Monday, May 15, 2017

New Week, Sunny Days Bring Warmth, Funeral

Monday, May 15th has arrived. The busy weekend is over and the good weather seems to be making an appearance. I have a few things to accomplish this week and Bill has a couple of days in London for work so I’m sure it will zip by.

We woke up around 7 and just lazed until I heard my phone ringing. It was my son, Patrick, calling with a Happy Day After Mother’s Day wish. I wondered what had happened to him yesterday but soon forgave him once I heard his voice. He had a busy day yesterday with an excavator working in their back yard.

 I’ve heard from both my children as well as plenty of pooch kisses so I am a happy Mom.
Second position this morning
We laugh at Clemson’s routine in the morning. After he has answered nature’s call he either goes back to bed or finds the patch of sunshine. It starts out shining on our recliners so that is where he perches. Then when it moves to the sofa, so does he. He is a sun lover just like his mom. We are two of a kind.

Bill was outside for a while this morning, putting last minute touches on the bunky door, trying to fix the latch. I should have gone for a walk, but decided not to this morning. Maybe when we get back from running around today. I made up some bacon and eggs for breakfast, cleaned up the dishes and hopped in the shower.
Our neighbour cuts his large lot
At 12:15 we left the Suite to attend a funeral for our friend’s uncle who
 passed away on Wednesday night. It was at the McCulloch-Watson Funeral Home with the Interment at the Durham Cemetery to follow. It was a beautiful day for Uncle Charlie to be laid to rest and we followed the procession back to the Anglican Church for a light lunch and conversation with the family.

There were a couple of things we wanted to pick up in Hanover and drove directly there after leaving the church around 3:00. It wasn’t a totally successful jaunt, neglecting to leave home with the right  information for one thing and not able to find a store for the second thing. Oh well, we stopped at Walmart to pick up some creamer and bottled water.

Home again around 4:15 to find that we both needed a snooze. I don’t know why I was so tired but about an hour and a half later I dragged myself down to join Bill in the living area. Wow! The sandwiches and goodies offered up at the church seemed to fill any gaps we had mid-afternoon and neither of us felt like much for supper. At least we both agreed on that point.
And the sun sets like a painting
Looks a fleck on my lens but that squiggle is a cloud formation
We watched some of the CTV news, checked out the weather for the next few days and then I went out for a walk down the lane. Since Clemson didn’t follow I went a bit down the road and came back in through the front field. I needed to stretch my legs! Bill met me on my way back.

Bill made himself a sandwich and I made myself a salad and that was our supper. Just enough to satisfy our tummies.

One of our two goldfinches watching the feeder
The day was a perfect one with temperatures reaching a high of 18C according to our inside thermometer. There haven’t been any clouds in the sky all day, this is what we’ve been waiting for! I hope you have had a fun day too. It is interesting to see how late the sun is setting and how long daylight is hanging around. I believe they call this spring!

Thank you for following along with me today. I love to ready your comments.


  1. What a beautiful picture of the sunset. You are right it does look like a painting.

  2. I am sure Chili's menu would of been very satisfying for your supper as well. Keep on living the dream and enjoy your summer. :)

  3. Looks like a productive day you had, and glad you made it to Uncle Charlies' Funeral, loved the sunshine today as well.

    1. yes for sure. We are too close not to attend. Beautiful day!

  4. Love the picture of Clemson sunning himself. What a cutie pie!
    How's your vegetable garden coming along? Kathy (It's about time)

    1. Clemmy is such a ham on camera. I wish my photos turned out as good! The garden was just planted within the last week and a bit so it will be a while before I see some pop ups. Can't wait!