Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother’s Day! Company at The Ridge

Sunday, May 14th is going to be a special day because it is the one day for Moms everywhere to call their own. If you have borne a child, this is your day. It is a mixture of sun and clouds this morning and a starting temp at 6C/42.8F with a slight breeze. Enjoy your celebrations!

My walk along the country road 
I was up around 7 and the Suite had cooled down to about 12C overnight without the Blue Flame heater on. It wasn’t long and it was warm inside. After a tea, a nibble and post reading, Clemson and I took our walk down the road. As we get to the end of the lane, we see Bill as he starts to work on the fence out front.

This is a job that Gerry has wanted to get at since he bought the property, so the two of them decided to get at it this morning while Donna and I visit Mom. Of course, my eager beaver doesn’t like to waste a morning so he started around 9 tearing down the old cedar rails.
Happy Mother's Day, Mom
I left around 10:40 to go to Rockwood Terrace. Mom was sitting reading her book when I walked in. Always surprised with visits, she had forgotten it was Mother’s Day. Gerry dropped Donna off about 5 minutes later on his way to The Ridge and Wendy arrived with Morgan about 5 minutes after that. We moved down the hall to a common room where we could all sit down.
She got a kick out of her hat
The hour went quickly and I got a couple of pictures of us all in our Sunflower hats. Sunflower was Daddy’s handle when he had his cb radio so it is a very special flower and name for all of us. I have a wee 2” tattoo of a sunflower as well. We all said our goodbyes to Mom as we left her at her lunch table. Waving until we had all exited, she would be distracted enough not to miss us.
The fence re-built
When Donna and I got back the boys had completed the front and driveway length of about 120’ of fence. All torn out (just the cross rails) and replaced and wired. Great job! There are cedar fences all around the property but only the back section needs any real attention. Bill will likely attack that when he is bored one day.

The clouds moved in before I left for Mom’s and continued to build up and darken for the rest of the day. At 1:30 the sky opened up and we got some hail but mostly heavy rain drops with strong 25 mph northerly winds. I put the chairs under the nose of the Suite and brought our name sign inside. What an odd day, it has gone from 13C to 7C and then back up to 9C. We have had better Mother’s Day weather, that is for sure.
Suzie and Clemson

And the Yates visit us on The Ridge
George isn't actually sleeping, I just caught him in a blink

Too many doggie kisses
Around 2:15 our expected visitors arrived. George and Suzie from Our Awesome Travels were in Durham at a visitation and stopped in to see The Ridge. It was great to see them after saying goodbye to them in March. We showed them around the property and then came inside for a cup of tea and some homemade fudge.

We had a great time catching up before they needed to get on the road for Arkona at 4:00. They had a 2 ½ hour drive ahead of them. Hopefully another time we can sit outside and have a real regular-type Happy Hour. Drive safe, guys!

Company comes and company goes
Around 6 I pulled down my rice cooker and started dinner. I didn’t have shake and bake for pork but used a chicken coating before frying our chops on the stove. Even though the temperature rose to 10C and the sun came out, we weren’t up for cooking outside. The chops were good, hey, I’m getting used to pork chops!

After dishes, I bundled up against the wind and I walked to the end of the lane way one last time. I try not to let the cool weather determine my walk schedule. When I returned we watched the last half of the movie Overboard just because there was nothing else on and it is a fun one to watch. Basically, putting in time until Madame Secretary comes on at 9.

This has been a good day. Seeing Mom, fixing the fence, entertaining company and finishing it up with a good meal and some quality time together. I hope yours has been as good.

Thank you for reading  today, I enjoy reading your comments if you care to leave one.


  1. Glad you had an Enjoyable Mothers Day with family and friends. Happy Mothers Day!
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.

  2. Hi, sounds like you had a lovely Mother's Day. I love your mom's smile. Always nice to have friends stop by. I have been out of touch and catching up. You and Bill have been busy. It really is a beautiful place you have and the pond is wonderful. Didn't realize it was big enough to paddle in. Tom would love his own pond he enjoys getting out in his one man canoe or kayak and with a place to paddle out his door I am not sure what else would get
    Sorry to read about Gabby's nest it would have been fun to see pictures of little ones.
    You really do look different with red hair and I am envious I tried for red more then once my hair would not hold the color...:(
    Had to chuckle about the dandelions. Tom, by the way, is in your corner. My granddaughter is with me and thinks they are beautiful. Yesterday we watched a bumblebee by several.
    You and Bill have beautiful daughters. Yours was a cutey at 4.
    Sounds like you had a wonderful turnout for the Alzheimer's walk. It is such an insidious disease; taking the one you love slowly away. Tom's mom, like yours, was diagnosed with dementia and was in an home. Not an easy thing to deal with hopefully some day no one will watch it happen to a loved one.

    1. What beautiful comments, thank you. I know you are catching up and that isn't easy with someone who writes every day. I love Mom's smile too, that and her joy in seeing us "I haven't seen you in such a long time!" (even though mere days) is delightful too. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day, Deb.

  3. Patsy,
    When you find a morel in your garden that should be a sign to go for a hike and look for some. Morels are some of the bet mushrooms and the safest group to eat out of.
    And another thing I meant to mention is a PFD. That's a personal flotation device for kayaking. Wear one and if you fall in you will bob like a cork. If you don't have one and wear it find one stylish enough so you will wear it, I do and you will be much safer in the water. Best to go in the water with it and see how it works to keep you afloat. I'd be wearing that pond out. :O)

    1. Hi Bob, thank you. I'm not sure where to look up here for morels, people are more into placating No Trespassing signs so we don't wander on their property. Once I find a spot that has them, I won't be giving up! :)
      I do have a pfd, no it isn't stylish but that is okay. You are absolutely right, I should be wearing it especially in the deep side of our pond. And if this pond wasn't so grassy (after July you can't get into it at all) :( we would be in it a lot too! Thanks for your comments.

  4. It was a great visit and love the Ridge,glad that you enjoy it there, It sure was great too see you guys again and do some catch ups.

    1. We were thrilled that you were able to stop in yesterday for a catch up visit. It was so great seeing you again. Sorry you were blinking when I snapped. come again!

    2. We will be back again for sure, It usually is Suzie that blinks when a picture is taken though.

  5. Love the fence and the garden area! Beautiful place you have there!

    1. We love the natural cedar rails too. Thank you, the peace and quiet is wonderful!