Thursday, May 25, 2017

Cold, Cold, Go Away, The Rain May Stay for One More Day

Thursday, May 25th came just as expected. The rain started last evening after 8 pm. We’ve always said that the rain should come in the overnight hours, then no one would ever complain about it. Today was to be a washout for sure, but we were prepared this time so it isn’t as depressing. Expected. I can almost hear my garden growing.

(I didn't get any pictures taken today, so thought I would share some original photos of The Ridge before any work was done to it.)
The overgrown Ridge when my brother-in-law took possession
Gerry is standing in the lane that I walk regularly
 I woke up when I heard Bill rise to have his shower around 7 but just rolled over and stayed snuggled in the covers. When I heard him making his breakfast I got up and sat downstairs with him for a while. My routine now is to peek into the fridge making sure he has grabbed everything. He doesn’t need me to but I feel better than finding something after he’s left.

The corral
My sister, Donna, is the model here
I went back to bed and before he left, he crawled up and gave Clemson and I our goodbye kisses. I don’t know if I dropped off or just lay there with my mind active, but it was 9 when I finally got up. On a rainy day like this, and still feeling the cold lingering, no place to go, I felt fine just wearing my loungers. I have no one to impress today!

this is where we are parked
 I read blog posts and comments from yesterday with my tea at my side. The cough seems to be settling down better so I didn’t take that cough syrup but I did take another Tylenol Cold tablet. Some days my tea tastes so good and today was one of those days. I always take cream after squeezing and removing the bag plus a tablespoon of coconut oil. Yum.

Clemson checks it out too
Bill texted at 10:45 that he arrived safely. Okay, good. He has one job today at noon which will last the afternoon and two tomorrow. Phil promised to have him out of CanAm at 4 since it is the weekend. Cute, but we know he’ll get out as soon as he is able.
There was a lot of machinery and old junk around
Didn't deter Clemson, he liked the long grass
This is one of those days when I remained in my jammies, only changing from slippers to clogs when Clemson needed to go out. I’m beginning to think the little bum likes the rain, he had to go 4 times in 2 hours. Good thing it is a mild enough day and a gentle rain. I forgive him, it gave me some fresh air which I otherwise wouldn’t have got.
They had to have all of this old stuff removed

Truck camper, anyone?
This is up on the hill where my veggie garden is now
I read a lot of my book, I did a crossword puzzle, I swept the floors in the Suite, watched re-runs of NCIS and cleaned the bathroom. Other than that, I sneezed and blew my nose. A day’s worth of it but I feel better, even better than late yesterday. Getting there. For supper, I give credit to our friend Nancy.

I dug out her recipe for a chicken salad, one she served us when we visited her and Ken in a park in Las Vegas, Nevada. Boy, that seems like a long, long time ago and it was only December! Back to my meal. I opened a can of chicken breast pieces, blended it with Hellman’s mayo and added green pepper pieces.

the driveway after the guys chopped it down the first time
 With salt and pepper, I dolloped 2 large spoonfuls on a bed of lettuce with tomato chunks. The only thing I left out was the cooked macaroni she had blended in. It was great either way and I was quite satisfied.

Big improvement in the corral - first cutting
After eating and cleaning up dishes, I made myself a cup of mullein tea as I sit here and type. Family Feud is on with Steve Harvey, entertaining background noise. The rain seems to have stopped, actually about 2 hours ago. It has never budged from the 12C I woke up to but with no wind today, it feels unbelievably mild. Tomorrow will definitely be a better day, hope to get Clemson out for a walk or two.
Entrance to The Ridge
I hope your day has been a good one. The good news, Bill is not showing any more signs of getting this cold from me. Yay! 

I hope you enjoy seeing how this property looked when my sister and her husband bought it in 2014. Before anything was done to it, it was offered to us as our summer home. Not only did Donna and Gerry have a vision, I could see us up there as well.

Thank you for reading. Your comments are always appreciated if you wish to leave one.


  1. It was a wet rainy day here too. always something to keep us busy and we did as well. Glad you starting to feel better and Bill did not get what you had. Soon sunshine and warmer temps and all will be wonderful again.
    Change our plans a bit them we will carry on.

    1. We all should have had enough rain for a while! the sun will be nice when we see it before more rain returns. All is well, could be plenty worse.

  2. Feeling sorry for you and your cold down there in your trailer! Hope you're feeling better soon.

    1. Thanks F.G. I'm doing fine, better not to have Bill around when I'm sniffling and sneezing. it is very cozy here in our Suite. :)

  3. Wow..the Ridge looks so different now! Had to have been tons of work to get it cleared out, but it sure is gorgeous now! That's what happens when you have a vision! Just lovely. At least the rain is certainly keeping things green. Hoping for better weather there for you!

    1. It was a lot of work and usually I can't see how things will look in advance but this time I could! They did a lot themselves, a few other family and us helped and a lot was hired out, like removing the equipment and dumping gravel etc. Things are sure green, waiting now for the sun. :)