Friday, April 10, 2020

Winter Isn’t Done Yet

The Ridge
Bill was up first on Good Friday, Apr. 10th and hopped into the shower immediately. I stayed under the covers until he was done and then it was my turn. It was close to 8 when we were both downstairs with our morning drinks. When he asked me how I was this morning, I admit that I scowled. With a hand gesture to the window, he knew that I meant the outside weather. The ground was covered in white, this time at least 2” of ‘winter’ covered the land.

Looking out through our screened window
 We did some laptop grazing and then Bill bundled up and went out to check our propane tank. I’d missed seeing if the mail lady stopped yesterday and with that bitter wind I wasn’t about to walk down just ‘for the heck of it’. It was too cold. I noticed he’d hopped in Ptooties and drove down the snow-covered lane to check it out. Gayle had emailed last night saying that they may stop by for a long distance ‘hello’ in person on their way back from shopping so now he has left tracks for them.

Track lanes
The problem in this weather is that I have NO, zero, zilch, nada, zip desire to even go out. Snow is one thing but snow plus gusting winds over 10 mph? Nope. Maybe this afternoon if the sun comes out and stays, I’ll go for a walk. No promises! The rest of the day, I worked on a new puzzle and then when the sun moved away from the back window, I moved to my chair and read my book. Tough life, isn’t it? As it turned out, Gayle had forgotten that it was a holiday and that stores were closed, so no visit today. That's what happens when we're retired and when we're all in isolation.

Bill did the walking and photography today

He was trying hard to get a picture of Mother Goose
Pancakes for lunch
Bill had taken his camera out this morning and walked down the lane trying to get a picture of our Mother Geese. There are two of them, with their proud watchful mates, but it is difficult to see where they have their nests, especially in the snow. He was braver than me, out there in the cold. 

The snow started to go away by mid afternoon
Isn't he pretty?
It wasn’t until after we’d watched some programs that I started the sausage in Madame IP and opened a can of pork and beans. This will be our Good Friday supper.

Father Goose was protecting his mate
but I'm sure it is a boring job
And then in the east side pond, another hubby waits and watches

Can you see him out there in the middle?
It was while they were in the pot that I bundled up and took my own walk down to the end of the lane. The flyers were in there from yesterday so again, not a wasted walk. Plus, that cold bitter fresh air actually felt good. All I could see were the Father Geese so I had no better luck than Bill did earlier finding Mama. Supper was ready before 6:30 and it turned out good. How could it go wrong? It was so simple. We had the last custard for dessert.

I'm sure it doesn't look too appetizing for an Easter meal
but it was fine for us
and tasted good

With custard for dessert, we were full
Good night!
After dishes, I worked on my blog post and then sat at the puzzle for a bit watching some tv with Bill. This was certainly a lazy cold day and it isn’t going to get much better over the next week or so. I hope this finds you in good health and that you all stay that way.

Thanks for the drop in. Your comments are always appreciated.


  1. After the Spring Tease we had the other day this is definitely disappointing. At least the SXXW didn't stick around our place.
    Always nice watching the Geese and other Birds at this time of year.
    Stay Safe and Enjoy the nature around you.

    It's about time.

    1. I don't like to be teased in this way. LOL Not much we can do about it but grumble. ha ha
      I'm grateful for the outside entertainment though!

  2. Oh my it looks cold. Love the geese. Guess they have warm clothes!! I know the feeling. Supposed to rain tomorrow so I’m staying inside. Hang in there.

    1. I need to brave up and get out and walk regardless. Not with snowy roads though, I don't feel comfortable walking on ice.
      Yes, I love the geese too. :)

  3. I would not be going out at all if there was snow and it was cold wind. I'm a wimp. My feet are cold enough inside, let alone outside! Lol! I do enjoy watching the birds and how fun to watch the ducks on the water, the turtles and muskrat. You have such a great place for it.

    1. Thank you for being a wimp with me! :) The wind is what I hate most on an already cold day.
      The window entertainment is enjoyable though and my feet are what gets cold too. When we don't run the furnace, not much heat on the floor area.

  4. Gotta admit I'm not crazy about being outside when it's so cold and dreary either. Come on spring! It's supposed to be 71 here today, then colder again tomorrow but we'll enjoy while we have it. Dinner looks yummy to me!

  5. Winter isn't about to let go of us yet, is it? Hopefully soon as your geese will soon be wanting to raise their young'uns.

    Take care and stay well!

  6. And here I thought all Canadians loved cold, snowy, windy days! :)) Guess NOT! At least it will be short-lived and spring will continue. I'm getting my first cloudy, windy and rainy day in Tucson. Puts a damper on things, but it is for just one day. I am hoping to head home next week but the weather back there doesn't want to cooperate. I'll just go slow and try going around the bad weather or wait it out. Hope the Easter Bunny is nice this year!

  7. Hope you're enjoying this Easter weekend. At least today was a lot better!