microwave. Bill had the former and I had the latter. Yum, both were delicious and very filling. Shouldn’t need dessert tonight, maybe a peanut butter macaroon cookie. 😊 

The sky is pretty clear tonight
After dishes, we rode over to the Acreage so Bill could turn a tap back on. It isn’t going to be as cold tonight but better to be safe than sorry.

The gate at the Acreage

A chubby robin in their back field

Reflrections on their clear pond

I've been trying to get this barn quilt a few times
Tonight, Bill slowed down so I could 
It was probably warmer out at 7:30 than it has been all day. 9C/48F. We called Bridgette and Chris to see if they were up for a visit tomorrow. It isn’t going to be a very nice day but they have a big house and we can remain distant. The drive will do us good and there won’t be any touching or hugging once we arrive. Oh, how I long for the day to be able to do that again.

To the east, pink clouds

To the west, the sun disappears
Good night!
This was a lazy day but it was nice to see family. I hope you’ve enjoyed your day. Before saying good night, it is time to wish our grandson a special day. Connor turns 15 today and that is exciting!!
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Happy 15th Birthday, Connor

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. It’s hard to stay optimistic when it’s cold and dreary out. Baking something yummy helps me. Dessert of course.

    1. It is indeed! I thought of baking but got involved in the puzzle. I had thought of a Dump cake since that was my mood for part of the day. haha

  2. I think yesterdays comment from Archie is the perfect solution to your dilemma. A nice drive west in the autum, returning in the spring. A chance to visit friends along the way. No medical insurance, no exchange rate on currency. Alfred

    1. Thanks Alfred. It is worth considering for sure. It would be a nice drive, albeit long pulling the rv. We would still need travel insurance, as each province is different but probably not as expensive. No exchange rate sounds good right now too! :) I appreciate your support.

  3. When is it ever going to warm up Patsy? I'm glad you are having visitors. That warms things up. Happy birthday to Connor! Stay safe.

  4. I want to know that too!!! We'd feel better if we could be outside again. We were lucky in late March to have some nice days but April is a dud so far.
    Having company was nice but can only justify them when it is family or 'like' family. :)
    Take care, thanks for your comment!

  5. Happy Birthday Connor! They grow so fast don't they?! It's still cold in the winter in western Canada isn't it? I know that's why Teresa and Derek (A life made simple) leave when they can. I think you better stick to the southwest :) Selfish aren't I? LOL.

    1. Thank you for Connor's wishes. They do grow fast.
      Not as much snow or cold in western Canada. I hear where you are going with that comment and it made me smile. Thank you, if it is possible, that is our goal. :)

  6. Happy Birthday to Connor! I hope he had a good day.

    I would so love to be able to visit in person with my daughter and grandson. I'm sure she and I could manage the social distancing but he would not and so I have to wait.

    Here is the link to the pattern that I used for the purse/bag. It is a free pattern, and quite easy though it does say it is intermediate. I made it with handcrafter cotton but as long as it is 4 ply wool it will work.

    Take care and stay well!

    1. Thanks for the birthday wishes for the big guy! :)
      I understand that the little ones can't stay away. It is tough on them. :(
      Thank you for the purse link, I'm going to see if I can make one too!
      Take care Maebeme.

  7. Happy Birthday Connor.
    The weather is making us all a bit stir crazy and yet we remain hopeful, don't we? Tomorrow, or tomorrow's tomorrow, it has to warm up eventually and we hear your calls for better days, they echo our own.
    Visits while social distancing I think are a must, it keeps everyone sane and safe in both a physical way and a mental way as well. I think even if the days were sunny, the cold would be more bearable and so that's what I hope for each time I check the weather. Stay safe, warm and healthy!!

    1. Thank you Deb. I appreciate your words as we are all in this together. With the weather thoughts and the visits at this strange time. We'll get through it but need each other's support to do it. You're right, just having sunshine for a whole day boosts spirits like nothing else. :)
      Stay well you two!

  8. Oh my dear Patsy. Don't you just love it when well meaning people give advice. We have received plenty over the years, particularly as we aged. We mostly ignored it and practised the old rule of "plan for the best, prepare for the worst". We have just completed our 25th snowbird season,and are in our eighty's. Mr. says one more trip, he may be going by himself. I enjoy your blog and writing style. Fran

    1. Oh, thank you for your comment, Fran. It is so nice to hear from you. Yes, there are good things that come from our blogs, friends, family etc. and it is all good and helpful. We, too, need to prepare for the worst and hope for the best and it will all worked out. Congrats to both of you for 25 years, we are just beginners although not young. We wish we could have started sooner but it was not to be. Maybe Mr. is right. Either way, i wish you both good health as you forge through this strange time. Take care and stay well.