Sunday, April 5, 2020

Foggy, Possible Laundry Day

The Ridge
On Sunday, Apr. 5th we lazed around and didn’t get up until close to 8 am. I’d sorted the dirty clothes yesterday with the intent of going this morning to the Laundromat. However, the fog is so thick so I won’t be hanging clothes out any time soon. We opted to wait until noon hour to make the decision. There should be sun after lunch at some point.

The fog delayed our trip to the Laundromat
We had a call after a quick breakfast from friends near Toronto and then took the time to call Marilynne and the girls. Everyone is doing well and that is all we can ask for. Nice to touch base. I called Patrick yesterday but got voice mail. The second time, I left a message. I wonder how long before he returns my call. Ha ha what a kid! I know better than to take the delays personally.

Mr. bluebird returned for a visit today
At 11:15, the area cleared like within minutes but still no sunshine. I watched our resident (as I believe him now to be) bluebird flitter back and forth while Bill chatted on the phone. Time to get the laundry on the go even though the air is a chilly 3C/36F. They may take all day to dry but we’ll take that chance. Prices here are a whole lot higher than down south so we’re being very tight-fisted with our change and we want to use our clothesline.

and then it cleared up for us
There were 3 others in the Mat with machines at different stages so we chose 3 washers and before loading, I sprayed them with our Lysol cleaner and wiped down the parts that we touch. They were big loads and we probably should have used 4 machines but didn’t. 

I'm sure you remember the lovely paint job in the Mat
We waited in the car with our books for the 30-minute wash and then filled the basket with the damp clothes and came home. Bill made himself a coffee and went down to work on his plane. I set myself to the task of hanging the laundry.

A hole in the clouds gave me hope for a good drying day
The sun wasn’t out at that stage but we’d seen evidence of it in the sky as it tried to poke through holes in the clouds. It was chilly up there on the hill handling wet clothes but finally, after half hour of hanging, they were up. The clothesline has never been utilized so fully and I ended up with only 3 unused clothespins. Good thing I did a spit wash of my few things earlier! Back inside, I made a tea to warm up and took it out to the Bunky. Probably not the smartest thing as it was chilly out there too.

The wind and the sun dried our clothes
I wrapped a blanket around my lower body and worked on the puzzle for an hour. Then realizing it was almost 3, I walked down the lane and came inside to the warmth of the Suite. The sun is very nice, hardly any clouds, but the wind is very cold. The 7C/45F feels much colder than that. The turtles were out in full force on the grass clumps in the pond. Skittish though, they all slipped into the water as I walked by. Without much of a stretch, I saw about 15 enjoying the sun.

Mr. & Mrs.
I checked out the clothes on the line and they were close but they were still too damp to be brought in. So, I read more of my book and at 4:30 turned on the tail end of the movie August: Osago Country. It is a chic flic with Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep that I’ve seen before. I knew it was full of language at the end but couldn’t remember how it ended. Now I know and don’t need to see it again.

It is like a puzzle - how many turtles can you see through the reeds
At 5:30 when it was over, I went out and started folding and bringing clothes in. Bill joined me and did the same with his. Between us, we had them indoors and all put away by 6:30. It meant supper would be late but I started coating the chicken legs in spices and cooking them in Rosy, the air fryer.  They took longer than we thought, mainly because they were quite meaty and I was cooking 5 at a time.

The legs took longer than expected but they were still tasty

A piece of apple pie on our new plates
I put together a salad and we shared the legs between us. After some apple pie and cheddar, we cleaned up dishes.  I worked away at my blog while American Idol was on in the background. This was a good day. Other than laundry, we just did what we wanted. We each have hobbies to putter at and after doing our own thing, we come together at the end of the day again. I hope you’ve had a good day.

The sun drops below the tree tops and behind our pretty flag
Good night all!
Thank you for stopping in. I trust everyone out there is doing what’s necessary to keep yourself and others safe.


  1. I hang all my clothes but not outside. I may have to put up a clothesline!! I do love to see the turtles!! I hope it starts warming up soon.

  2. Two good days, grocery and laundry. Got a kick out of your description of leaving for groceries in the dark, common criminals indeed. Always enjoy the pictures of the turtles and the bluebirds. Nice to both have hobbies to keep you busy. Take care and stay healthy.

  3. Glad your clothes dried..I told Ken yesterday it's just about time to start hanging out some of our things. Nothing better than fresh clothes on the line. Dinner and dessert looks yummy! :)

  4. I remember as a kid taking hard, frozen pants and sheets in from the clothesline during the winter and I was amazed that they were dry. Where do the turtles stay during the winter, I wonder. Noticed you have a nice tent looking cover in the garden. Did it stay there during the winter?

  5. Have you considered a clothes drying rack for inside? I've had one available for years. Last time my dryer quit working I was really glad to have it. They hold quite a bit of clothes and should fit in the RV. And that pie still looks delicious!

  6. Another good day! I'm hoping the weather improves soon. It's supposed to reach +8C this afternoon here but I'm skeptical. :)

  7. It would be nice to have your Bluebird nesting nearby!

  8. Is there anyway you can hang a shower curtain pole across your shower to hang your clothes on. I sometimes do this, and put a small fan on the floor just blowing to help speed up the drying time. I put as much distance between them as I can, but it's surprising how fast they can dry like this.
    Your cheese on the apple pie reminds me of a plaque my Grandma Long had on her wall - Apple pie without cheese, is like a kiss with out a squeeze.