Monday, May 29, 2017

All About Clemson, All About Me, Long Winded Again

Monday, May 29th has arrived and Bill has left. I heard the alarm……. early………but that was it until I heard Bill downstairs around 6. From my perch in bed, I could see he was already dressed and had heard him making trips to the car with his bag and cooler. Clemson was down on the couch with him so I knew he’d been out for his piddle.
There is the little bed potato, getting up on his own sweet time
The sky is overcast and windows appear spotted so it must have rained overnight. Me, with my ear plugs, I don’t hear a thing but Bill said it was a good rain with some thunder. I got up for my own nature’s call and gave my man his goodbye kiss and hug and went back to bed at 6:15 when he pulled out the lane. I wasn’t missing much this morning, it was quite foggy down at the road too.
I enjoy watching this little bug go by daily

I'm thinking our teen neighbour owns it and drives
very slowly on the gravel road to keep it pristine
First car?

Clemson joined me, snuggled up on the window side of the bed next to my tummy. I got up at 7:15 but the little bum must have been sound asleep as he never budged. I loaded the garbage bag and 2 recycle bins onto the back of the truck and drove them to the road, came back and made my tea before reading blog posts. Many people read the news, I prefer to keep in touch with my blogger friends. It is all good, nothing depressing and nothing too sad usually.

From a full gray sky, this was 90% of my day
By 9:30 I hopped into the shower and made myself a coffee. Bill called around 8 from St. Mary’s and said the sun was making an appearance and within minutes, it was here too, in and out of the low clouds. The day won’t be a wash-out, good!

Clemson has an appointment at his new vet in Durham this morning at 11. He needs his heart worm and tic meds and a needle today too. Sssh. Distemper and possibly his rabies. He is due before we leave in the fall.
The Veterinary Clinic was hopping today, 3 cat visits and 6 dogs all in the 45 minutes I was there
I did okay, didn't I Mom?

The winds today are relatively calm again and that is lovely. Right now, I think Clemson and I need to go and retrieve our recycle bins since the truck has gone by already. Out my window I see the first blue jay of the season up here. They are so pretty, I remember how they fought over my feeder last year.
Our little red maple from The Yates' is doing really well!
I bought a Niger seed bell yesterday hoping to keep the finches around but need to pick up more regular bird seed for the chicadees and wrens. I’ve been thinking about how to create a shelf like Al from The Bayfield Bunch has but need to get creative against the usual winds up here. The seeds kept blowing off my first attempt and then it collected rain water. Hmmm, still thinking.

So, by 12:15 we were back home. Clemson has been poked and probed, oohed and aahed over (as were many other cutie pie pups) his private parts invaded and jabbed with 2 needles. None the worse for wear, he was a good boy and will now be healthy for the next year with his rabies shot and heartworm medication.
A nice neat garbage/recycle person
Stacked our bins instead of just throwing them like London did
The rest of the day is mine. I planted my little Lady’s Mantle closer to the Suite at the base of one of our little trees, beside my Sunflower decoration. I sure didn’t need it in the flower garden! Too funny, but at least I know I should recognize it in the future.
I'll get a picture of her new home tomorrow
These water drops are still from the overnight rain when everything else is dried up
I spoke briefly to Bill before leaving the clinic to find out that he did the orientation on a Mobile Suite this morning. These people had owned one previously so it didn’t take him long walking them through this one. This afternoon, he has been asked to deliver 
another rv to Goderich for CanAm. 
A zoomed in look up at our home
I had a quick bite to eat. The vet gave me a sample of a Dental Care Chew because of the tartar on Clemson's teeth. We’ve known that it is getting worse but he will not let us get a finger in there let alone a doggie toothbrush! Dr. Kent Charlton said these work for his sheltie where others didn’t. 
He seems to be enjoying it

We’ve also bought those Denta Stix but our fussy little scamp doesn’t have the patience to sit and chew on it long enough to get any goodness out of it. Once he did get into one, he ate the whole thing and proceeded to be sick later in that day. I gave this sample to Clemson and held it for him, long enough that he could nibble into it. Then I left it with him. Check out what he has left in this picture.
Saved enough for another day

I plan to do nothing for the rest of the afternoon with the exception of reading my book and maybe a walk or two. I changed into sun-tanning clothes and perched myself in my lounge chair on the patio mat. There were just enough clouds and just enough wind gusts to cool the air when I started feeling that I was over-heating. But let me tell you, it felt awesome!

Thanks to the winter we just had in the southwest, I have a nice colour base and don’t have to worry as much about sun burn. So far, when I think about it, From November until now, I’ve only been deprived of sunshine for a couple of months. Nice! I like this lifestyle!
Snuck up on these guys
So, after sitting for a while, I tried coaxing Clemson into coming out for a walk down to get the mail with me. For some reason, he was acting very timid about going down the steps of the Suite. Every once in a while, he does this. He gets stubborn as do I and I refuse to baby him by carrying him down as well as up. I put the leash on him and he prances down with ease.

At the midpoint of the lane way, Mr. Snapper slipped down into the water before I could snap his picture. On the other side in the west pond, the log was inhabited by about 6 painted turtles. I had my zoom lens in preparation and stopped well before they heard me. Through the brush you might be able to see three of them as they sit there unawares.
ding dong, Avon calliing

All things on sale from Avon
Avon had sent my small order in a pouch package this time so the postal service delivered it instead of UPS. I wasn’t expecting it until tomorrow so that is great. I don’t buy often, just enough to keep my status active as a representative. Today I ordered my Far Away body cream, a mascara and another collapsible dish for Clemson. This one will stay in the Corolla.
The sky starting to change
I stayed outside until about 4:30 when the skies started to look weird. I didn’t realize we were supposed to get a storm, guess I forgot to check this morning. Inside, I fed the little Master and pulled out stuff for my salad. Then I checked the weather network and discovered a warning for severe thunderstorms with hail and strong 90 km winds for the better part of the evening in Durham. Yeuch.
The darkening sky and the darkening pond
It was up to 22C outside and the Suite was registering 26C so I opened more windows and turned on the Fantastic Fan in the kitchen area. By the time I got changed and wrote a bit the temperature dropped and the sky turned dark quickly. I closed windows as the temperature dropped and the rain started. The Fantastic Fan took care of itself.

I’ve never seen such a strange sky, within minutes the blue was returning from the west at the same time as the rain was coming straight down. A really nice rain, to tell the truth. I knew this meant a rainbow in the dark sky to the east so ran outside up on the hill to capture it. Beautiful! It lasted longer than any I’ve seen in a long time. It was worth getting wet over!
Beautiful full rainbow in a dark sky
The white turbines and green foliage makes a striking contrast
As the rainbow finally disappears so does the warning for this area. Just like that, they’ve changed tonight’s forecast. Good, I can relax now. All is well and I realize I’m hungry. I’m falling back on the same chicken salad for supper that I had last week. It is a healthy choice, easy to prepare and very filling.

Nice steady rain is hard to see in the picture
I was waiting to hear back from Bill, knowing that he is usually done work around 6 at the latest. Trying not to be concerned, as I’m watching CTV news report on accidents around the area, he finally called. Just a quick call that he is still in Goderich trying to get the delivered trailer into the spot and set up. I can breathe easier about that worry too.

And during the downpour, the sun...........

Winds stopped completely for about 10 minutes
 I’ve written enough here today so will sign off before the sun sets. I can pretty much guess that you have all had a good day, if you had the weather I had. As one blogger friend said in a comment <I’m going to stop worry about the rain and the cool and instead enjoy the greenery>. I know that isn’t a direct quote but that is her way of dealing with crazy weather. I love that!
And by the time I finish this at 7:30, the clouds are white, fluffy and clearing out

Thank you for reading today. Your comments are welcome and appreciated.


  1. A natural way to clean Clem's teeth ... let him chew on raw marrow bones. They're about 1 1/2 inches in diameter. Best to feed them outdoors as the marrow is very greasy. It will keep him occupied for hours. Toss out at the end of the day.

    1. Really? So you mean from a roast or ham? Or can you buy them somewhere? We don't give him any bones so afraid that he'll not chew it and choke on them. Can you tell he is our first dog? LOL Thank you.

    2. They are beef. People eat roasted marrow bones, but dogs should only eat them raw, as cooked bones can splinter and cause damage.
      Sounds gross but dogs suck out the marrow first, then gnaw on the bone for hours. An organic butcher would be the best option,and you could ask him/her to cut them small since Clem is small. My dogs were rotts and shepherds so big bones were fine. You can sometimes find them frozen in the supermarket, marked as soup bones. Google marrow bones to see what they look like, altho the first photos will be fake treats shaped like marrow bones.

    3. Warning can cause the runs at first because the marrow is very rich. Start off slowly. Dont put him out in the yard for an entire afternnon!

    4. thank you for the information, I'll have to look for some. I'd love for something to help his teeth. :) I really appreciate your comments!

    5. I just remembered this blog, where a tiny dog was given marrow bones for tarter control. And a photo.
      I've fostered many dogs but usually over 60lbs, so i'm happy to find this small dog experience to share with you.

    6. Thank you, I follow and have met Barb from this post but missed this one. This is great!

  2. Nice to see that all is good there and the warm sunshine is back again. Glad to see the rad maple is doing well., Soon we will be having more amazing weather.

  3. Hi Patsy- Buy 3 large beefsteak Tomatoes and boil your kettle place tomatoes in a very large bowl and cover with the boiled water and wait for a few seconds. Remove the tomatoes from the bowl and peel off the skin and stem area. Mean while in a large fry pan add 3 level tablespoons of olive oil to 3 slices of bacon chopped very,, very fine and cut up your tomatoes and add to it let it cook until it is well rendered down and small bits of bacon are cooked as well. Add black pepper. Slice thin pieces of cheddar cheese to add to it and stir constantly to avoid sticking until the cheese is melted. How much cheese until the entire surface area of the fry pan is covered with it. When mixed in and melted it is time to serve
    Serve with toast or toasted buns or rolls with butter. Nice filling lunch and healthy too. Enjoy! Let me know if you like it? All the best Kathy from It's about time !

  4. A little addition to making the soup. Be certain to soak the frying pan, bowls and spoons immediately after or they will be extremely difficult to clean.
    Hope you Enjoy it as much as we do.

    It's about time.

    1. thank you very much, Kathy! I've copied your instructions and will try this, perhaps with my very own home grown beef steak tomatoes. :)