Friday, May 26, 2017

Improvement Each Day, In Me, Not the Weather?

Today is Friday, May 26th and so far at 11 am one thing has improved from yesterday. Me. I feel much better, had a fabulous sleep with no interruptions of coughing. I have had a headache for a couple of days off and on but figure it is from the head congestion. That is better now after a walk to the end of the lane with Clemson.
Took Clemson a while to find where I went 

I’ve had my tea, working on a coffee now with a fried morel and an egg. I had a feeling that we had mail so I wasn’t disappointed with my instincts. Mom’s income tax return info arrived, another year settled and filed.
The pond is getting grassy
On my return, I looked in my flower garden and see the rain has brought up more of that stupid vine plant I’ve tried to get rid of. When it dries up a bit, I’ll get out there and go at it again. I’m sure it will be a summer-long project. Hint: Don’t plant it if you don’t want it taking over everything!
Red flag = mail
But what I DID find was another morel! A huge one! So, I picked it and brought it inside. After all the warnings on FB about fake poisonous ones I googled how to tell the difference. This site was very helpful:  
Reading doesn’t always help but the pictures at the bottom were the key for me.

This little baby tasted mighty nice after being fried up in butter
I told my sister it was just a wee taste of an old memory
Needless to say, once I knew it was the real thing, I dusted it off and fried it up with butter. YUMMY! Along with a fried egg, I have a satisfied tummy. When Clemson woke up this morning to go out at 6:30, I realized that it was quite cool in the Suite so turned the Blue Flame heater on low. This was enough to take the chill off for our later awakening.
Had a personal delivery today. Our new passports arrived after 4 weeks.
We don't know who the mug shots are of but we'll keep them.
The weather is still dull and the sky is full of dark gray clouds again. And oh yes, there is the light spatter of rain on my window again. LOL (Lordy oh Lordy). Time for a shower, that will brighten up my day for sure!

And the bonus of the rain is my garden is growing

There isn’t much to say about today, it wasn’t an outside day again so I stayed inside and sorted through our winter pictures. They were pretty much in order already but I want to do something with them. This is a job easy to get lost in, while waiting to hear from Bill as he makes his journey towards home.
Not seeing much promise here
By 3 pm I knew he would be later coming home so planned to eat by myself. That was easy, I just had another chicken salad. I enjoyed it last night and again tonight. Bill takes the opportunity to stop at Costco while in London, we can’t beat the prices of our dairy products. He also likes to pop in and see his Dad on the way home too.
Blanket anyone?
I’m missing out on seeing Mom, speaking of parents. This stupid cold has put me in a position I don’t like. It isn’t that Mom ‘knows’ I’m not visiting, but I know it. I’m looking forward to getting rid of the sniffles now so I can get up to see her as soon as possible.
Not  getting any better
The good news of the day is that the ruling came down, after the Grey County council meeting today, that there will be a new Long Term Care residence built in Durham. We all know that Rockwood Terrace was to close and were afraid that our loved ones would have to move to a new location in Markdale. I’m sure it isn’t good news for the residents of Gray Gables in Markdale and I do sympathize with them.

Grey County is moving forward with a plan to build a new amalgamated long-term care home in Durham and eventually sell Grey Gables in Markdale.
In a weighted vote of 54 to 33, with Southgate deputy-Mayor Norman Jack absent, county council approved a motion during its committee of the whole meeting on Thursday that begins the process to build the new 166-bed facility in Durham. It is to be operational by 2025 to replace the aging Rockwood Terrace, with the plan to also include selling Grey Gables as a retirement/assisted living facility and use the funds to offset the cost to build the new home.

This will not affect Mom, we are fairly sure, since it will be a long process and years down the road. It was a tough decision but came out in the favour of the Durham residents.

I watched a bit of television as I finished this post before settling in my recliner to wait for Bill. I hope you have made the best of this day and you have managed to keep dry.
And at 4:30 this bright light came from nowhere below the cloud
Where was it all day?
Thank you for reading. All comments are welcome.


  1. Glad you are feeling better and the weather soon will as well. Keep looking for that sunshine, we have some here this afternoon.

    1. Don't where the sun would have come from yesterday, it was solid dark gray here. It will come, I know, just hurry up! ha ha

  2. As someone who lives near Markdale, it's a shame that economic efficiency seems to be the only criteria for these decisions. Why couldn't there be homes retained in both locations? Many of the people who visit are older relatives who may not easily be able to drive to Durham, especially in the winter.

    1. Totally, that would have been the logical decision but all they talk about is cost. And the fact that they are only going to house the same 166 beds is ridiculous! Yes, people don't stay forever but you'd think with the aging population they could at least increase it to 175 or 180.