Friday, May 19, 2017

Did Someone Turn Off the Heat? What a Change!

Friday, May 19th and boy did I ever sleep in! Bill arrived home last night from 2 days in London. He worked a job in the afternoon and left CanAm before 6. He made 2 stops before hitting the road in Stratford at 8:30. I had a book to finish so once I knew his expected arrival time, I settled in to finish it. With mere pages left, he walked in at 10 on the nose.
Bill takes the car in for a fuel up
Happy to see our guy, Clemson and I said hello before I sat to finish my book and Bill caught up on blog posts from the last couple of days. We stayed up and chatted until 11:30 before crawling into bed. So, this morning I really wasn’t surprised at my late awakening but I was surprised at the low 4C displayed on our thermometer.
The cattle across our road. Love how this shy calf is hiding behind Momma
I read a post from yesterday hoping for some relief from the humid days. Well, here it is. A little too much though, in my opinion, but soon to warm up to normal for the long weekend. All is good, we’re alive and kicking!

Not much happened today, therefore not much to write about. Bill took the car into Durham to top it up with gas and I basically stayed inside. The cold 5C which hung around all morning and then the 10C this afternoon just didn’t encourage me to get out there. I was spoiled from the 28C of the previous days.

Clemson hi-tails it for home after a walk
Clemson wasn’t feeling well today; his little tummy was gurgling most of the afternoon. When he is like this, he is a typical sick man. You all know what I mean. He needed constant attention, didn’t know if he wanted up, out or cuddled so it was a bit of in and out and our laps were occupied often. Luckily, around 4:00 he settled down with me on the couch and he seemed to have slept it off.

These turtles have a nice sunny spot for tanning
Bill and I dozed a bit as well and really had no commitments anywhere so just enjoyed our time together. For dinner, he lit the Weber and he had a couple of loaded hamburgers and I had a plain burger with a salad. It was very good, we haven’t had Costco burgers for a long time.

After dishes were done, we watched the news and at the same time watched the clouds playing with the sun. At 6:30 it was a battle of which would win out, the sun was holding strong. Earlier, we took a walk up to look at my garden and the field behind us. Bill thinks it was planting and rolling that was going on yesterday and we wondered again what the farmer has sowed this year.

Bill had cut a groove in the inside door for the shed handle, which is a typical shed
handle which turns inside to latch both doors.
Now it has a welcoming host featured and we can fully close the inner door.
My camera didn’t get out of its case at all today, so these photos are from previous days. I hope you had a nice day and I hope the weather improves for the rest of this Victoria Day weekend.

Thank you for sticking around. It would be nice to hear from you.


  1. Yup it sure was a cool one, but we survived, better days to come again shortly, Really enjoy the short tease of summer while we had it.

    1. Up and down with the warmth. Hope it soon stays day after day after day. :)

  2. Quite a contrast, wasn't it! 3C here this morning.

  3. Love your turtle pics, painted turtles I believe. In muskrat trapping season Dad would bring home a couple of them for this then 8 year old. They would crawl around the house for a few days and then I would release them in a stream across the road.
    FCF member 5206

    1. Thank you, I can't stop taking pictures of them. Yes, I think you are correct. I love how they slip into the water when I'm close or pull their heads in and wait for me to leave. :)

  4. The cool weather, though predicted was a shock to the system. Mother Nature continues to rule! Once the sun came out in the afternoon, I got a burst of energy and got the back lawn cut and the front whipper snipped. Now we are good to head to the trailer for the rest of the weekend. It's nice to see the ponds so full!

  5. Seems you get used to the nice weather and then boom! The day I planted my garden it had been warm for a while..then cold..ever since..but today we're expecting 81 degrees so maybe my plants will be happier! Love your views from your place..Ridge Roost is adorable too..

    1. I guess if we didn't have weather to complain about what would there be? :) Not the best long weekend, we are looking forward to warmer days in a row and calmer winds. I'm also looking forward to my garden growing and I guess I need rain for that.
      Thank you, I love looking at the views too and the Roost is cozy for guests.