Friday, May 12, 2017

Gorgeous Friday Plus Retirement = Wonderful Life!

Friday, May 12th I was up around 7ish to a beautiful blue sky. Opening the blinds brings a smile to my face to see the sun beaming in. Another few low wind days are forecast for these upcoming days. Yay!
At the end of our lane, my iris' and day lilies are coming up nicely
 After a tea and reading comments on my post Clemson and I did our mile walk down the road. He is getting better at walking on a leash, it hasn’t been a strong point of his. I find the faster I walk the less he stops to sniff along the roadside so that is the trick.

Taking a detour off the road to look for morels
When we got back, Bill and I drove into Durham to fill up a gas can for the mowers and weed-eaters as well as the car needed topping up. A stop at Home Hardware for some vegetable seeds and a rain barrel nozzle before stocking up at the Beer and Liquor Stores. We like to have some on hand for company and the season is starting when we can expect visitors more often.
And beyond the little nest, a farmer is out in the field
After we got home I lit the Weber Q and made us up some bacon and eggs for brunch. Yummy, it has been a while since we’ve done them outside and it sure tasted good! By now, 10:30, big fluffy clouds have moved in and that is disheartening. We were expecting to get more sun out of the day than that!
The clouds have moved in
Bill went out with his newest rc plane since it is a calm day and I decided to tackle the gray roots in my hair. I dread the process but always like the result. Within an hour from start to finish, I’m 10 years younger. Ha! Well, no that isn’t true but the gray is gone for a while.
Bill gets ready to fly
Bill put the two spigots into the rain barrel so we can now collect water again. The barrel will need to sit up on cement blocks so we can easily access the top one with a pail. The bottom tap will be for a hose.

Our rain barrel with two new spigots
(the lower one is for the frogs to drink from)

And I get ready to colour
While waiting for my hair to dry, I dug my rows for green onions and swiss chard. It is too early to plant tomatoes and green peppers but at least these little guys can get a start. Now I won’t grumble so much when it rains! I searched for 6 stakes to mark the rows and had to basically raid the wood pile.

I'm excited for the first veggie garden I've had in 20+ years
Bill and Clemson curled up inside for a brief siesta and I went out to sweep out the bunky. While out there, it was so cozy that I flipped the tv on and settled down to watch 30 min. of Dr. Zhivago. Now that is an old movie! Omar Shariff at his finest. It was too nice outside, even in the clouds, to sit inside in front of the boob tube (my dad used to call it that) though so turned it off and wandered.

Dr. Zhivago on the tube

With the door closed to block out the light, it was quite cozy in the bunky
With my walk tomorrow I need to prepare things so I can just get dressed, eat and go to meet Donna in Durham at the appropriate time. I’ve gathered my umbrella, my waist pouch, a light hoodie, a wind breaker, our point and shoot camera and the clothes I’ll be wearing. I think I’m ready.
And look what we found in my flower garden! It is too late, dried on top but still a morel!
Bill was out flying his plane again and so I captured some action on my camera. Then he said, “want to carry the kayaks down to the pond?” So, with the 2 kayaks between us we walked to the dock and took them for a spin. A 30-minute spin and it was so much fun! The water was so calm and clear, we could see the muddy, grassy bottom.
Bill moves along so easily and I follow

I enjoyed watching the red-winged blackbirds letting us get so close
We were able to go much farther, from north to south, then we could last summer in our paddle boat. Too bad, the marshes and bushes down in the water will surface the pond in a month or so, but we’ll just enjoy it while we can. Once I figured out how NOT to get wet from the paddling, I was able to move along pretty good.

After putting them away, Bill started a fire to burn some more of our papers and what a lovely fire it was. I lit the Weber for the second time today around 4:15 and put sauerkraut, water and spiced pork ribs into a foil pan covered in tin foil. At 4:30 I started cooking the ribs as per George’s instruction. 90 minutes. At 5 I placed 2 washed potatoes wrapped in tin foil onto the bbq.
My boys enjoying the fire
I hated to go inside when Bill and Clemson did, so stayed out for a bit watching the fire before walking the lane way again. The bugs have disappeared out there so it was an enjoyable walk. When the ribs were done around 6, I removed them from the pan and covered them in sweet and sour sauce for Bill and barbecue sauce for me. Yum!
Bill putting his idea to work

Within 10 minutes we were eating the best ribs we’ve had in a while. I’ve tried to cook ribs in the slow cooker recently and they just haven’t turned out tender. I went back to George’s recipe from Our Awesome Travels. You can look on his blog to find it if my detail is not specific enough. They turned out perfect and so did the baked potatoes.

Such a heavy blanket of clouds to the west
When dishes were done, we settled in for the evening. The sky sure looked threatening around 6 when I brought our food inside but it seems to have shuffled around and is looking like a pretty normal sky again. I think it will be a restful night after a busy day.
Clemson runs after Bill

Bill's Timber Stol (short take off & landing) looks like a real plane up there
I hope you had a good day as well, how could you not when it rose to 16C here on the Ridge. 
Perfect landing

I wish you could see the green light on the left wing in this picture and the red one on the right
not to mention the little headlights
Good night from The Ridge
Thank you for reading today. Your comments are always read and appreciated.


  1. Another wonderful spring day with this lovely weather. Always something to do outside.
    Glad you enjoyed the ribs, they are always so tender, tasty and moist and the sauce is your choice, a little brown sugar, mixed with the sauce helps to glaze them as well.

    1. It's an excellent and easy recipe! I usually use the German sauerkraut, available in the international foods section of Walmart. It's quite a bit milder than most of the sauerkraut available here.

    2. This is the weather we love in the spring. We've had success with your ribs before but if I don't have sauerkraut I don't do it. I suppose it doesn't matter, just the water would work too?

  2. Glad to hear the ribs turned out well. When I saw the recipe on George's blog I was thinking of trying it as well 😊

    1. You must try it if you like ribs. Nice and easy, all done on the bbq outdoors while you are doing other things. :)

  3. After reading your comments on the temperature and that you can enjoy being outside in that weather, I want to tell you I don't enjoy being outside down here in Deep South Texas. Yesterday it topped out at 103 F and today so fat it's 92 degrees with plenty of time to get warmer. Not outside weather for me.

    1. I certainly understand your point! We don't get temperatures that high too often and when we do the humidity sends most of us inside to air conditioning as well. I don't like air conditioning except at a moderate 75F-80F. Any colder and I'd rather be outside. :)