Monday, April 6, 2020

Sunny Skies, Ridge Winds, Playing Lazy and Getting Good at the Game

The Ridge
On Monday, Apr. 6th I was awake early. Like 3 am early with a stupid but scary dream. It felt too close to home as far as things that can go wrong and it brought the point home that even though I may not show it, I am worried about ‘things’. Needless to say, I was happy to wake up so I could shake it free and roll over to sleep again.

And this is the kind of day we are in for

Out the lane
 Boy, was I surprised when I woke up again and Bill was downstairs, it was bright out my window and the clock radio said 7:45! With the clear blue sky, I decided that I would be able to get out for an early walk. Whoa! I put the brakes on when I saw it was below freezing and Frosty had visited us overnight. I decided to wait until after my tea and then I would head out. It was around 9 when I bundled, getting my winter jacket out and slipping my warm boots on.

Past the pond
The slight breeze was cold as was the air but by the time I got to the corner, I could feel a difference. By the time, I’d walked to Turbine Lane and past by about 100’, I turned around and unzipped my jacket. I’d worked up enough body heat I guess and the slower pace on the way back was very relaxing. It feels so good to be out on these roads again. I only met 4 vehicles and everyone is friendly, giving me a wave as they passed.

This is the bush area beside the turbines
 Today, is the reverse of yesterday. We started out with the clear sunny skies today and by 2:30, the clouds had rolled in dropping the 12C/55F by about 5 degrees. Yesterday, we had fog and clouds until 1 pm. I had propped the Bunky doors open, even the inner one, to let the sun in and warm it up in there and after reading my book inside for a while, I went out to the puzzle. An hour and a half of that was enough before I ‘checked out’ and closed the door. My fingers and toes were getting too cold.

My favourite picture today
I took one walk down the lane to see if the mail lady had left us anything and stopped to see how Bill was doing in the Hangar on my way back. Time for a hot cup of tea. I look forward to the days when it is warm enough that I'll want a cold drink instead but that won’t be for a while. We’d eaten sausages and eggs at 10:30 but with my tea I wanted a nibble. Cheese to the rescue with a handful of Flip Over crackers, or whatever they’re called. 😊

I walked as far as the gravel pit property
This area of the west pond is drying up in the front field
that's a good thing
While I lazed inside this morning, Bill tried the lawn raker
around the property
This is a really nice puzzle to work on
Back to my book, I curled up in my chair. The heat was off, as with the sun shining in the windows in the morning, it warms it up quickly in here. Usually around 4:30, we turn it back on for the evening. 

a lovely creamy Earl Grey tea
So, I was quite comfy with a blanket over my knees for the rest of the afternoon. Bill came in at 5 and we discussed supper. He would have barbecued the steak but I’d already Googled how to cook round steak in an IP and was anxious to try it. Bill is open to Madame IP and I trying something new.

Sauteing the steak and onions
 At 5:30, I started them. After sautéing for 2 minutes each side, they cooked for a total of 10 minutes with about 5 min. NR. I had cut a large potato into big pieces and set them in foil with butter on top of the steak. The spuds were a little tough, should have cut them smaller, but the little tenderloin filet steaks were perfect. We like our steak medium well. Just another success story for my folder.

Adding the steak back in the pot for cooking
Onions and beef broth under the trivet

The potatoes were in the foil on top of the steak
We each had a dish of custard and then added the supper dishes to the breakfast ones in the dishwasher and turned it on. Bill washed the IP pot by hand and we were finished for the evening. Our suppers are later than normal these days and so is bedtime. Maybe they go hand in hand so we aren’t going to bed with a full stomach. Tonight, will be no exception as Bull is on at 10 pm. I’m confident now that I will still be up. This was another great day in our humble life on the Ridge.

It is Monday night but it is a Sunday night meal
Good night!

Thank you for dropping by!


  1. I could sure use a Chef. Do you hire out??

  2. A little more sun each day and it will soon turn into summer. You have such a nice place there.

    1. Thank you Lorne. April can be tempermental for sure but soon the nice days will stay.

  3. I too like the picture of the thin trees throwing their shadows at you. Almost ran the AC today. Getting warm in Tucson. :)) Good thing i like the same things to eat each day because my cooking knowledge and skills are way below yours. I'd hate to shovel the snow off your driveway. It'll warm up before you know it and you'll be having iced tea instead of hot tea.

    1. You are fortunate for the heat and we are fortunate for our Ridge location. We can't have everything! ha!
      You do just fine, I'm sure, for eating. Putting some meat on those bones of yours and Yumas. Fortunately, we won't be here in the winter to have to worry about shovelling. :)

  4. Love your pictures of The Ridge. I so wish we could have Bentley on our lot. It's great here in the park, but being on your own property to walk it would be wonderful. Thank you for sharing all of the pictures.
    I've never tried steak in the IP before, and I'm glad to hear it turned out well. I've been wanting to make some custard, but I will need more milk first. I may visit our grocery store tomorrow morning since they will get a truck in today. They won't get everything out until later in the day, so it's usually well stocked the following morning.

    1. Thank you, I hope it isn't too long before you can get to your property. Then you can relax. :)
      I'd never done steak in the IP either but I will definitely do it again!

  5. A nice day at the Ridge for both of you. Dinner looks awesome! Yep Iced tea would be nice but guess i'll settle for some cold wine, never too cold for that LOL..have a great day you two!

    1. Iced tea isn't for me either. I'd much prefer a Miami Vice. :)

  6. Looks like another wonderful day at the Ridge.
    Even on the Weber we've found that most vegetables take longer to cook then the meat.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your Social Distancing.

    It's about time.

    1. When it is windy up here, even with the wind screen Bill made, it seems to waste a lot of propane keeping the temperature regulated.

  7. Earl Gray tea with fave for an afternoon pick me up!

    1. Absolutely! I'm almost out so will have to put it on my list.