Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Windy Heat, Just what the doctor ordered!

Wednesday, May 17th and the alarm woke me at 5:30, I think it was. Bill needed to be on the road for 6:30 so needed to be sure he was up. I heard him finishing up in the bathroom at 6:15 so had dropped off again. I don’t like him leaving without a proper goodbye kiss so got up until he headed off.
Sunrise with a little Vignette flavour
What a glorious morning! The sun came up as it should and even though it was windy already the 16C felt wonderful! Still sleepy, I crawled back into bed with Clemmy for another hour before getting up and making the bed. It sure puts a spring in my step when the day holds such promise.
Drive safely, dear
 I donned my runners and Clemson and I did our 1.30 mile walk down to the turbines. I didn’t need to put my windbreaker on, it was so warm, but wanted a pocket to hold my cell phone. I’ve learned not to go without a camera so took my large Canon this morning. The one time I forget to take it, I’ll see that perfect ‘thing’.
Love the sun's reflection in our pond

We were early today so met 3 school buses

We left the Suite at 7:30 and returned at 8:15 well refreshed but really craving a cup of tea. With our Keurig, this takes no time at all. Bill had turned the inverter on before he left and unplugged us from the power. No problem, with the sun beating down on our portable panel we stayed at 100 % charged all day.
Brave Clemson stopped dead in his tracks when he saw the cows
Sometimes I grumble about the wind up here and today might have been no exception BUT without the wind, that 28C we had all day would have made it very difficult for me to complete the jobs necessary. I had gardening to do and the strong breeze not only kept the bugs away but it also kept me cool while I worked.
He had to get closer to stare back at them
I first took my Christmas cactus outside as well as my non-producing orchid. Well, the orchid that refuses to flower again. Both needed some attention. I topped up the potting soil in my cactus pot as it had dropped considerably.
all refreshed
I emptied the orchid completely, noticing a healthy-looking root that didn’t seem to be ‘grounded’ to anything. Is this normal? Anyway, I read that a plastic pot would be the best way to go so transplanted with mostly new Orchid mix out of the ceramic pot to a plastic one I had kicking around.

Both plants got some fertilizer and a good saturation as directed on the bag. Now all I can do is hope for the best. My cactus always flowers but it will be a miracle of some sorts if the orchid follows suit. I put my tools and soil away in the shed before moving on to my next project.
It would be fun to be a goose for a day, so peaceful
I took our spade up to the garden plot and proceeded to dig new spots for the oregano and the Echinacea I found in the bunky from last year. 

Oregano and echinacea planted, encircled in stones

I’m sure that was something else Donna gave me. She advised that the Oregano can spread so not to put it too close to my veggies. This spot should do just fine, it can spread in the grassy area if it needs to.

I'm sure he's thinking "I'm the King of the Castle"
From the rain pails where we had collected about 4” of water since the last dumping I filled my watering can. Just enough to water the green onions (shallots) and swiss chard as well as the new plantings. I hope I gave them enough but I can always do it again tomorrow.
But he must know this guy really is King
(sorry it is so blurry, I'm lucky I caught him at all!)
On my hands and knees, I pulled grass from around the rhubarb patch, it is actually growing, albeit slowly. It might not be ready for this year but that is okay. I am still encouraged. I put the can and shovel away and came inside for some cheese. I’m never too hungry for lunch but a couple of chunks of good fat cheddar gives me the energy and protein I need.
Red Maple temporarily planted in a pot

Back outside, I was hot and felt I deserved a rest so I took my book and my camera out to relax for a bit. Of course, Clemson joined me. We walked to the end of the lane to get the mail before taking in some of that glorious sunshine. The wind was making it a challenge so I had to situate my chair and his ottoman just right so he didn’t end up in the pond.
I know you will all recognize this. In Canada, it is a dying art BUT I
highly recommend that you keep a few on hand. In your purse, your pocket, your car ashtray....
I got bit today by a sweat bee (that is what we call them) and it hurt like heck!
I came into the Suite, placed a penny on the sting for a minute and voila!
Seriously, I've done it many times, it works.
You're welcome, you WILL thank me.
We’re talking 35 mph winds, so I wasn’t surprised that I had to chase a few things around the property, including my hat! My book is so good, it is hard to put it down but when Clemson wanted to come inside, put it down I did. I went for one more walk down the lane and then got down on my hands and knees once more to pull grass out of my 3 phlox plants. Painstaking job but it is now done and that sun felt good on my back.
Poor guy must have hit our window
I have a sad story today. Once when I walked around the back of the Suite, I noticed this little fellow on the ground. He obviously met his demise after trying to fly into the back window. Maybe the hit didn’t kill him but maybe his little heart gave out from the shock. So, I put my gloves on and dug a hole up by my compost bin. Right and proper he was buried.

Laid to rest before I covered him and placed a stone marker over his grave
Donna and Gerry made a short stop over after spending the afternoon at The Acreage. They have some tidying up and preparations to get it ready for the long weekend. This will be the first weekend of the season that they spend on their property.
Strange when 2 vehicles stop at the front of your place and keep looking your direction
They came over at my request, actually. I’d been sitting outside relaxing when 2 vehicles pulled up out front of our field. They put on safety vests and had clipboards in their hands looking up the hill at where I was sitting. Um, excuse me? I was feeling a bit unnerved, wondering what they were doing.
Gerry and Donna to the rescue
After about 20 minutes of them watching me? And me watching them, Gerry pulled up in front of them and chatted with them. Turns out they weren’t watching me at all! They were monitoring the turbines in the area to get a handle on how the bird population could be affected. Well, there certainly isn’t any problem here, let me tell you! We are overrun with birds on The Ridge and I’m loving every minute of their flights.

Hard to see him but I'd been trying to catch this oriole all day

No shortage of birds here, yay!
By the time they left, it was time for Clemson’s supper and sure enough he was waiting at the door for me. I figured I’d soon hear from Bill so stayed inside and read the flyers that came today while starting my post. After he called just before 6 I got my supper out of the fridge to heat it up on the stove. Fried potatoes, corn and cut up sausage. Yum, I’m hungry!

That was a nice supper and I know Bill was having the same thing warmed up in his Vintage trailer’s microwave. I cleaned up dishes and Clemson and I took one last walk down the lane to the front field. No sign of the prehistoric creature I saw earlier crossing the lane from one pond to the other. Donna informed me, upon the description I gave her, that we have a snapper. Good thing we don’t swim in that pond.

Corabelles getting ready to bloom

Garden colours are so pretty

Chives ready to bloom

Black-eyed susan coming up nicely

Our rose bush that we brought from the London house

A bouquet of dandelions for Deb
Rhubarb still trying hard
And the shadow lady is pleased that her Phlox is weedless
I read outside for another half hour after our walk with Clemson on my lap. Such a beautiful night. I hope the wind dies down, I’ve been watching our car shelter swing back and forth all day. Not much relief in the temperature overnight, crazy that it is still 29C outside at 7:30.
Clemson battled  the winds today too and stayed out for most of the day with me
and the sun is bidding us farewell at 8:20 pm.

Goodnight folks, I hope you have had a great day. Thank you for reading today and any comments are welcome.


  1. This was an awesome day, here I am still outside at 9:20 pm readying your posting still in shorts and sandals , soon time to head inside, sure glade you enjoyed this wonderful weather as well. Take it while we can !

  2. Glad you got a full day of enjoyment out of the that warmth! Me too, but I came inside around 8 for good.

    1. It sure was wonderful weather to enjoy , I was actually outside until just after 9, really hard to go inside.

  3. Your garden looks awesome! I am trying to grow chives from seed so we'll see what happens. For some reason chive plants are hard to find around here. We're expecting 70 degrees today warming to 81 on Saturday. Looking forward to that!