Sunday, May 28, 2017

It’s Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Summer!

Sunday, May 28th and as we approach the end of the month, we also can really tell we are approaching the month of summer, finally. What a beautiful day! I was up just after 7 this morning, not wanting to continue the habit of sleeping in until 8 or 8:30. I got into a rut this past week and put it up to not feeling well. Enough of that nonsense, we found the days were half over before we really did anything.
This was the kind of morning it was
Coffee in my king  chair, shorts and Clemson snuggled beside me
So, up early it was lovely to open blinds to sunshine and few clouds. The thermometer read only 12C but it rose quickly and within a couple of hours it was 15C. That is about 60F for our American friends. The sun fought for control of the sky but it didn’t win although it was quite lovely all-day long.
My Outhouse, er, Restroom Irises have bloomed
Feeling 90% back to myself, I read blog posts with my tea until Bill got up after 8. We chit-chatted about our day’s plans and he headed out to work on his plane. He had a ‘dead-stick’ landing yesterday that created an oh-oh. Minor repairs and I didn’t see him for an or so while he worked in his cargo trailer.
The first of many to bloom for the first time here
Around 10:30 I made him some toast with peanut butter and took it out to him. I was getting ready to go to visit Mom, yay! And he was going to drive me in so he could fill up the car and pick up an electrical receptacle for the bunky. For some reason, the one he plugs his c.t. into wasn’t working all of a sudden. Things that make you go ‘hmm’.
Clemson says "Are you my Grandma?"

And when Mom says "Yes" he snuggles closer
She looked so pretty in her skirt, top and beads
So, I decided that it would be nice to take Clemson back in to see her since Bill would be there to carry him out at noon when we say goodbye. If I was alone, I wouldn’t be able to carry him and walk her to her lunch table at the same time. It would not be appropriate having a dog in the dining room with diners ready to eat.
Add caption

Clem and I were in at 11 and Bill joined us at 11:30. Mom was so happy to see all of us. She even got all of our names right! Wonderful! Unfortunately, she didn’t remember seeing 5 of her granddaughters yesterday though. We had a nice visit and chatted with the fellow across the hall for a while too. Nice man. As usual, Clemson was a hit and had to be taken over to a few ladies for a snuggle.
This corner house in Durham is very interesting
 When we got back, Bill replaced the receptacle and I made up bacon and eggs for lunch. With this cold, I’ve noticed a have a pounding headache almost every day but a nice hearty breakfast or lunch seems to keep it at bay. Who feels like eating much when your head is stuffed and your throat tickly?
Oh, yes. Clemson gets a home cut
I was anxious to get outside in the garden, I showed you a picture of that nasty ‘goutweed’. Thanks F.G. for naming it for me. So, with gloves on and shovel in hand, I dug enough to lift the soil and mulch to get as much of the root as I could. I know this will be a summertime chore but I’m a determined ole gal! Bill popped over to The Acreage for a bit to help Gerry with their new awning.
A little less scruffy, at least
While he was gone, I finished digging until I got every last sign of that darn plant. It does give me a sense of accomplishment, even when I grumble at it all through the process. It was a perfect weather day for this kind of job. Tonight for supper, Bill bbq’d 2 steak and 1 chicken breast and I boiled potatoes inside the Suite.
Now, I'm definitely going to have to buy more  mulch
Tomorrow morning my sweetie is off to London again for another couple of work days. At least when he comes home Tuesday night, he’ll be home for the rest of the week and that will be really nice for all of us. The extra steak is for his dinner Monday night.
I deserved this taste of my Mexican Kahlua
We set about packing his lunch, drinks, breakfast and supper meals and he put his clothes together. At least this time, I’m feeling normal again and the weather is co-operating. Clemson and I won’t be stuck inside because of rain, at least not an all day, every day stretch.
And this book with my feet up
As the temperature starts its decline, I’ve moved inside while Bill has his shower. Shorts and a tank top aren’t enough clothes on a southwestern Ontario evening in May, apparently. The sky is getting ready for an evening or overnight rain by the looks of it, perfect time!
At 4:30 I said to Bill "where are all the geese today?"
I should have been sitting outside at 7:30 when they all came back home
One day I'm going to capture their in-flight landing
I hope your day has been great. I do believe we have turned a corner towards the dog days of summer. Enjoy! At the peak of day, we reached 22C/71F.
Goodnight, Mr. Sun

Thank you for this wonderful day
Thank you for kicking around with me today. I would love to hear from you if you have the time and inclination to leave a comment.


  1. Like you said gotta get up early so we don;t miss the best pat of the day. Sure was a pretty nice one for sure, the fresh air and sunshine was wonderful !

  2. Ha ha, I'll never match your getting up early though, George. That is too extreme for me. Gorgeous day!

    1. As you know I have always been an early morning person, my favourite time of the day.

    2. Definitely, you wouldn't be George if you slept in until 6! ;) xo

  3. I love your mom's smile, and so cute the way she dresses up! Glad you're feeling better and were able to take Clemson to visit too. The pic of the three of you is adorable..You definitely have your mom's smile. That's me, I like to get sun on my legs too.

    1. No matter what her memory is like, Mom knows how to look her best and generally she matches colours well! She is such a delight to visit even though she can be very confused.

  4. Glad you and the weather are getting better. Have a great day.

    1. Thank you Doug. Nice to hear from you. The weather is improving so all is terrific!

  5. Hi, Glad to read you are feeling better and you were able to go and visit with your mom. (You both have the same beautiful smile.)
    Great sunset pictures and the pond ones are beautiful.
    I am beginning to think the sun is a "tease" came out for a few hours this morning and now I am pretty sure the predicted rain is coming. I have decided to be grateful for the beautiful green

    1. Thank you for your comments. I love your attitude about the rain and the green grass. :)

  6. The weekend was great compared to the previous one. Glad you are feeling better and that you didn't pass it on to me!

    1. The weekend was great for sure. Nice to be outside. This cold is still trying to hang on but I made sure not to share it with anyone by being a real homebody all week. :)