Thursday, May 4, 2017

20 Years with my Sweetie, SUNSHINE! (‘Nuff Said)

Wednesday, May 3rd we woke up to sunshine and as we met in the hallway after a late wake up, our “Happy Anniversary” message to each other was almost in perfect harmony. After 2 failed marriages, we are thrilled to reach this plateau on our third try, finally getting it right. We don’t go all out with purchasing stuff for each other anymore, every day is a gift. (I could probably write Hallmark cards too!).
So, these swallows met on the twig and one invited the other to
'come to my house!'
While Bill was away, I updated the Advent Calendar I made for him 5 years ago and then proceeded to really cheap out and make a card for him using pictures from our first winter travelling. It will mean more to him anyway and I absolutely dread paying the price for greeting cards these days. I did find a small package of Licorice Allsorts, one of Bill’s favourite treats.
Don't be shy, come on down!

Thank you for dropping in!
After reading blog posts this morning with our coffee we decided to get showered and get outside. The cool 6C wasn’t too encouraging but the sky had cleared completely of clouds and we weren’t about to miss any more of it than we have to. I so love watching the birds and the turtles and the geese...........

this is the calendar I made up for Bill a few years ago
Each year I make any necessary changes
Layered up, I got the shovel and went through my garden one more time. Yes, a bunch more rocks. I’m probably about 8 – 10” deep at least so that is enough for what I want to do. With my garden rake, I leveled it off nicely and that was it for the day.

Bill continued to do some more weed whacking around the fence edges and almost finished before running out of string. Too bad since we are expecting 2 or 3 days of rain after today and the grass will definitely need cutting by then. 

Bill captured on my zoom lens, way out at the road
While he was finishing up Gayle, John, Lynn and Bob dropped around for a visit. Lynn and Bob wanted to see where we were living. Of course, they loved it.

Clemson and Lynn found new friends in each other

After an hour or so they left and we cleaned up to go out for supper to celebrate our anniversary. We don’t have a whole lot of choices around here for a ‘nice’ restaurant without driving too far so we chose the Queen’s Bush Pub in Hanover. I love the appearance outside and inside the ambiance and menu is geared towards the traditional British pub style.

It forced us to choose something different than the norm since they didn’t offer burgers and fries or even meat and potato-type meals. We were fine with it, it didn’t matter since we could celebrate together anywhere.

We started with our favourite drinks, margarita and Pina colada and toasted to us. Then after a small serving of garlic cheese and bacon bread, Bill chose a Club Sandwich, loaded, on a ciabatta bun with chips and salsa. I opted for a Reuben with the whole works on rye and the best split pea soup I’ve ever tasted.

We left there around 7:30 and came home to a quiet evening watching the programs we love to watch. I had recorded The Voice, NCIS, Bull, NCIS-New Orleans on Tuesday night so we could watch them together. I knew I wouldn’t make it too late but managed to get 3 hours in before I had to hit the sack.
Happy Anniversary to us!
It was a wonderful day and we enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you for reading and sharing it with us, even though you didn’t know you did!
And a beautiful sunset, just for us

Then this one, when I couldn't think it could get any better
Good night!

I love hearing from you!


  1. Happy Anniversary you two! Your happiness shines through!

    1. Thank you! Sometimes we need to pinch ourselves, life has been good to us.

  2. Happy anniversary! And gorgeous sunset pictures 😊

  3. Happy anniversary you two make an amazing couple. 3rd time's a charm I know that too!
    So glad we had some fun times in the southwest this past winter.

    1. Thank you George and Suzie. You know all about getting it right the 3rd time. :) Yes, we loved our time with you this past winter too!

  4. Congratulations to both of you! Great photo of you two on your special day.

  5. Happy Anniversary and many more to come! You both look very happy together and share the same adventures, so I'm sure there will be lots more celebrations for you two. Wishing you all the best!

    1. Thank you Marlene, Life seems too good to be true sometimes, we are doing our best to enjoy it together.

  6. Glad the sun helped make your day even more special. Happy Anniversary to you both.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  7. this calendar is so affecting! you are so happy together

    1. I loved the idea when I found it. The stickers are on the glass so easy to peel off and change numbers. :)