Sunday, May 21, 2017

Wet Day, Flowers

When we woke on Sunday, May 21 it was once more to the sound of wind gusts whipping around the Suite. Since this is our first full spring here on The Ridge, we are beginning to think this is probably normal for May. As nice as it is for certain reasons, to keep a humid day cooler and to keep bugs away, we are tiring of its constant force.
This chubby robin is enjoying the rain, it brings out his breakfast, lunch and dinner
I was up at 7:30 and Bill rose an hour later. He is a night owl so stays up at least an hour past my bedtime. The rain hadn’t started until just after Bill got up but it isn’t a really cold day, 10C, which is good. Bill’s first question “Is the shelter still standing?” Not surprisingly, it had shimmied off the wood pads again.
Pretty little tree
I was thinking yesterday that on this rainy Sunday I would go visit Mom. All good intentions, but I have had a dry cough for a day or two that doesn’t seem like much but through the night I was awake a lot clearing a phlegmy throat. Since they had another bout of gastrointestinal infection just this past week and quarantined the place for a couple of days, I will not be going in after all. Mom does not need me giving her a bug.

Down around the corner from us, these seed trucks are waiting for action
We are plugged in, obviously, so it seems like a good day to try out some recipes and I have a bit of sewing to do. Other than that, I might take in a movie and get some more reading done. It doesn’t look it will rain all day either so might even get a walk in.

I'm going to make tea for my gnarly throat and cough
I dried some mullein leaves last fall after my ‘health-nut’ sister (and I say that lovingly) recommended it for tea when we feel a cold coming on. The leaves didn’t dry as well as they should have, but I might try it today anyway. We try the ‘natural’ cure for things as much as we can.

 Around 10 Bill drove over once more to The Acreage to help finish flushing their hot water tank. It involved a vinegar solution that needed to ‘cook’ for 24 hours before flushing it out. It shouldn’t take long. 

Rainy Sunday
While he was gone, I took the steak that we didn’t eat last night and coated them in flour, salt and pepper. I quick-fried them in oil for 6 – 8 minutes until brown on both sides. In the bottom of my 3 qt. crock pot I cut up a large onion, placed the steak on top and added a large cut up potato and 2 carrots. I added seasoning, some vegetable broth and turned it on low for 6 hours.

Bill returned within a half hour and we had a nice bacon and egg brunch before I went into Durham. I knew I could find some flowers for my pots and I wasn't let down. Even in the rain, I found  what I wanted. The gal in the tent said only a true gardener shops in the rain.
I like this Foodland nursery and the two staff are very helpful

Checking it for doneness at 5:00 I realized the carrots were still hard even though most of the potato was cooked. I cranked it up to high for another hour. Carrots take forever and since they aren’t Bill’s favourite veggie anyway, I just nuked them for a few minutes to soften them up. We were hungry and ready to eat.

My purchases today, lots of buds on the geranium

I know it is a little unorthodox to cook steak in a crock pot, but this was our ‘cheap’ steak from Albertson’s in Yuma and it isn’t T-bone quality anyway. We couldn’t bbq in the rain and it turned out quite nice in a one dish meal.
Bill got the big field cut yesterday

I was suffering a bit not only from the throat and coughing but also my right shoulder and bicep were giving me some grief. I knew I’d overdone it yesterday but too late now. Everything strikes at once as I also realized that I got a doozy of a black fly bite last night. Man, it is driving me nuts!  I took a Benadryl and put some Aloe Vera gel on it.
Slow roasted steak, potatoes and carrots
Needless to say, my afternoon involved this gal laying around, on the couch with my book. It was actually cozy inside and the mystery novel kept my mind mostly off my troubles. After dinner, Clemson and I took a walk down the lane. It was spitting very lightly but it felt warm still at 15C and the wind had died down some.
A 25 litre bag of potting soil will be helpful
When we came back, you guessed it, Clemson settled on Bill’s lap and I settled down to finish my book, or at least come close. I’m hoping I can get out and plant my geraniums tomorrow. I don’t think it will be a wash out like today was.

The rain changes the look of our Restroom
I hope you had some relief from the rain today and were able to make the best of it. I had bigger plans for today but the sewing machine remained in the hall closet and the recipe book didn’t out of the cupboard. Some days are like that. Jello.
Clemson hikes to catch up with me
Thank you for reading. All comments are welcome.


  1. We had rain on and off today but then a beautiful evening, no wind and of course no bugs here, Actually spent most of the day outside. Such a difference in weather and we are not that far apart. Hope it Gets better soon for you.

    1. What different weather for sure. I mean, ours wasn't downpours at all, nor was it steady but it wasn't a work outside day unless it was something to do for an hour at a time. The 4 hours between us makes a big difference. It was a nice evening and at least it was very mild.

  2. No, it's not normally as windy as it was for 2 or 3 days there. Nor is it this cool this late in May! The leaves aren't even fully out yet!

    1. You are in the same area as us, 45 miles apart. I'm glad to hear this is an abnormal year for the wind and cool. Just too bad it is for our first year up here. Kind of like our winter south, everyone said cooler than it has been for a long time. LOL

  3. Yes the rain was a bit of a 'downer' for the long weekend but at least we weren't camping in a tent! The temperature was comfortable and I did get some yard work done after 4:00 when the rain had stopped. Love the look of your geraniums, I will have to pick some up today.

    1. Too bad you couldn't stay at the Acreage but you must have everything done out there now. The geraniums were gorgeous with lots of buds. Nice choice too.

  4. Hope you're soon feeling better! Love geraniums, my mom used to have beautiful ones that kept reproducing..good choice!

    1. Thank you. Mom also had lots of large geraniums in our sun room window when I was young. They seem to me to be the easiest to look after for such a beautiful reward. And I love that they can come indoors too.