Sunday, May 21, 2017

May 2-4 Weekend, Lawn Care, We Have a Beach!

Saturday, May 20th brings the start of Victoria Day weekend here in Canada. Monday is the holiday so our friends and family who are still employed, get a paid day off. Boy, I can remember how excited and anxious I used to get for this extra day. Often Bill and I would try and take the Friday or at least part of Friday off to turn it into an even longer weekend.

Now, retired, it doesn’t matter and I must admit does not bring the same excitement for me. Just another weekend, just another day but there is nothing wrong with that! The sun is gorgeous this morning and we were up and at ‘em around 7 am. Bill opened the blinds to welcome the sun while Clemson was outside for his nature call.
Beautiful sky all day
Today, after tea and blog reading I drove into Durham around 8:30 to check out the big PLANT SALE at the Town Hall. It has been advertised all over town for quite a while. It didn’t impress me, of course I wasn’t really looking for anything much. The prices were good but I left empty handed. From there I followed my nose which followed the signs all over town to various Garage Sales. There were quite a few and much easier to find than in a big city like London.

These are never disappointing because I am seldom looking for anything in particular. I just like looking, chatting with the locals and if something appeals for the right counter-price, I’ll buy it. I came home with 3 little things and paid less than $10. My kind of shopping.

Bill had pre-scheduled with Donna and Gerry to meet at the Acreage. First, we needed to fill the water bladder from their well and second, he was going to help them flush their 5th wheel water tank and replace things that needed replacing. It is all out of my realm of remembering so I leave them to the stuff they know. I know they are both grateful for Bill’s knowledge of rv things and for his assistance.
'65 or '66 Chevy II
Had to take a picture when it pulled up at a garage sale
This is like my very first car I ever bought with my Dad
$400 in 1969, Lucan
I had my beginners license and I learned how to drive in this and my Dad's '64 Chev Impala.
I stayed home and vacuumed the Suite on solar power. With that full sun, the battery power did not budge. Lovely! I cleaned up the dishes and then went outside for a walk down the lane with Clemson. He is feeling better and needs to stretch his legs, as do I.
Kildeer freaking out as we walked by

Faking a broken wing so I'll follow and stay away from a nest
The rest of the day was a blur but I know that I climbed over our back fence and dug up a couple of pails of dirt at the edge of the farmer’s field for my pots. I had this bright idea of putting some of my garden plants in them, just for some colour. I got discouraged before anything came to fruition though, so might go into town tomorrow and buy a few pot fillers after all.
When in Durham I followed a sign that said "Day Use Area" Conservation area
Bill came back from The Acreage so I asked him to prep my weed whacker before he hopped on the mower to cut grass. It is growing like crazy now. We put the battery from my little mower on charge and I spent the next hour and a half trimming around the place. It is a light weight trimmer but still when your arm isn’t used to it, it doesn’t take long to know when to stop.
looking up towards the dam and #6 highway

An actual sandy beach!
I finished in the corral, on the rocky side of the hill where a mower can’t cut, up around the rhubarb, garden and rose of Sharon twigs (that is all they are at the moment), around the Restroom and Roost before calling it quits. My arm was like a dead weight.
Washrooms and stairs to the beach area
Bill finished cutting all of the grass in the big areas and I popped the battery in my mower to cut our site area. Unfortunately, not enough of a charge so it died within a few minutes. The grass up here will have to wait until after the rain tomorrow. We put things away for the day.
These painted turtles get more sun tanning in than I do!
 I had offered to cut Bill’s hair again, as we’re trying to save some $ right now. He trusts me to do a decent enough job, so using the clippers, his ears get lowered when he needs it. I would hate for a barber or stylist to see it, but my sweetie is happy.

All the other yerts slid into the water, except for this brave soul
We set up the faux barbershop in the bunky since it had the biggest space with a linoleum floor for easy cleanup. Not like in Borrego Springs, it was so gorgeous that I cut it outside. The wind today made that impossible. I cleaned things up and Bill came inside with Clemson. I sat out with my book for a while until I cooled down. I’ve started a Kate Brady novel, Where Evil Waits. Bill says it is a good one.
I edged closer
The clouds have moved in for the most part and as I type, Donna invited us to join them, Gayle and John and Mike for a bonfire. They have a lot of wood pieces from a house they have been renovating with Mike. Bonus about living out in the country, you can burn things.
And even closer
Notice at the close end of the pictures a few other little heads popped up
I think they were coaxing him to jump
We were going to have steak for supper, but changed our minds in those strong winds and opted for a simpler meal of beans on toast. Yeuch, you say? Well, no not really, it was fine. Once cleaned up we layered up and headed over for a little while. They don’t have the wind that we do up here so it should be relatively calm and a good time with the group. I hope the heat from the fire doesn’t put me to sleep, I feel exhausted!

Bill cuts the hill, which doesn't look near as steep in the picture as it is
When we arrived, the guests had all moved inside their 5th wheel. The black flies were back in huge numbers making it difficult for them to eat outside. A fire wouldn’t be enjoyable, fighting them off either so we joined them inside as well. Right there is a thing to be grateful for up on The Ridge. Too windy for black flies. We had a fun couple of hours reminiscing about Arizona, the things we saw, places we went, the winds and other things.

Arriving at the Acreage we notice Gerry has hung his birthday gift from Bill and I
Before too long, we were all yawning after busy days and we headed out for home. Mike was staying in their cabin, The Hilton, so he didn’t have to travel any distance tonight. It was a calm, mild 13C when we left and arrived home to our usual winds but still mild.
Funny sky, promising an unsettled Sunday

I was wishing for more of this weather, alas

I hope you’ve had an enjoyable day too. Thank you for reading today. I love to ready your comments.


  1. It was a very nice day here as well, too bad about your black flies there,
    Sounds like enjoyed another wonderful day.

    1. yes, but at least they are not at the Ridge now, because of the winds mostly. Donna is so sheltered at The Acreage, they are thriving!

  2. Hi Patsy
    Rick & I like baked beans on toast as well. I add a level TBLS. of Black strap molasses while heating them up. Molasses is very good for you and makes the beans taste better. Kathy (It's about time!)

    1. I love molasses too. The can of beans was one with it in them this time. It is a nice easy meal when nothing else comes to mind. i didn't have wieners or I would have added those.