Thursday, May 11, 2017

Bus Trip! Special Birthdays for Special Daughters

Thursday, May 11 and there are things going on that I need to mention. First and foremost is that my baby girl, Bridgette, turns 42 today. What? How ever did that happen? I won’t waste another minute before wishing my beautiful, brave, brilliant daughter a Happy Birthday!
My 4 year old charmer

Hasn't changed a bit!
 Secondly, Bill’s youngest daughter, Jess, is also celebrating a birthday today. Isn’t that neat? She is turning 28 today, another wow! I met Jess for the first time when she was 5. So much has transpired since then. Happy Birthday, young lady!

Thirdly, I am going on a bus trip to Owen Sound. I’m taking a step out of my comfort zone and going alone to support Rockwood Terrace’s fight to stay in Durham. The bus leaves at 7:30 and I’ll be there. I haven’t been on a bus in a long time so it will be a ‘treat’.
Beautiful start to the day
Bill made it home last night at 8 as expected, safe and sound for another week. We breathe another sigh of relief. I don’t worry too much when he is out travelling the highways, but it is a deep-down concern never-the-less.

I was up at 6 before the alarm and got cleaned up and had a cup of tea while reading a few blog posts from yesterday. Once it seemed like an appropriate time, about 6:50 am, we called Bridgette. I’m sure she wouldn’t have been able to start her special day without our rendition of the traditional song.
On my way out the door
By 7:10 I was out the door and in Durham to catch the bus. Sadly, only 14 of us supporters showed up but we were all pleased to find upon our arrival that many had driven themselves to Owen Sound. It is a good opportunity to go shopping in a city after the meeting.

The chairs were soon filled by approximately 65 Save Rockwood t-shirt wearers and about 50 Save Grey Gables t-shirt wearers. Standing room only and the council meeting got underway at 9:00. They are typical and pretty much boring as they run through the minutes and past issues on the agenda. Oh well, we waited quietly.

After an hour, the part we were there for began with two speakers in support of the Long Term Care resolution. The Director of Long Term Care was one and she spoke very well for all 3 current homes. Of course, there was no resolution, the main concern is that the council take the input and hopefully reach some kind of decision shortly after the May 25th meeting. I will be there. Adjournment was at noon and I was home by 1.
A few of the Rockwood supporters
Bill was finishing up cutting the back field, having taken care of the front one while I was gone. I’m glad to see that the sun finally made an appearance around 12 noon. The air was still cool but soon warmed up to 16C. While he continued to weed-whack, I got the battery lawn-mower out and cut the main ‘campsite’ section of the Ridge. This is the main section that we use on a regular basis.
Williamsford Bookstore and Cafe
Lawns and fields are all done now and here come the black flies. Darn! I sprayed myself well with the Deep Woods Off we have in the Suite. It does help some but I’m sure I still got bit. The trick is to TRY not to scratch, it only accentuates the itch. “I won’t scratch, I won’t scratch, etc.” my mantra.
Love this country scene in Williamsford
I managed to fit in 2 or 3 walks down the lane with my buddy, Clemson, before and after Bill finished the trimming. First cut out of the way and it looks quite impressive. Don, next door, was out on his mower as well. It was the day to cut grass.

Bill barbecued sausages for supper after the news and I made up a fresh lettuce, cucumber, green pepper, tomato and cheese salad on the side. Everything tasted wonderful, we were both quite famished. When dishes were cleaned up we settled in to watch our recorded Tuesday night programs.

A single tulip in a garden makes a striking pose
I hope you’ve had a good day. Mine was different but great and Bill is happy he got things accomplished too.

Happy Thursday
Thank you for keeping up with me today. I’d love to hear from you.


  1. Sounds like productive day you had there.
    Too bad about the Black flies there, glad we don't have them here I have a very bad allergic reaction to them , so need to be where they are not.
    Enjoy this warm weather as it is soon gonna be here.

  2. Yes, the black flies are the negative at this time of year. They usually aren't out until the long weekend but since they are early, they will be gone early. The early rain is responsible.

  3. We have black flies and gnats here in NV. So far our place hasn't had them this year..but I am sure we will at some point. The news here in NV said that OFF and other sprays like that with the active ingredient DEET will help with gnats and mosquitoes but to combat the black flies look for repellant without the DEET ingredient. Apparently the black flies are attracted to the DEET ingredient..just what we were told. Probably just hope they don't hang around too long. I'm hoping Rockwood Terrace gets to stay, good for you for fighting to make that happen. Why do they want to get rid of it??

    1. Thanks for your comment! I don't think this Deep Woods Off has deet but I'll check. I also read that garlic and vanilla extract work.
      The home Mom is in is old and deteriorating so we know she will need to move no matter what. They can't use the balconies and there must be other issues too.
      We're basically hoping they will build a new one for at least their 100 beds in Durham. As well as add on to the Markdale home for those families to expand.