Saturday, May 13, 2017

Walk for Alzheimer’s with Sunflower’s Marchers for Memory

Saturday, May 13th is the Big Day. Well, at least for my 3 sisters, 2 nieces and I. We’ve been planning for it for a while now and collecting donations for the cause. We are all very excited to do this for Alzheimer’s research and more personally, we are also doing it for Mom.

We left the Suite just after 8 this morning and the sky was absolutely perfect for a walk along the beach. Donna met us at Concession 12 and Hwy 6 where I hopped in her car and Bill went on to Welbec’s. We picked Gayle up and met Wendy and Morgan and Joanne and Brandon at Kelso’s Beach.

Today’s walk took us approximately 2.5 miles along the Pottawatomi River which empties into Georgian Bay at the Owen Sound Harbour. It was a wonderful turnout with many different walking teams. After getting registered, any participant who had personally raised $100 in donations received a t-shirt, representative of the day.
Gathering at the Pavillion
There were tables set up with crackers, cookies, tidbits and fruit along with coffee, water and juice. We were being well looked after. 

Here comes our Sunflower team!
We headed out at 10 after getting free group or individual pictures taken. These were available for pick up at the end of the morning.
Morgan, our designer and my sister Wendy

My sister, Donna and her daughter, Joanne

My sister Gayle
It was a nice sauntering walk along the water and as far as the 10th Street bridge, where we turned around to return to the pavilion. The Grey and Bruce County Beef Farmers had cooked up a mess of beef for sliders and it was a great way to end the walk.

Walking past where Wendy works, the Heritage Waterfront Museum

Mid-way point of our walk
With a few speakers, one being the director and one being the Mayor, we applauded the successes of the teams. Combined figures for the walk, in Hanover and ours in Owen Sound, was a total of $60,000 raised for Alzheimer’s. Yay! We hugged and said goodbye around 12 noon and headed for home.
One job done, shelter is covered for the summer
Donna and I drove to the Acreage on Concession 6 to meet up with Bill and Gerry. The black flies were already making a feast of my husband so I lathered him up with some Deep Woods Off lotion. We hung around long enough for Bill to finish his beer and then came home.
Our portable solar panel to catch the earliest morning rays
The clouds had moved in so the air turned noticeably cooler. With the winds pretty calm, we decided to pull the canopy over our cargo trailer/car shelter. It is crazy what the fresh air does to me. Bill can usually sleep any afternoon but I truly felt knackered. While he slept in the recliner with Clemson and the radio playing, I found solace in the bunky where I only shut my eyes for a moment on the futon.
So happy to see these finches visit my feeder
Thirty minutes later I woke up, not quite fully refreshed but more surprised than anything. We had made plans to go to Riverside Fish and Chips in Durham for supper with Donna and Gerry so around 5 headed out. It has new ownership and we almost hate when that happens to a good thing.
Vulture looking for dinner
The staff was very friendly, food was quick and still pretty good. Bill and I had the 2 pc. haddock with fries and shared it. It was more than enough. By the time we got home we’d gone through sun, clouds, cool and hot temperature changes. It is still 16C as I sit here at 6:30.
He must know I'm taking pictures of him
I’m too tired to wait for the sun to go down in order to close this post, so will say that I am very happy not to have had to cook tonight, and bid you goodnight.
Our little logo designer

Cute little one, she got to ride during the walk
She found all fours much quicker anyway!
Thank you for reading, y’all come back now, ya hear! Comments are welcome.


  1. Sounds like a very busy wonderful day, We have done a few of those differ met walks and are very rewarding . Glad that you had a good time and raised so funds. Enjoying this sunny weather and fresh air is amazing.

  2. Looks like an awesome turnout! Your little artist did a wonderful job..Happy Mother's Day!

    1. It was a great day for a walk for a great and personal cause. Morgan is going to be a artist like her Mom.

  3. Patsy, I've been meaning to write you a longer comment on your blog. I think I first encountered it through George and Suzie's, before you retired, through the connection at Arkona, and noticed you mentioned property near Durham. Now I've been reading it regularly since before Christmas, as one of those 'blurkers' who doesn't comment often. I've watched your improvements, especially the larger photos, and enjoy your writing about daily things in your life. I even went back and read it from the beginning.

    My blog is quite different, less personal, and more about things I see out exploring and hiking around the valley, and occasionally our travels. We're not RVers, though we have a little camper van we hope to travel in more in the future. We're not far away, over on the edge of the Beaver Valley, but we're moving to Meaford in the fall. Found your property on Google Maps by your little hints, and comparing your ground-level photos to the air photos. Nice looking place by your pictures, and you certainly seem to enjoy it.

    Anyway, I'll try to comment more in the future, and you'll know who I am. I have noticed your comments on my blog sometimes. Today is another of those Grey County weather days - the forecast still says sunny all day, but it's raining steadily out there!

    1. Hi F.G. How nice of you to write your comment. I sometimes second guess myself with my daily writings and then straighten myself up when readers (blurkers) like yourself say such encouraging things. thank you.

      I enjoy your posts too, places we haven't seen and yet hope to do so one day. It would be nice to connect with you guys before you move, always nice to meet fellow bloggers.
      We do love this place, we wish it was ours but it belongs to my sister and her husband. We pay rent, hydro and cut the grass to keep it nice for us.
      Today is a much better day for sure, look at that gorgeous sky. By the way, you are welcome to come around any time, we'd love to meet you!