Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Warm Weather Brings Fog Again, Clean Suite

The Ridge
On Wednesday, Apr. 8th we were lazy and when I saw the fog outside, decided there was no urgency to getting up – again. So, we slept in until 7:30. It was a warmer night, the thermometer was the telltale at 5C/42F. We had our coffee and tea together and I spent time on Facebook before getting into our blogs. Bill was enjoying his plane building so had his coat on at 9 and headed down to the Hangar.

Yeuch, too foggy to walk all morning
I’m so glad that he is relaxing more and doesn’t have the push on right now to always to be working. It is a mixed blessing, isn’t it? Here we are, many of us are off work at the same time and yet we can’t spend time with our loved ones outside the home. I’m feeling quite relaxed but it is funny how hard it is to settle things down inside myself. Do you know what I mean? Working on the laptop, I’m still thinking “I’d better finish this so I can ………hmmm, I guess I don’t HAVE to do anything”. LOL

poached eggs on toast
While it was foggy and I couldn’t walk yet, it was the perfect time to get the dusting done. I turned all the overhead lights on in here (the better to see it with) and set to work. It took me an hour to cover all of the woodwork upstairs and down and that included cleaning out 2 cupboards over the sofa. One is our games-type cupboard and the other is our memory cupboard, where we keep personal collections and things we can’t and don't want to get rid of.

This was a cold walk
I found 2 of the 500-pc. puzzles (borrowed from Pilot Knob) that I tucked away for just this type of day. As you know, there is one in the Bunky that I work on but it is just too darn cold today to go out there. Checking the size of these puzzles, I was thrilled to see that they’ll fit perfectly on our coffee table. I cleared it off and got all the pieces flipped over and sorted before making Bill and I some poached eggs on toast for lunch. After dishes, he went back out and I sat on the couch to play at the puzzle.

This little muskrat made a beeline for me and paused for a picture
 The CTV weather last night was w-a-a-y off base today with their forecast. It was supposed to be a high of 14C/60F with sun for the afternoon. Well, it didn’t get anywhere near that. It actually dropped to 4C/38f before settling on a cold 5/40. Brrr. I stayed huddled inside and got a lot done of the puzzle before deciding at 2:30 to go out and check the mail. It was freezing out there! Luckily, the mailbox was full with flyers and a magazine so it was worth the walk.

Naturally, I didn't have my camera, just my phone
Sound familiar, Maxx Trails?
Back inside, I worked on my post before sitting in my chair with my book. At 3, I made a nice hot cream cup of Earl Gray. It was just before my sister, Wendy, and I chatted back and forth on FB messenger that the sun made an appearance. Finally. There were still clouds but I noticed a rise in temperature. When my tea was finished, I took another short walk out to check on the turtles. I stopped in to see Bill before rejoining my recliner indoors.

I have the perfect little setup

Because the table lifts up so I don't need to bend over
When Bill came in at 5, I already had NCIS on. We watched reruns until I started baking more tea biscuits to go with our leftover stew and rice. These are so easy to make and while they baked, I made us each a salad using up the last of the head lettuce in the fridge. I’ll have to add that to the grocery list. Supper was done and cleaned up from by 7 pm. Everything tasted great and we are both very full.

Lots to eat for supper and it was delicious
This has been a good day with a few more little things taken care of. During the evening, I plan to work on my puzzle and my book. Bill will probably watch his movies. 😊 I hope you’ve had an enjoyable day.

Good night everyone!

Thank you for popping in!


  1. Where I live it wasn't quite as
    cold as your place was. I'm glad you got to do a little walking outside anyway. It sure makes this isolation nicer, doesn't it? I hope you get a chance to get a better close up photo of the muskrat, what neat little creatures they are. Enjoy sleeping in as long as we can't schedule many activities, thanks for another cheerful post. -Mary

    1. I think we are all ready for spring, even those of us who got away for the winter. :)
      We got spoiled!
      It is good to get out for even short walks, I totally agree.
      The muskrat goes zimming across both ponds but that is the first time he stopped to look at me. haha

  2. I love your table lift for doing puzzles. We don't have room for something like that. It sure is nice to give the back some relief.
    I wasn't sure what the animal in the water was, but I see Mary indicated it was a muskrat. You have so many creatures to watch. I know we will too once we get to our lot. Someday!
    I started to comment on yesterday's post and had to leave it - so I'm glad you liked the biscuits. They are so easy.
    We've enjoyed a few really nice, warm days, but now the temps are going to plummet into the 30's again. This roller coaster!

    1. sorry, I thought I mentioned what the swimmer was. LOL he was funny to watch and he probably thought the same thing of me!
      Loving the biscuits.
      Too bad the weather had to turn again but maybe after a few days of it, it will be out of its system.

  3. That coffee table sure comes in handy for a lot of things... certainly works great for the puzzle!

    1. I never thought it would be big enough but for 500 pc puzzles, it will! :) yay!

  4. How do you make tea biscuits?

    1. Cheri's recipe: Hand mix 1 c. flour, 1 tsp b.powder, 1/2 c milk, 2 tblsp mayo, 2 tblsp shredded cheese, 1/2 tsp salt. Drop by spoonfuls into 6 silicone (or otherwise) muffin cups. Bake at 375 for 25 min. Cheri did hers for 21 min. but mine needed 25 in the convection oven. Perfect!

  5. I need that table!!!!!

    Here's a few numbers that might make you feel better. There are over 328 million people in the United States. As of this morning, 14,797 deaths have occurred and been counted by the CDC as Covid 19, even if they had bad health conditions to begin with. Over 25,000 people have recovered. The CDC's estimate of regular flu deaths is 29,000-59,000 each year. I never knew so many died from the flu.

  6. Thanks Nancy for the numbers! Glad you've got some things to keep you occupied Patsy! I wish I had the patience for puzzles, but I don't LOL. Nice that Bill is enjoying the Hangar and hanging out there! Hopefully soon you will get your sunshine and heat! Dinner looks so good!!

  7. Nice that you are still able to get things accomplished while practicing Social Distancing.
    Know what you mean about the job situation.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  8. Amazing how you have time to do so many things in a day. I always seem overwhelmed and hardly get anything done in a day. Loved your little animal friend.