Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Goodbye Sweetie, Outdoor Day, Long-Winded

On Tuesday, May 9th Bill and I woke up to his alarm at 6:20. Yesterday he was asked to come in to work for a couple of days. We knew the text was coming so we were semi-prepared. He keeps his overnight bag partially packed and out of sight so it doesn’t freak Clemson out.

The sun was glorious, catching it this morning as it was rising. I’ve been sleeping in so missed it yesterday. I wish I could count on the wind to stay where it is right now at 7:30 but that would just be silly. Mr. Canada Flag is hanging limp and it encourages me to get bundled and go out for a walk.

Bill was cleaned up and on his way out the door at 7. We couldn’t see the frost on the grass but it was covering the Corolla’s windows enough to need scraping. He should have a good drive, he has a couple of errands in the city this morning before reporting for work at noon.
Windshield scraping was necessary at 7 am
So, when my cup was empty, I donned my hoody and the lovely warm wool sweater Bill gave me years ago from his flying club days. I’ve worn it many a campfire night here in Durham. I like it because it covers my butt and almost comes to my knees. I couldn’t believe the wind was still calm at 8:30!
Bill's used-to-be sweater, now it is mine
With Clemson, on his leash, he accompanied me down the lane, down North Line to Baptist Church Road as far as the WTB Turbine entrance. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this glorious day. The traffic was minimal at first but obviously people have work to get to so I graciously held Clemson to the side of the road while they passed by. Everyone waves out in the country, just like in the southwest.
Clemson and I enjoying our walk with a nice backdrop
The water is so calm that when I walked past the pond I couldn’t help wondering if I will be able to get the kayak down the lane alone. Hmm, I’ll ponder that over a second coffee. I wouldn’t go in the deep east side, I’m not a big fan of water but where Bill went yesterday, I know it isn’t that deep. Getting in and out is the hard part. (right Derrick?) Stay tuned!
Looking back at our road, notice the pot holes?
Before going inside, I unplugged us from hydro (electric) and will let the solar panels do their job. I’m sitting with my coffee and realize just how much at peace I am. This would be a great day for Bill to be here, yesterday he wanted to do more outside but the wind was a deterrent. Today, when it is perfect, he is inside working. I will enjoy this for both of us.
I love walking behind the little wiggle bum
I lifted the king bed this morning and once again marveled at how much room is under there for storage. I pulled everything out with the exception of our Christmas tree box. What don’t we need? I can’t see anything that needs to be removed, she says, while patting herself on the back for the great purge job in April of 2016.
After seeing something on Facebook a couple of days ago, what do I find but
a couple of hummingbird nests? At least that is what they appear to be.
Well, that makes me feel good and it also gave me an opportunity to find a waist pouch and a small cross body purse for the walk on Saturday. I need to carry our small camera, wallet, phone and sunglasses and I need to keep them dry. I’ll decide which will work better.
Other dogs have left their marks on these rocks
I also discovered the winter coat I had forgotten about. I’ve worn my long one since we’ve come home, but it is more for when we go someplace nice. I couldn’t remember which other one I had kept and there it is! Oh yes, I’d found it at Value Village my last winter at work and it has multiple layers and a reversible inner fleece/cotton jacket.
Three geese, means three is a crowd. all they are doing is
chasing each other around today
I’m sitting here looking out at the geese. We can’t figure them out and probably never will. Now that there won’t be any babies here, I’m bummed out, but just watching the goings on by three or four different geese/ganders I’d love to understand them. When there are two together, I can recognize the male and female but alone, good luck.
Down the lane I spooked these 4 geese
Love the picture, it has a cartoon effect.
I was reading the West Grey Spotlight yesterday, from our town mailbox, and there was an article called “Save Rockwood Terrace Update”. Of course, this is where Mom is living and there has been a big hoopla between Grey Gables in Markdale and Rockwood in Durham. One needs to close, they both need renovations but Rockwood, I believe, is in the worse repair.
This was a turnout (about 400) at a January meeting
60 residents at Grey Gables, 100 residents at Rockwood but really, that isn’t the issue. The issue for both communities is that no family wants their loved one any further from home than necessary. It is all about how often they can and will visit.

Of course, I am fully supportive of them keeping a nursing home in Durham, close to me. This would be a matter of building a brand-new facility because of the current issues. Just as supportive as the families from Grey Gables are for the same reason. The part of me that falters, because naturally both communities are ‘right’, is that no matter what the decision, someone has to move.
I'll catch the bus from here Thursday morning
Even if they vote in favour of Durham, a new facility will have to be built and ALL 100 residents will move plus 60 from Markdale. None of this will affect Mom in the way it could affect some of the other residents. Unfortunately, Mom can wake up any given day and think she is in a new place.
Found the t-shirts here
I drove into Durham this morning to pick up the mail and I picked up 3 Save Rockwood t-shirts for a donation. While in The Bookstore I signed up for a bus trip to Owen Sound on Thursday morning for the next County Council meeting over this whole shemozzle. All worthwhile and I want to show my support.

Bought a couple of shirts
When I got back, I turned onto North Line to see that the grader had been down (thank goodness, the pot holes from the rain were horrible!) and left a 12-15” pile of gravel down the centre of the road. LOL, my truck wheels were straddling the hump so at our driveway, I had to drive through it. I made a mess in his ‘sandbox.
Going by the end of the lane
Soon after I was up here settled inside, he came back to spread it around, as I knew he would. I’ve said it before and will say it again, they do look after our roads. When I was in town I also picked up Mom’s card for Sunday, and knowing that I will be seeing her, I don’t have to mail it. I found 2 great places to buy cards in Durham without paying more than $2.50! Yay! The bottom line is the thought, not the price on the back.

The afternoon was spent outside with my book, with my pooch and my camera. We walked down the lane a couple of times and around the property until it cooled down enough to come inside. That happened when the clouds moved in around 4 pm. I came inside a couple of times to check emails and since I’d found a cd from 2004 of pictures in my under-bed storage, I perused those. What fun!
Had to shoo these guys away again today
Where is my NO GOOSE POOP! sign
I saved a few onto my laptop to share with family, they’ll get a kick out of them as well. I was a red-head for a period of time in there, sure gave me a different look. Of course, I was also 13 years younger!
One of our yearly sisters' weekends - 2004!

I hardly recognize myself
The silliness is ingrained
I read more of my book, fed Clemson and found a bite to eat for supper myself. It wasn’t much consisting of salmon, crackers and cheese. Yum, yum, right? Eating alone, not one of my favourite things but I do enjoy not having to come up with the idea of what to have for supper once in a while.
and my phlox is starting to bloom, yay!
I spoke to Bill as he finished his duties at CanAm around 5:30 and we caught up. He sounds good, something that has been on his mind, well our minds, has been decided and I’m happy to hear that. I know he has a busy day tomorrow with two orientations and I’m sure we’ll talk a few times before he heads home Wednesday 
afternoon/evening. Dad, I’m without a doubt that he’ll be stopping in to see you on his way home.
Can't think what these little gems are called but they're cute
I’m planning a quiet night with my book in front of the tv so plugged in around 4:30 today. I hope you have made the most of this sunny day. It was a quiet but great day.
Is there anything prettier than the heart of a flower?

Thank you for reading. Your comments are always welcome.


  1. Home alone again!
    But heck at least the wether is doing well, loving the sunshine, warmer temps and no wind. I hardly recognized you to in that picture.

    1. Yup, this will be the norm for a couple of months, May and June. That is okay, even better when the weather is good. The $ comes in handy. :)
      Being a redhead was fun but it faded too quickly from me being a sun girl.

  2. ok. did you know this was a real big long read! i faired through it... :) these blogs keep us up to date thank you for blogging .. :)

  3. Glad to hear you had a nice day! We had a nice day yesterday as well but I realized I have to stop complaining about the cold because we don't have to scrape our windows in the morning 😊 Hopefully we all get warmer weather soon.

    1. Thank you. I am also trying not to complain, even when it is cold. Especially after what my sister has been dealing with in Quebec, I have nothing to complain about! :) I think the warmth is coming. It is gorgeous here today. It is the wind that makes a difference for us up on the Ridge.