Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Patience is a Virtue, Brighter Day

The Ridge
It was almost 8 o’clock when these lazy bones were getting up on Wednesday, Apr. 22nd. That is just me as Bill was up at 7. It will be hard to get back into an earlier routine when our lives change or maybe not. Seeing the sun and warmer weather out my window will make a huge difference. We had our morning drinks together and read blogs and emails.

Pretty sky but we woke up to another 2" of fresh snow
I’m sitting in my recliner with my slippers on, we’ve run the furnace through a cycle to warm things up inside and underneath, the heaters are on and the sun is shining in through the back and south facing windows. Two herons flew by but they were across the pond and showing no intention of stopping on our property. Perched on the couch with my camera I’m waiting to see my first one land. This year. 

Bill decided that today was the day to do our Income Tax so he settled at the couch and coffee table. It gave him lots of room to spread out and he worked away quietly, well, he tends to talk aloud to himself so not always quietly. 😃 I wanted to keep busy too so I made another batch of No Bake Peanut Butter Chocolate macaroons. This time I remembered to put in the right amount of cocoa.

Income tax Control
After they were finished, I made us a toasted egg and bacon sandwich. Mine was in a fried tortilla and it was yummy with lettuce and cottage cheese. Bill was still working so I did the dishes and then went upstairs to find something to do. Under the bed I had more wool, my corking kit and the cross stitch that has been going on for years. To be exact, near 23 years. I started the latter in 1997. That was what I chose. It is not as easy now as it was then so I only work at it for a certain period of time. It is counted and those holes are very small!

Hardening on waxed paper before going in the fridge
When Bill was done with the online I.T. forms, he sent them off and we were pleased as we had better results than last year. It was warm upstairs so he went up there with his blanket and watched tv. I’m sure he had a snooze too. 

The snow was melting from the full sun
Can't beat that gorgeous sky
Around 2:30 or so I bundled and took a walk down to the mailbox. It didn’t get above 0C/32F all day so my walk was a chilly one. With my long winter coat and the hood up, I was at least warm. 

I had to add some pond pictures
No turtles out today, they're not stupid, it's cold!
The winds yesterday broke a healthy branch from a tree in the corral

Back at the Suite, I just worked on the pattern for the remainder of the afternoon and around 3:30 turned Property Guys: Forever Home on. I enjoy seeing the before and after even though I don’t believe it is all as it is portrayed. A roof for $5,000 but one backsplash tile is $40? Anyway, it passed the time.

My cross stitch, bit by bit
Big fat fish cakes for supper
They have mashed potatoes in them too

At 5, Bill came downstairs to go through the mail and at 5:30, I began preheating the convection oven for the fish cakes. We were having French fries with them and were eating by 6:30. 
Fish and chips for supper
Everything was very good and I would buy the cakes again. We had another piece of carrot cake for dessert and then sat to relax for the evening. Other than a walk to the road, I didn’t get outside. I didn’t mind, the wind gusts were not pleasant.

from inside where it's warm, the sun prepares to set
Good night!
I hope you’ve had a good day. Take care and stay well! Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Those macaroons look so yummy. I'll have to give them a try.
    If it has to be 32, at least you have clear blue skies and sunshine. Beats 32 and fog, right?
    87 today in LasVegas; hottest day so far.

    1. Yes, the sun does make a huge difference even if we can't hang around outside. :)
      You could send us 5 degrees of your heat and we'd be thrilled! haha

  2. It is crazy that it is still snowing at the end of April. I was talking to our daughter yesterday about how we are not having any luck finding a RV Park that knows when they will be able to open in Michigan and she said we would not want to be there as they had just gotten more snow. Hope the spring weather finds you soon. The pond really is a beautiful blue in your pictures. Stay warm and healthy.

    1. I don't want to say it because it never used to be but doesn't it seem that this is now typical April? Blech.
      It is sad about the parks, that is where both governments lacked in their decisions. Ours finally got on the ball and for anyone who had a seasonal site, they are now allowed back in. It's crazy, what is safer than camping and on the other side, why is a park any different than a community with houses? It just irks me to no end.

  3. Ok I'm gonna try real hard to send some warm weather your way!! Close your eyes and listen to the sound of my voice...warm, warm, warm!! Did that work??? Have a great day.

    1. Ha ha, you know what? It might have! We didn't get the precipitation overnight (ice pellets) that was forecasted. Supposed to be 8C today and that is very exciting!!
      Thanks Lorne!

  4. Cross stitch is not something I could get into. I tried, but just not for me. i used to embroider, probably should try again sometime...maybe..Your macaroons look awesome, just perfect for a sweet treat! Hoping it warms for you soon! Supposed to be mid 70's here today. Love it but not the lizards it brings!

    1. If I'd realized that it would be such a dedicated project, I wouldn't have bought a 'counted' pattern, and went with one prestamped. Live and learn. I'll plug away as I do enjoy it and it certainly won't be perfect!
      The macaroons are yummy and only the oatmeal in them is what we wouldn't normally eat (carbs). Everything else is sugar free. :)
      Our warmth is coming, today already we are noticing a nice change.