Monday, May 8, 2017


When we got up on Monday, May 8th, I was anxious to open the blinds. The sun was trying so desperately to break through into the Suite. Don’t let me stop you! I thought, Bring it on! For about an hour, our Canada flag hung in a laboring snooze, that was unusual. 
Our flag gets a well deserved rest this morning
We’ve had days where it has been tested, whipped, thrashed and soaked to the core from every direction.
This was last nights beautiful sunset
AFTER I posted my blog
With our coffees and morning reads out of the way, I got the clothes sorted, the detergent and softener out and the coin counted. By 9 I was headed into Durham, it is the time for laundry. The wind has picked up which I must admit, I needed to dry the clothes when I returned.
Lots of laundry
While I was gone, Bill drove to The Acreage (my sister’s other property) and filled up our water bladder. Just a hop, skip and jump down a couple of country roads. By the time I returned, he was emptying the bladder into our fresh water tank through the filter PLUS he had started digging a trench behind the Restroom (outhouse).

The water being transferred to our tank from the bladder
Bill carried the basket of clothes up the hill to my clothesline for me and I set to work hanging. It is a battle against the wind as the tree spins around, but I take it all in stride as I love to be outside in the sun. My arms need the exercise too! The wind and air was so cold that I actually had my wind/rain pants on, 2 long sleeve tops, a hoodie, a wind breaker, my ball cap and some white gloves.
Shouldn't take too long under those blue sunny skies
When I’d finished I noticed Bill on his hands and knees creating a drainage pipe system to dump our blue boy into the outhouse hole. Sometimes I just beam with pride at the ideas he comes up with. After a few challenging yet successful attempts at dumping our b.b. he knew there had to be a better way. He found it.
The trench dug

Laying the pipe in the trench

The pipe in place

The 4” pipe is placed into the trench, on a downward slope. He attached another pipe with an elbow at the end to go under the structure into the hole. Lastly, he attached an elbow that would leave the opening of the pipe facing up with a cap like what any rv park site would offer. This isn’t the order he did things in, but you get the picture.
A view from the back

Covering the trench again, my favourite view
Oops! sorry, I was looking at my sweetie.
With the trench and pipe covered over with the dirt and rocks, he replaced the sod and sprinkled some grass seed over the area. Geesh! He is so humble while I am dancing around clicking my heels! Brilliant!
And all closed up and my iris' hardly disturbed
I had come inside the Suite to warm up and pour myself a coffee, since I’d missed my second one by rushing out to do laundry. While inside, I realized that it was 12:30 and I’d missed breakfast and it was time to eat. I offered Bill a grilled cheese sandwich and once I had fried that up for him, I made myself an egg with some cheese on the side. Just enough.
Bill pushing off into the pond
Back outside we went and I put on my rubber boots. Next, we carried a kayak down to the front field. I made sure I had my camera and Bill had his point and shoot Canon in his pocket. He was going into the pond on the west side of our lane to explore the area of Gabby’s nest. I gave him a bit of a push and out into the reeds he paddled.
Taking a picture of Gabby's nest

Having some fun
The wind was so strong and cold but I was still envious that he was out there and not me! My turn will come, it just needs to warm up a bit. If one of us tipped or got a soaker, it would be a really, really, cold lesson. Bill took pictures of her empty nest, empty with the exception of her downy feathers and part of a broken shell.
We're not sure what happened, a predator? The water doesn't seem to have touched it.
We were lucky, both Gabe and Gabby, as well as the two neighborhood geese-brats, were nowhere to be seen. All morning they were all honking at each other as they tried to dominate the pond. As peacefully as we arrived, we pulled the kayak out and carried it back up the lane.
Hey, that is me on shore! I was his rescue scout.
By now, it was time to put things away and come inside. Snooze time for some and reading time for others. My clothes are drying nicely and can be brought in soon. It is hard to stay inside but it isn’t warm enough to hang around out there for long. It is 6C/42.8F so certainly not sitting out weather.
If you remember what my flooded picture looked like yesterday......
the wind and sun have done an amazing job of drying it up
The laundry is done and put away, Clemson has had his dinner and we have time for a little sit down before dinner. Bill turned on the Weber Q, it has been idle for a few days. It will be pork chops tonight, my favourite. Ha ha, you know me better than that, I’m sure.
The Maple Leaf withstanding the elements
With a nice salad on the side this was a good meal. I have missed the bbq flavor of meat but until we make up a wind barrier or the wind dies down, it will be hit and miss for outdoor cooking.

It was odd today when Bill and I were out near the road to see a postal truck go by. It isn’t usual for the mail to be delivered this way, we instead see a personal vehicle with the portable sign above the door. Didn’t much matter, we didn’t have any mail today anyway.
So, that was our busy day and we loved every minute. Especially the getting outside part. I hope your day was as enjoyable.
Trimmed our peonny bush today

Strange fungus growing in the garden
(wish it was morels but I know it isn't)

Thank you for reading. I love to hear from you!


  1. Have to agree that even with the sun out the wind did have a chill to it.
    Now Bill won't be getting into ______ anymore. LOL!
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. I think we're heading in the right direction. you think? ha ha

  2. Wow, what a busy day. Sounds like it was fantastic though, except for the old north wind. Like you I prefer to hang my clothes on the line but I'm a fair weather hanger, I won't do it if it's cold at all. Doesn't matter how hot it is, but cold will send me wimping inside. ~laugh~ Great idea Bill had for the dump situation. I have to ask though, what's the chain for around the post under the johnny?

    1. Great day for sure. The chain on the outhouse is because it is originally a 4' x 6' shed and when the mennonites build them they add a chain to the bottom to drag them around or move them to a certain position. These sheds are built at the company location and carried on a flatbed trailer.

  3. It was a wonderful sunny day , no complaints here that's for sure.

    1. Same here, George and another one on the horizon of this day.

  4. So sad about Gabs and Gabby's egg 😞

  5. Have you considered a mascerator with a plastic tube to take the waste to the new dump?

    1. Yes, we did consider it this winter in discussion with some other rv'ers. For us, when we can go for 2 full weeks without dumping, the cost isn't worth it. We have our blue boy and now with this new system here at home, we are good to go. Thanks for the suggestion though!