Friday, April 7, 2017

A Strange Kind of Day, Just Hanging

On Friday, Apr.7th, we woke up around 6:30, well we got up around 6:30. I was awake before 6 with things running through my head. I was hoping for good things today but we are never sure how long some repair jobs will take on our rv’s. We knew that Andrew was going to put our Suite inside this morning and they were going to get at the cable issue right away.
Out the living room window
We had our coffee/tea and began securing things. My big disappointment was when I looked out the windows to see that cold wet white stuff covering the rv’s around us. I know that is what was expected but you just hope this would be one time they were wrong. Nope.
What is that white stuff?
Last time I saw that was in Idyllwild, California, it was 4500' above sea level, 55F/12C and I was wearing shorts
Bill got the hose hooked up so we could put about 25 gallons of fresh water into our tank. This is just to tide us over until we get to The Ridge and can get water from my sister’s well on Saturday. We were running on empty. Things moved quickly and by the time we’d had breakfast Andrew indicated that he was ready to pull us in.
Sitting inside the lounge
Clemson and I took our stuff inside CanAm to their lounge while Bill closed up the Suite, with the exception of the bedroom slide. We were settled inside with water, my book, my laptop and our internet hub. Might as well have something to do for the time they are working on our unit. After 9 we took a drive into London to Westmount mall so Bill could pick up his glasses at Cummins’ Optical. We were happy they were ready so quickly.
Same frames, but new lenses
We had some time to kill and tried to connect with a couple of our friends with no luck. We took a chance. Back at the dealers we settled in the lounge again until lunch time. Knowing all maintenance staff were taking the break, we went out and made ourselves a sandwich in our home. Poor Clemmy, he has no clue what is going on now!

It was around noon that the sun made an appearance and it just kept it up all day. The inch or two of snow is mostly a memory as the sun is quite warm. Too bad the wind kept our temperatures to a cold 5, feeling worse with the wind chill. It was 0C when we woke up.
Driving into the city and snow fell off the roof of the truck
At 2 o’clock Bill checked on the progress in the shop to discover that it would be finished today but not likely until late afternoon. Between us we decided that any later than 3 pm meant we would stay put tonight. No problem, when they are finished we’ve asked them to park it at the front of the building so we can pull out in the early morning hours before normal start up here. I texted my sister, Donna, so she knows when we’ll be arriving at The Ridge.
The clock in the lounge when we left
Almost a full work day (9 to 5) but we didn't work
The day was long and I can’t believe other than our trip into London early, we sat in the lounge all day. I read a lot, Bill walked around a lot, drank a lot of coffee and water and watched television. The day passed pretty well actually. By 4:30 or shortly after we saw the tractor bringing our Suite out to the front of the lot. It was plugged in, warm and all slides opened up for our entry.
Peggy, Service Manager
As we said goodbye to staff, I’m glad I caught Peggy Langs as we were leaving. I wanted to thank her for sure before we left. She was very instrumental in getting us looked after so well today. We just discovered the issue with the bedroom slide cable yesterday afternoon and she had us in the shop this morning at 9 o’clock. Those guys, Larry and Steve, did an awesome job as did Dave who worked on the hinge on the battery compartment door as well as the ceiling panel that needed to be re-secured.

For supper tonight we proved that you can make anything in a convection oven. I buttered 3 hamburger buns, cut up bacon strips into small pieces and fried them up. Bill sliced enough cheddar cheese to cover each bun half and I put them on a baking sheet in the convection oven at 350 for 8 minutes. After about 5 minutes I divided the bacon up to cover the cheese. We used to do these in the regular oven at the house. The buns toasted, the cheese melted and the bacon sizzled. Yum!

Ready to hook up in the morning
I took a few pictures of the parking lot out front. So many Airstreams around here and yet tonight we are the only people staying overnight. 

The wind has died down a bit and the sun is beginning to set. I am anxious to make the final leg of our winter journey home tomorrow. I hope I can sleep well tonight, it seems like a long time we’ve been away.
The sun is setting over another Airstream
I hope your day was a great one. Thank you, as always, for reading today.
Goodnight Lovely Lambeth

If you have time and wish to write somethiing, I love reading your comments.


  1. that white stuff looks yukkie! keep warm. Our turn is just around the corner, :'(

    1. Yukky and cold! Keep safe in your travels home, Lori. Say hi to family.

  2. It is always pretty to see snow in pictures...just not up close and personal...:) Your supper sounded pretty good we will have go give it a try. Safe travels tomorrow.
    P.S. Great sunset pictures.

    1. From a distance, yes (like in pictures). Ha ha I know what you mean. Supper was good, easy and filling. Thank you, I was probably in and out of the Suite 6 times to get the final one, it kept changing!

  3. Nice that your repairs are all done and now off to the ridge. We don't want to see and snow so will wait until next week to return home.
    That is one tasty meal, have not had for years, we used to call them cheese dreams.

  4. Beautiful sunset, a nice way to end a day that started with snow! Glad you got your repairs done and safe travels to your next destination.

  5. Long day but so glad they got you taken care of so you can move on tomorrow.

    1. Thank you Cheri, sometimes we have to endure long boring days to get what is at the end! :)

  6. Always welcome! Given what the next day had instore at your home, I am glad you didn't leave late in the day.