Monday, April 13, 2020

Jell-o Plans, Hunkering Down, Watching and Listening to Critters

The Ridge = Home
On Monday, Apr. 13th our plan (made yesterday) was to set an alarm for 6 am. At 6:30, drive into Durham’s Foodland and wait for senior opening hours at 7 am. We’d be prepared to stand in line if necessary. However, after a couple of wakeful periods through the night, to shake the cobwebs and dreams from my head, I kind of changed my mind. It's my prerogative, right? 

Garbage Day
A trip to the curbside
When the alarm went off, Bill got up to use the bathroom and when he came back I explained how the Jell-o was jiggling. He readily agreed with my new idea of waiting until Tuesday, after the post-Easter rush was over, and drive to Hanover instead. Our small town Foodland is great for a few things and those items on sale but for a long grocery list, including meat, it would be more costly than going to a larger city’s store. However, for just a few items, we wouldn’t drive the 20 miles when we could shop in town.

Look at all the birds in this little tree
The robin, who doesn't often eat seed, is wondering what
all the fuss is about
 We were obviously still tired as we dropped off easily and didn’t look at the clock again until 10 to 8! With the drizzly dull day, I was just as happy to not have to go anywhere. It was a mild morning though when we did get up, 8C/47F already. Bill took the garbage stickers (which we have to buy in advance) out to apply to the two bags we had as well as picked up the recycle bin to go down to the road. With that done, he came in and joined me with our tea and coffee.

Introducing our acrobat chipmunk
 It was good to catch up on our friends’ blogs to see how they celebrated Easter Sunday and nice to see most got a chance to chat with family. Bill went out to secure our satellite dish since we were expecting some pretty strong winds this afternoon for a few hours. While he was doing that, I had my shower and then checked under the bed for another puzzle. Oh darn! I didn’t have any luck. Hmm, I’ll be looking for something else to do.

I have choices; cross stitching, rug corking, colouring, lots of wool and even some no-bake clay. Plus! Baking and reading. I took a walk down to the end of the lane after our lunch of bacon and eggs. Mine was in a tortilla wrap, which made it more interesting to me. Now, we definitely need eggs, we have one left. Bill had his shower while I was out and I brought the recycle bin up from the road. It wasn’t too cold out but the winds were picking up.

Just a glance across the pond
From the warm environment inside, we watched the red-winged black birds, crows and Chippy as they ‘fought’ for a space on the seed bell. We could see Papa Goose out in the east side pond, Mother Goose’s nest still well-hidden from us, and when I walked down the lane, I could see only Ma Goose on her nest in the west side pond. Papa was no where to be seen. By 1 o’clock, the winds had increased and the rain also more persistent.

Plants are greening up
Bill wanted to turn tv on but I had just settled in my chair with my book so he offered to go upstairs to the cold ‘room’ in the house. He took a blanket and we opened the door to upstairs so he’d get some heat. That was kind of him as it allowed me to really focus on the story. Thanks to the winds the Suite was rocking all afternoon, I won’t kid you about that. At one point, we reached gusts of 39 mph. LOL, I can’t wait for it to ease off but that won’t likely be until after supper.

Going down to gather the bin
There would be no mail delivery today
Tonight was leftover night so I made up a batch of Cheri’s biscuits (sorry, Cheri, that is what I call them) and popped them in the oven at 5ish. Once they were done, it was just a matter of reheating the salmon ‘loaf’, the corn and some carrots. We were eating and cleaned up afterwards before 6. It all tasted great and I tucked 2 of the 6 biscuits away for our 2nd leftover night, tomorrow.

Despite the strong winds

Father Goose stayed strong and faithful

Notice the pond water all around him
During the day, once, I ran outside to gather a couple of things that had blown across the yard. Then while sitting to eat, I saw our white table roll by the window so ran out in my slippers to grab it and the bird bath before they tumbled down the hill to the pond brush. No thought to the wet steps so I had to take my slippers off and switch to my other pair when I came back inside. 

This little tree and hibiscus tent cover stood strong all winter
but it sure danced today
We watched some of the Garth Brooks special before our regular Monday night programs started.

The flags rare also really dancing today
 This has been a great day. A windy one but we’re still healthy and we’re still in the same spot up here on the Ridge. Most surprisingly, our flags are all still flying with poles intact. Imagine that!

Our leftover supper was tasty and filling
Good night all!
Thank you for dropping in. Your comments are always appreciated.


  1. Thought about you guys today, with all the wind! Hope nothing important blew away!

    1. Thank you F.G. It was nasty at times but we survived! :D
      We did a check this morning: I'm still here, Bill is still here, the Suite is still here - yup, we're good!!

  2. I missed your post from yesterday, so I'll wish you a belated Happy Easter.

    That wind, we had a couple of days of here last week but I can only imagine how noisy it is when you're in an RV. Hope the warmer temps continue to stick around for you and the critters.

    Take care and stay well!

    1. Thank you and same to you!
      The wind is what I don't like most of all. that sentence probably isn't proper english. :)
      It's a good thing we like cruise ships, we were rocking a bit. haha

  3. Belated Happy Easter to you and Bill. Looks like spring is coming but maybe taking its own sweet time. Love the turtles.

    1. Thank you, same to you two!
      spring is on its way, did it get lost on that slow boat from........hmm, don't even go there!

  4. Terrible windy day for you but the birds and critters didn't mind. Just as I got close to my stopping place in Las Cruces the wind started blowing here too. But it was 75 degrees. Now the wind has died. Hope tomorrow is a better day for you two.

    1. We worry when we hear about wind warnings but we didn't get the 50 - 70 mph that some parts of Tennessee got. Phew!
      It will get warmer soon, this is just a rough patch of cold. :)

  5. Looks like spring is peeking out all over the place at your Ridge. Even the dandelions have showed up...:) Cute picture of the turtles out sunning themselves, yesterday. Hope things keep warming up for you guys.

    1. It is! and then snow and then spring. Ha ha typical April, I guess.
      I love the turtles, could sit and watch the critters all day but they are so skittish.
      Thanks Deb.

  6. The squirrel would be cute to watch! Everything looks so nice and green. Yep we've had wind and more wind. I go to Raley's in our little town, but hate doing too much shopping there, as it's expensive. Especially with the boys here I seem to go more often haha. Ice cream is a necessity now, so it's nice it's only 7 miles away. Dinner looks yummy!

    1. It's chipmunks we have hanging around the Ridge. Strange but we have NO squirrels up here, ever. Not sure why, they are down along the country roads.
      Nice to have the small town grocery stores for quick pick ups that you run out of or need for company.

  7. The sun was really warm in the afternoon despite the wind...15C here in Hanover. Funny that you watched Garth Brooks until your pvr shows started. We did the same thing! He is such a fantastic live performer. I saw him live in 1993 or 94 in London. Awesome!

    1. The sun did warm the afternoon up.
      It is funny, so we were watching G.B. together! Lucky that you saw him perform!

  8. My goodness ... your weather is awful!! I love Chippy hanging from the seed bag. Too cute!! It is rather interesting that senior hours are so early in the morning when most seniors sleep in.

    1. I agree!! Love watching Chippy, he'll do anything for a free meal.
      I thought the same thing at first but then of all the seniors I know (including us) we were rising early because of work habits. LOL Now, not so much!

  9. I won't complain about our weather because you have it worse than us. I just hope it starts warming up everywhere! I know we are all ready. I love Chippy, especially hanging upside down. That has to be entertaining! No problems on calling them my rolls - I was just thinking I should make some more of those!!

    1. Yes, one thing for sure. No matter how 'bad' we think things are, someone else always has it worse. Be grateful is that message, I guess. :)
      We love your biscuits. :)