Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Quiet Day, Sunshine Remedy

Well, when I woke up on Wednesday, May 24th I knew that I had had a much better night’s sleep. Only waking to cough briefly one time, but stupidly waking enough to remind myself to stay on my side so I didn’t start hacking. Seemed to irritate the tickle if I was on my back.

Finally, it feels like something is breaking with this cold, lots of morning coughing and phlegm, sorry just telling it like it is. Anyway, after a dose of cough syrup and a Tylenol Cold tablet within 10 minutes I felt much better. As it was, I stayed in bed until 8 o’clock.
this is the part of the day I took advantage of
The sky was funny this morning, I didn’t know what to expect. The sun was there, clouds were there and some wind so another mixed bag of a day. The nice thing to see was the 14C/57F first thing and it felt nice to walk out with Clemmy.
Clemson displays my thoughts about the sun's warmth today
The rest of the day found me mostly lazing about. I had no energy and felt like doing nothing for the most part. I did manage to take a walk to the end of the lane with Clemson once and then came back and sat in the sun in my lounge chair. It wasn’t a full sun day at all but let me tell you, I soaked up as much of it as I could. It felt so good, the best remedy for what ails me.
I felt a little guilty sitting while Bill worked in the background
Bill worked around on a couple of different projects, and finished the whipper snipping around the fence lines and the corral. I felt bad that I didn’t get my mower out to finish where I left off on Monday but that grass can wait until Friday morning. It is only going to grow again anyway! LOL

From sun to shade, repeat
At one point, I crawled up onto the bed where Clemson joined me and we had a nice hour long siesta. It didn’t give me any more energy though, I still just dragged myself from one place to another with intruding coughing fits every so often. I feel an end is near though, not to me, to my cold.

I called The Bookstore in Durham and asked Nella to remove my name from the Save Rockwood bus trip tomorrow at 7:30. I don’t put a lot of faith in my morning rising being a good one nor do I want to spread the bug. Bill leaves in the morning for London so after a kiss goodbye, I will just go back to bed.
Pretty sky

For supper, we bbq’d burgers, loaded with bacon, tomato, onion and the fixings. Too lazy to even make a salad, I just had mine in a bun as well. It was good for a change. Bill cleaned up dishes and made his sandwiches for his two lunches at CanAm. We try to send enough for him to eat and drink and keep him entertained. I think he’ll have to dig out a new book to start.
The farmer is now planting and fertilizing in the field behind us
I hope you enjoyed this nice day. If I’d felt better I would have gotten 100% out of it but I’m still happy with my take on it. It was nice to see the temperature rise to 22C/71F today.
And then it is time to go inside
I wanted to thank you all for sticking with me in my blog writings and your words of support. If kind words through social media did what they are meant to do, I would be healthy, free of this cold and wrapped in a warm hug. Thank you.

I love reading your comments if you wish to leave one.


  1. That warm air and sunshine today should make you feel better, it sure was wonderful here. Next few days gonna be cooler but no matter, it is all good and no snow! Soon be hot and sunny.

    1. It is amazing what that sun can do, I felt mau - vel - lous (Billy Crystal) sitting in it. It's all good, you're right, lots of reading to do!

  2. Sorry to read you are still not feeling 100%. I know how tiring a cough can be it just takes everything out of you. Back to bed in the morning sounds like a good plan. I envy that you had sun and 71 degrees...we had clouds and 55 degrees. Oh well everything is green here.

    1. thank you Deb for your concern. I hate to think a cold, something so common and simple, can get me down. But I'd rather this than the flu so something to be thankful for! Bill left at 8 and Clemson and I went back to bed for another hour. Mostly just resting but outside the gentle rain is watering my garden so no rush to get moving. The warmth and sun was brief, soon we will all have sun and heat. Thanks for the hugs!

  3. Some days you just have to listen to your body and take it easy. Hoping you're on the uphill swing of this thing. Love your pictures and your always positive outlook..:)

  4. Absolutely! A rainy day is another great way to get lazy too. What else to do but work on getting better. 😉