Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Oh Good! More Rain! More Birthdays

Monday, May 2nd, wow, we are into May already! Popular month for birthdays in my family. So, Happy Birthday to my niece, Alaena and my brother-in-law, John. Not a very nice day to celebrate but you are going to get a year older regardless!
Hard to tell here, but the wipers were necessary all day
I woke up just before 7:30 this morning and Clemson was snuggled close beside me, sound asleep. I slept well and I am glad I had my ear plugs in since the winds were whipping again when I went to bed. If I’m going to end up in the pond, I’d rather not know it! Ha ha.

Another crazy temperature change from the 16C we had yesterday, resting at 8C when I woke up and let Clemmy out. The rain is hanging on between sporadic buckets to steady drizzle and the winds of course still keeping me company. LOL, I am actually getting used to the gusts.

I spoke to Bill first thing before we each start our day and he had a weird night. I’m glad he has his book with him this time so he can read when he gets bored or in between his bouts of sleep.
Reading blogs and comments on my post from yesterday, it was so nice to hear from Kirk at CanAm about how much they appreciate Bill’s extra help. A simple gesture like that makes it all worthwhile to say goodbye to him for a couple of days.

I had my tea and coffee before 10:30 and got cleaned up for my visit with Mom this morning. A breakfast of Green Eggs and Ham, no not really green, filled me up so that I can carry on from Mom’s and go get groceries. I’ve learned not to shop on an empty stomach.

I chit-chatted with Donna this morning about how well our Snelgrove Marchers for Memory team is doing for our Alzheimer’s Walk as far as donations. That is awesome and I know some of my readers have supported me in the walk. We have surpassed our team goal and that blows my mind. If anyone new would like to sponsor me the link is here: and you go to Sponsor a Walker at the top of the page.

In the rain, I left the Suite around 10:45 to go to Rockwood in Durham. With Black Beauty I like to park on the street so went the long way around so I was on the right side of the street. The parking lot is usually full enough that I would be intimidated with the big truck. Today was no exception but lots of room on Saddler St.

Mom wasn’t in her room when I arrived which sets my mind puzzling. Trying to remember all of the places Donna suggested I should look for her. Not in exercise class, not at the hairdressers, not in the puzzle room. Actually, I walked so many halls with Donna that I forgot which way to the puzzle room. I must look a sight as I peer down hallways and into common rooms.
Mom loves her dolls and stuffed animals
I found her back in her room when I returned. I’m not sure where she had been, she didn’t know either. “I was walking, I think, wasn’t I?” Such a sweetheart because even though she knows she is losing such a precious commodity, she can smile and laugh about it. So we sat on her bed and talked about and played with her dolls. She showed me her puzzle that she says she did on her own which blew me away! Yay!

Mom is thrilled and perhaps a bit obsessed with money. This we can all understand since most of her life, she had to scrape it together to buy the things needed for her growing family. She has never been in a position to breathe easily about finances…………….until now. Sadly, she can’t enjoy that freedom because she can’t remember that she is doing just fine.

My first contribution to the colour for The Ridge
When she found a purse in a drawer with some currency in it, she giggled like a school girl. “What should I do with it?” I suggested she tuck it back in there for the next time she needed to buy something at the store downstairs. She was tickled that she had a secret stash. God, I love that innocence. I walked her down at noon for her lunch and she hugged me a couple of times and made sure I knew where I was going. “Good, because I couldn’t tell you”. **smile**

I drove then, in the rain, to Hanover and made various stops. Mark’s W.W., Giant Tiger, The Bread Depot and Food Basics. I dislike getting used to new grocery stores, seems I walk in continuous circles trying to find that one thing.  Sweet and sour sauce is never where you think it will be, grumble. Anyway, soon enough I was on my way home, in the rain again (or still).
Putting the groceries away at 3:15 I realized that I was heading back out again for Chatsworth. Gayle has invited a few family and friends over for John’s birthday. Not a special one, although isn’t every one special?
while John and Gayle were in the background talking to their daughter's family
the rest of us entertained ourselves
I fed Clemson early and drove the truck over for 5 ish. Bill will come directly there on his way back from London. That way, I can follow him home afterwards. When I arrived their friend Lynn and Bob were there and it was so nice to see them again. Soon after Donna and Gerry arrived.
Lynn and Donna chat it up
 We had a good time and the birthday boy barbecued burgers in the rain. I hadn’t had a nice homemade cheeseburger loaded in a while so enjoyed it with the salads very much. Bill had texted that he left London at 5:00 so when he ‘flew’ in at 7:35 we were all wondering if the cops were off duty last night. Ha ha, I was happy to see him arrive safe and sound.

It was a lovely meal but unfortunately the pix was taken before Bill arrived
By 10:30 we started making our way to the door thinking of the drive home and Clemson alone for 8 hours. I’m sure John had a nice birthday celebration. I was calculating how long I’ve known him, the brother-in-law who has lasted the longest in our family. I met him in 1968 when they started dating, so 49 years!
I had a couple of good days at home alone but it sure is nice to have my sweetie back to celebrate our anniversary tomorrow. I hope you had a wonderful day.
Happy Birthday, John!

Thank you for reading today. All comments are welcome.


  1. Nice to get that visiting done and you can spend some time with you mom.
    The Birthday parties are always fun too. Sunshine today here hope you have some there.

  2. Praying for only the best for your mom. Nice to spend time with family celebrating those special occasions.
    Weather is giving us a day off but heading back tomorrow.
    Wishing you and Bill a Happy Anniversary.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Nice to read you had a good visit with your mom. The fact that you can still laugh together is so special. Sending good thoughts your way.
    Happy (the number it is...:)...)Anniversary to you and Bill!