Saturday, May 27, 2017


Saturday, May 27th we woke up late. It was 8 o’clock when Clemson and Bill got up for the first time and 8:30 when I entered the new day. There was something in the air that told me a wonderful day was on the horizon. It wasn’t the sun, because there wasn’t any sign of it but it was the pale gray of the ever-present clouds.

Why was I happy about seeing the gray clouds? Simply because they were a far cry better than the dark gray/black ones we had lingering over our Suite yesterday! The wind was um, NIL, Mr. Maple Leaf was hanging dare I say, limp? There was no rain in the air and yet I felt glorious, rejuvenated, lightened and well!
Mr. Maple Leaf 
After tea/coffee we read blogs and comments before Bill decided to go into Durham to fill a propane tank. He wanted to pop in on Rob and Pat to see how they were doing and we wanted to get our fresh water tank filled up as well. So, he had a morning of jobs to do.
The road to Glenelg Community Centre

I cross the bridge over this little creek
I wanted to see our friends as well, but knowing the visit would likely be inside, I still didn’t feel that it was fair to close myself in a room with others. My unhealthy-self needed another day before I was ready for an indoor visit.

Bill left around 10 and within minutes he called to tell me that there was a Plant Sale on Baptist Church Road at the Glenelg Community Centre today. I’ve been curious about that little building so cleaned myself up and drove up the road to see what they had.
My $2 expenditure 
What they had was a tractor and a flatbed trailer filled with various types of garden flowers. I never did get into the building but I met a couple of really nice folk. I managed to find a couple of different flowers and for $2 came home a happy ‘camper’. 
This is my Lady's Mantle, love how the drops of water settle on the leaves
Before I left Jan gave me a small pot with a Lady’s Mantle for my garden. Little did I realize that I already have 4 that Donna planted. I don’t know flowers and plants well enough, apparently. Oh well, I’ll find a spot for it and love them like all the rest.
Another plant, that I don't know the name of, ready to pop in colour

While Bill was gone, I cut the lawn up here in front of the Suite and around the bunky and around the garden and corral. It looks so much better but it took a lot out of me. The sun had peeked out a few times and I knew I needed to stop. Before I sat down, I remembered Bill had told me about a morel down in the corral so went to check it out.
Mullein, not in my garden but it is the 'weed' we dry for tea

He was absolutely right, and a big one it was! I delightedly picked it and within 2 feet I found a second one that had been broken off. I scooped it up and brought them inside. Bill was going to get a chance to taste this delicacy I’ve been talking about!

And it is a big one!
As soon as he drove in, I started frying the bacon, green peppers, chives from my garden and eggs for an omelet. He had a craving for one and I added a second fry pan for the butter and morels. Hmmm, so tasty!
Awnings out, finally close to a perfect day
Bill worked around outside the Suite while emptying the water bladder into the tank and I basically took it easy. This cold has really decided I’ve had enough, I think, only causing me to cough and blow my nose occasionally. Finally!
After the lawn was cut
Clemson and I walked down the lane together and Bill got out his drone and his plane to take advantage of the no-wind day. If you can believe it, we actually put out our awnings for the first time this year! Yay! While he was in the field, Clemson decided to hike down, on his own, crawl through the fence and visit Ellie May’s house next door.
That sun is so warm when it comes out
 After hiking myself over the fence, I scooted the little Columbus (the explorer) back home to Daddy. He had a hard time finding the gap in the fence he went through so I had to guide him, patiently, wanting to spank his little bum. Off he went, up to the Suite lickety-split. The worst part is that he doesn’t listen when we call him back. Selective hearing 101.

This is the nasty green and white plant that is taking over my garden
By 4:30 we had had some sun, some clouds but all in all a gorgeous day. I have NO complaints about this day at all. We had asked Donna to bring us a couple of loaves of bread from The Bread Depot in Hanover. They were coming to the Acreage (6 km away) for overnight to keep their son-in-law company. Ted has a houseful of female cousins at his place so was glad to bid them adieu.
While there, Gerry showed off his new toy
We visited for over an hour and sat at the bonfire while Gerry burned from their junk wood pile. Time to clean up the mess! They were all getting eaten by the black flies but Bill and I had sprayed ourselves before we left home so not bothered. Returning home shortly after 6 we barbecued hamburgers for supper.
Gerry feeding the fire
I made a salad up with mine and Bill had his on buns, his favourite way. During dishes, Bill decided we didn’t need one of our glasses so broke it in the dishwater. Unfortunately, his hand was still in the glass. Dr. Patsy to the rescue and we managed to get him bandaged up for now. One cut looks deep so we’ll keep an eye on it and replace the gauze before bed tonight.
Bill - 2   Glass - 0

Can't wait until these open 

Our goose population has increased
10 landed in our pond tonight
We sit here listening to the frogs singing outside, not quite the choir we heard in the early parts of April but still loud and obvious. The sun is ruling the sky right now so I’m hoping for a beauty of a sunset this evening. I hope you have had a fantastic day, as we have had.
And there it is........aahhh Beautiful!

Thank you for reading today. I love to hear from you if you wish to leave a comment.


  1. That green and white plant in your garden looks like Goutweed! You do NOT want it! If you let it spread it will take over everything. My advice (via the chief horticulturalist here) is to get rid of evry little bit of it! You're absolutely right; it's nasty!

    1. I knew it was bad, it even has a bad name. Goutweed! Hmmpf, I'm trying hard to get rid of it and I sure appreciate the chief horticulturalist's advice. Ground cover is one thing but when it takes over everything, that is not good. Like lily of the valley, I learned years ago that even though pretty, it is not welcome here!

  2. It was a wonderful day, no rain, no wind and some wonderful sunny periods, gotta love it, Glad you feeling somewhat better.

  3. Glad you are starting to feel better but that doesn't mean that Bill has to take over by going on the injury list.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Greetings from Leathorne! (Well im at home now.. not working at this hour) Glad to hear you're on the mend. Just thought I'd drop in and say hello. Say hi to Bill and *Columbus* for me. Happy trails

    1. What a lovely surprise! Thank you for commenting, Cath. Hope things are well and finally I'm saying goodbye to this cold. So glad you stopped in and I will pass on your greetings. :)