Wednesday, May 10, 2017

No Kayaking After All, Trip to Rockwood with Clemson, Bill Comes Home

On Wednesday morning, May 10th, I woke up with a little snuggle bum tucked close beside me. I knew at 3:30 he was there as well but he doesn’t like crawling in under the covers with me. That is a ‘reserved for Daddy’ snuggle, obviously.
There it comes, the start to our day
I remembered this morning, actually later last night that I didn’t make any more comments on my kayaking venture. That is because it didn’t happen. I tried to pick up the green boat and quickly changed my mind. I don’t have the strength in my arms to carry it too far. Oh well, we’ll get out when Bill is home. I chatted with him after pouring my tea so we can both start our day off right. A good morning kiss through cyber space.

I snapped a picture of the sunrise this morning while Clemson was outside doing his business but it soon disappeared in the low rising clouds. It isn’t supposed to rain until later this afternoon/evening so what is going on? Funny how, now that we’ve been given a taste of that golden glory, we are selfish and even hungrier for it.

Wispy clouds I can handle
After my hot drink, I got a brain wave. Sometimes they even happen to me! Since I picked up the Rockwood tees yesterday, I wished for some material to make Clemson one. I’m not much of a seamstress, mind you, but if there is no judgement, I can pull a few things off. Sadly, I didn’t have the right materials, I gave away all my old t-shirts.

Instead I found a puppy Christmas jacket that Bridgette or I had bought a few years ago. He has worn it a couple of times but because of the fur trimmings, it is too constricting. Perfect! I cut the white fluffy trim off and turned it inside out so the warm velvety material would be next to his body. Then I proceeded to pull out my craft supplies and painted on the nylon side. Tadah!

No, I will not be taking Clemson on the bus trip tomorrow when I wear mine but this afternoon, I will go see Mom and take the adorned little guy with me. That means a shorter visit, he won’t like the linoleum floors so will be on my lap or her bed most of the time. Sometimes it is difficult to say goodbye when she has nothing to do immediately after a visit (like lunch), but she’ll understand that Clemson needs to ‘go out’. She’ll get a kick out of seeing him again, she remembers his name without fail. Go figure!

While waiting for the paint to dry, I got dressed and we went for a walk down to Baptist Church Road. Only a mile this morning but my mind was just buzzing with stuff. Seems like a lot going on this week. 

My sister, Donna, works this morning and says that they are coming out this way to their Acreage after lunch. Gerry has grass to cut this morning and she has invited me to pop over. On my way back in from Durham, we will stop in. Clemson can show off his ‘new’ coat.
Wet dog, is that love I see in those eyes?

Nope, not too thrilled with me right now
First things first. Showers for Clemson and I. Wish me luck! Okay, well, that went pretty good! We’ve always bathed him in the sink but I’ve heard from others that a shower works well. He wasn’t that dirty, but he has two raised warts that sometimes ooze. One larger one in particular on his back.

Apparently, they are common for poodles so we aren’t worried about them. They don’t seem to irritate him. The oozing has dried over and over again and created a hard crust in his fur. He won’t let me touch it to brush it or cut it out, the crusty mess I mean. So, a shower was in order and it worked well. Too bad I couldn’t take a picture of him in there, he was such a good boy, really, although shivering.
Selfies from my Canon
After he was clean and dried, it was my turn. I could hear him running from sofa to the bed, up and down numerous times while I was in the bathroom. Obviously, he didn’t like the damp feeling and couldn’t get comfy. I put his sweater back on until he dried completely.

We went for another walk down the lane to the front field, the water from the neighbour’s flooded yard seems to have seeped under the grass. It is mushy where it wasn’t yesterday. I want our pooch to get used to his limitations, some days I think my restrictions are working, others not so much.
I think they are playing Duck, Duck Goose
Clemson still likes to try and wander. Did I mention that one day when we were both busy outside, he walked down the lane, down the road and up Ellie May’s driveway to their house?? Little Christopher Columbus, that is what he is. Freaked us out when we couldn’t find him. Ellie May is their hound, harmless but ‘you know who’ has figured out where she lives.
So, I sprayed two healthy dandelions in the lane way around noon
and when I walked the lane at 5:30.........amazing!
I put stuff away inside and went out in the gorgeous sun to spray weed killer down the lane. The dandelions are decorating everything, and sorry Deb, but we don’t like them! The weed killer concoction is harmless except to our prey. Bill found it on FB. 1 gallon vinegar, 1 cup of salt and 1 tbsp. of liquid dish soap. So, I am giving it a go.

Don't worry, Deb, we have a whole field full of them!
I also emptied the rain pails into the rain barrel. We need to replace the spigot but for the time being, we can fill to that point. I hope we won’t need the reserve this summer, but if last year is any indication………..we will be prepared.

More camera playing
I left the house at 1 and Clemmy and I went to see Mom/Grandma. She was very surprised to see him walk in her door and thought it such a lovely treat. Once he settled down, had a drink and had explored her room, he was very well-behaved sitting on the bed or on my lap. It was just over an hour when we got up to say goodbye. More than one other resident stopped us to marvel at this little mutt.

My little campaigner

Going to Grandma's house with my seatbelt on

Grandma loves me and I love the attention!
From Highway 4 coming out of Durham, we turned off onto Concession 2 to the very potholed Edgehill Rd to The Acreage. You’ve heard me mention it before, it is my sister and her husband’s property, where we get our water. I had a nice visit with Donna while Gerry cut the grass. He said he loves cutting the grass so it is obvious that he needed to get away from the ‘city’ and his clients.
Sharp turn on Concession 2

The marshy yellow plant sure brightens up a field

Gerry on his Cub Cadet
We left there, travelling on newly graveled roads now (I passed 2 graders after grumbling about the pot holes) and was home before 4. The sun was still nice and boy was I grateful to leave the Acreage. Why you ask?
The walk back to where they park their fifth wheel
The blackflies are out in droves and they were trying to eat us alive! I have one bite to prove it. Buggers! They are lower over there, in a treed area for the most part and they don’t get the breeze we do up here. I’m sure the flies will find us up here before they leave the area, as they did last Victoria Day weekend.

I startled Donna as she came out of their trailer
Expecting my hubby home around 8ish, he left London at 4. He has a couple of stops to make, one in St. Mary’s and one in Stratford before bee-lining it for home. I’ll wait and eat something light with him. It will be too late to barbecue so probably toasted tomato sandwiches will do the trick. He is an easy guy to please.

Another long one here, Lori, sorry. You can read it over a couple of days, no pressure! I don’t suppose you all need to know everything I do in a day but it is what it is and my fingers are in control.
For the short drive from The Acreage to The Ridge......

someone rode in the front seat for a change
We stayed outside and burned some of our ‘to be shredded’ papers and a few logs while reading. When the fire died down we came in for Clemson’s supper. I took one more walk down the lane, I hate to give in on such a gorgeous day. First day I’ve had the outside door open for a while and it is great to have that sun shining in.

With the clouds moving in I’m finishing up my post and Donna and Gerry pop in before heading home to Hanover. We did a walk around the property, me showing them my garden plot and Bill’s ingenious dump system as well as the flowers coming up.
My company left
By 6:30 they were headed out and I put my geranium in the bunky for the night and plugged in to power. The air is chilling and I think a few blackflies followed them here!

He got me!

I hope your day has been a great one as well. I will catch you up tomorrow on Bill’s return home.
Here we are again, the end of another day
The winds have picked up again from the north
No complaints here
Thank you for reading today. It is great to have you along and your comments are always welcome.


  1. We both remember Black Flies.That is one thing we don't miss by living in our neck of the woods.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Luckily it is only for about 3 weeks but 3 weeks is still too long!

  3. A nuce busy outside day with the wonderful weather.
    No Black flies here in this area, which suits us just fine.