Saturday, May 6, 2017

Two Days of Rain and Yet We Can Still be Grateful

Friday and Saturday, May 5th and 6th. We woke up yesterday to the same pitter patter on the roof as we had for most of the previous day. This is getting to be pretty pathetic, I need a boost of sunshine or at least a little more warmth to get outdoors. I don’t like getting wet or damp.

We were up drinking our morning cuppa by 8 yesterday and then Bill took a drive to Owen Sound. He had some errands to run and didn’t need me. Clemson will be happy because Bill picked up some pet food at their Pet Smart. He won’t miss a meal now for a while! I stayed home and puttered around on the laptop.
Is it still raining?
Before I forget, I want to mention that we had a wonderful surprise after dinner on our anniversary. We’d just gotten home and settled in our chairs when Bill’s phone rang. On the other end of the phone were our wonderful friends, Colin and Charmaine, from Langley, B.C. It is such a delight to hear their voices, we have a friendship like no other. They are the reason we wanted so desperately to go home from Arizona by means of Vancouver.

My oh my, what else can you say about someone who never ever forgets to call on our special days. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas, they never let us down. We only hope that they feel our bond back out to them in kind. So very great to hear from you two! Colin, congrats on the new more relaxed position. We couldn’t be happier for both of you.
When can we go outside and play again?
I am typing up my scribblings from our Winter Trip onto a Word document. This takes time and I need my wits about me to decipher some of my self-made abbreviations.  Good conversations come from reminiscing about our journey, especially on a wet, cool rainy day. I enjoy this project and as you know, I love typing.

Friday was otherwise uneventful, I hardly moved other than a sitting position. I read a lot more of my book and if I’d felt so inclined could have curled up with a blanket and finished it. I tried to flip flop from one thing to another, book, laptop, television. The day ended with a chicken breast dinner with potatoes and corn on the side. A nice easy meal.

While watching some television Bill and I indulged in some Chapman’s Vanilla Chunk ice cream. Wow, is it every creamy! I like to add pecan pieces to mine for some extra crunch and protein. By 10, the laziness of the day had me going to bed. You’d think I had worked hard today!
Lots of water laying around 
Saturday morning when we rose, there was that same ‘relentless’ (George’s word) sound on the roof. Hmm, I think we’ll be getting out today regardless. I won’t be walking in the rain but a trip into Durham to get propane is in order. Maybe we can pop in on friends, if they are home.

You know, putting into perspective what this rain is doing to us, spiritually, makes me a bit embarrassed. Our thoughts are with my sister living in Terrasse-Vaudreuil, Quebec. She is dealing with flooding right now. So far, her home is not flooded but the driveway is and backyards are filling up. It is still raining. We have nothing to complain about.
Heading into town
After tea and coffee this morning, I did some more lap-topping and then settled in
 to read more of my book. We get a kick out of how our little baby can cuddle himself into a ball in the corner of the sofa to stay warm. No one sleeps as much as Clemson does. Bill covered him up with the blanket, from which he usually crawls out, but he didn’t move. Today’s motto is “Baby me”, apparently.

By noon hour and a bit of breakfast in our bellies, Bill and I cleaned up to go into Durham. The winds are very strong today so I layered a bit before we went out in the rain. Once the propane tank was taken care of at FS we drove around to Rob and Pat’s for a quick visit.
A cold day for propane top up, kind of ironic
Both vehicles were in the driveway which meant our timing worked out. Rob invited us in and Pat made us a nice cup of tea. An early happy hour, indoors out of the rain with great friends. We were fortunate enough to meet their daughter and fiancé, Sandra and Bill before we headed home to Clemson. On a warmer day, we will visit again with our pooch.
We hope the rain stops, this is our neighbour's driveway which has been known
to flood over
Of course, the rain never let up. After we arrived home, we nibbled on some cheese and crackers. Somehow our timing was off and we missed lunch. This would tide us over until supper. When Bill turned the tv on I took my book up into the bedroom. I was so close to finishing I wanted no distractions and finish it I did! Another awesome Lisa Gardner book.
Our little boy snuggled up in his bed
For supper, chili is on the stove and what better for a cold, damp, windy day? I hope your weekend has started off well. We’re mostly all in the same ‘boat’ here, ha ha, but if we are dry, let’s remember those who are dealing with flooded basements etc.
Homemade chili and biscuits
Perfect cold day meal

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  1. Glad you got to see Rob and Pat and meet Sandra and Bill , such super people they are.
    Nice that the rain has let up and glad the basements in our Rv's are not flooding we sure would be in trouble.

    1. Yes it was a great visit as usual. It is wonderful to have no rain this morning! Yes, I agree about the rv basements. :)

  2. I hope your weather clears up soon! Kelowna is under a State of Emergency for flooding and the campground had a fair amount of damage but at least the sun has come out! Fingers crossed you get sunny weather soon.

    1. thank you. The rain has stopped and that is a blessing in itself. I know my sister in Quebec is not so lucky. They are fighting flooding on their street and properties. :( The sun this morning didn't last long but we are grateful at least to step outside without getting soaked.

  3. Your mom sure has a beautiful smile! I know it's hard to watch someone you love go through thoughts and prayers are with you all.:) Love your pictures!

    1. Mom does have the most beautiful smile. The girls at the home love her, say she is always smiling and joking with them. :) Thank you.