Sunday, May 7, 2017

Now That We Have It, All I Want to Do is Share It

Today is Sunday, May 7th. The rain has stopped. The clouds are sharing the blue sky with the sunshine. Things are starting to dry out. The temperature is 2C/35F. I want to rejoice and do a little dance but that would be inconsiderate.

Here is what my sister’s street looks like:

We slept in this morning, me just because I could and Bill because he stays up late and then Clemmy had him up through the night. I was very happy to see the sun. We had our first coffee/tea and I debated whether to bundle up and go for a walk. With a walk over to the Restroom, my mind was made up real quick. The sun is beautiful but out here in the country that wind is too bitter this morning.
Baptist Church Road to Durham
We had our showers and some breakfast and I drove into Durham to visit Mom before her lunch. Sometimes she has episodes in the evening and last night called Donna, so depressed that no one visits. This, of course, isn’t true since my sister, Cathy, was up in the morning but it is all related to her dementia. It is so sad to know that our visits don’t stay prominent in her mind simply because of this disease.
Going to see Mom selfie
The visit with Mom was a good one although she was going through a mess of confusion for about 40 minutes of my time with her. Gradually, with the help of Renee (a nurse) we directed her attention elsewhere and she was fine when I left her at her lunch table. Mom can wear any colour and with that beautiful smile, charm any daughter and any camera!
Mom has her dolls all lined up and kept warm
When I got back home, I took a walk down to the lane and toured our front field area. The water from the neighbour’s property is coming through the fence to one of the lowest areas we have to cut. I gingerly walked through some soft grass, since I had my boots on, to see if Gabby’s nest was okay.

Bill noticed 2 geese up closer to our corral this morning and we think it might be her and Gabe. That would mean that her nest got flooded out and that makes me extremely sad. I wandered back later to ‘zoom’ in and now I’m pretty sure she has deserted her nest. It looks empty.
this is too close for comfort, don't want goose poop up here!
The sun was making brief appearances finally beating out the clouds around 4 pm but that northerly wind still ruled the day. So inside, I found a new book in our cupboard to get into. It is of a different nature than the ones I’ve read lately but it is good from the get-go. I know there is a movie as well but don’t think I’ve seen the whole thing. White Oleander by Janet Fitch. I’m enjoying the change of pace.
The Durham Dam intrigues me
So, we read our books, dozed a bit and I warmed up our chili with the tea biscuits for supper around 6. Chili always seems to taste better the second night. 

I make the walk out to this front field at least once a day
this is where I get a view of Gabby's nest
(except when it is raining!)
We caught the CTV news hoping to see a good piece on the Quebec flooding. I was disappointed, more was said on the France election than our own country’s flood victims.
The overflow from the neighbours front yard
Dishes cleaned up, we settled into our chairs with the tv on and books in hand. We enjoy American Pickers and it is a program than can play in the background while we read. The main thing is Madame Secretary is on at 8 tonight and we won’t miss that.
I hope your day has been a good one. I know the no-rain has made a huge difference in ours.

They were trying to draw my attention away from their nest I think even though
they'd apparently lost their eggs

Gabby's deserted nest

Thank you for following along. I love to read your comments.


  1. Can you explain your set up there. Are you on somebody's land? Do you go outside for the bathroom in a building? Shower in there too?

    1. We are renting this 6 acre pc. of property from my sister and her husband out in the country. We cut the grass fields and I can plant what I want or do nothing else. There is electric hookup but we use our solar panels as much as possible, since we pay for that when we are here only. We have an outhouse built and use that during the daytime. At night and our showers are in the fifth wheel trailer we own. We do not have water hookup but we have a water bladder and take it to my sisters other 10 acre property to fill it up from their drilled well. It is only 6 miles away.

  2. The sunshine was wonderful, soon be warming up again and all will be good. Summer soon here.

    1. Looks like a great day this morning. Frosty but no wind to speak of. Yay!

  3. Cheri Blackledge PeineMay 8, 2017 at 7:10 AM

    So sorry for the flooding in your area and your sister's. Fortunately our community is quite high so we just have some low places that get some high runoff but no houses are located in these areas. However many communities south and east of us have been seriously impacted
    I pray the water levels do not continue to rise there.

    1. It is my sister we are thinking of in Quebec, dealing with a flooded street and flooded basement right now. So sad, they have a huge job ahead of them. We are lucky being up on a hill, the water won't reach our Suite.