Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Dull, Damp, Windy Day. More Gallivanting and More Family

Today is Tuesday, Apr. 4th and there was even less sun this morning than there was yesterday at 7:30 am. Forecast for a few days is rain and more rain but temperatures in the low-teens so not too bad. They are calling for strong winds here as well, up in the 27 to 35 mph range. We are close to the building so shouldn’t feel too much swagger. We both slept great last night, Bill actually was tired enough that he was in bed before me.

The fireplace was on its lowest setting and the Blue Flame heater as well. With our beautiful Egyptian sheets from Quartzsite with the high thread count and a duvet, we were perfectly snugged. We have no need to put flannel sheets on, maybe in the fall.

Today was the day to do the grocery shopping that we detoured from yesterday so we got cleaned up, ate an early breakfast and headed into London’s Costco for opening at 10. They say, “Open at 10” but usually by 9:45 people are in. We usually are in and out like clockwork and today really was no different. We’ve done Costco every two weeks for all of our married life together so could probably do it blindfolded if they didn’t change things up so much. 😊
Love to restock the cupboards and fridge
Back home at the Suite for a snuggle with the pooch and a second coffee. I love the feeling after getting the food in the house, I can prepare most anything I want. This afternoon when we are back in to visit friends, we will stop at No Frills or Food Basics to pick up fresh veggies for our salads.
Old valve assembly removed
Bill went out to replace the water valve on our Suite. It has been a constant pain in the butt for most of our journey. I’m hoping Bill can explain the process but the main thing is that once it is replaced the pump won’t run intermittently when you are not hooked up to park/city water. It has been so annoying.
Work station
The other thing that was happening was when we were hooked up to a water outlet, the water, instead of sitting there waiting for us to turn a tap on for direct usage, would overflow into the fresh water tank. Wait! Listen! I hear nothing! Bill said he has had things hooked up for 5 minutes and there is no noise! Woohoo! Good job and it only took maybe 20 minutes!
Marking where connections re-align

New one installed

Clean up
It isn’t a nice day to be outside but since it is only lightly sprinkling I was watching a couple of newer employees washing a travel trailer behind us. There must be a buyer coming in to pick it up this week. There are a few that have been washed this morning already. They are doing a great job and I’m glad it is them and not me out there.

When Bill made himself a sandwich for lunch around 1 I realized I hadn’t eaten much either. Easy to fix that! I pulled one of my homemade chicken soup containers out of the freezer, thawed and heated it. It was delicious and just the perfect thing on a dull day.
Yum, good chicken soup
We both had showers and left around 1:30 to visit our neighbours, Dave and Kate, from Metcalfe Cr. This was weird being in our own neighbourhood again, driving by what used to be our house. It looks just as nice as it was when we left with the addition of a wooden gate across the driveway. This was a project we often talked about until we bought the Mobile Suite, then abandoned because both wouldn’t fit. It looks very nice.
Sorry this isn't clear, Bill didn't stop while I took it
We had a nice visit with Dave and Kate for about an hour and headed then back to Leathorne. 

We hoped to see if we could connect with the Distribution Centre drivers, Eric and John, some maintenance guys and a few of the gals in Projects. Drop ins don’t work at the best of times but we managed to see Eric for a chit chat. It was great to see him.
Eric and Bill in the mailroom
Back home again for dinner and then a nip into St. Thomas to catch my son, Patrick, Chaela and Nathan for another family visit. Every time I see Nate it seems he has grown an inch taller, like he is trying to catch up to his Dad’s 6’ before the teen years! He is only 7 and as lanky and thin as a long-distance runner.
My son and grandson 💓
We had a nice visit, surprisingly not even talking about our trip, but an enjoyable one all the same. The dogs got into the fray, Clemson doing his thing by avoiding Molly and Grunt as best he could. Molly is a pup and is so curious about this little old visitor and Grunt, just a couple of years younger than Clemson, is indifferent to his old friend.
Molly, their golden doodle posing for me
Still love this chubby girl, Australian Shepherd/Pug
Chaela brought out some cookies for us to nibble on and we left around 8 o’clock, surprised to see that it was still light outside. 
Nate, another poser

The drive on Dalewood Drive. in St. Thomas, takes you over this old bridge that has been there forever. Bill stopped at the Flying M to top up the fuel tank for yet another drive tomorrow. 
Approaching Dalewood Drive Bridge, a hot subject for over 30 years what to do with it

Not clear because I took it through the windshield with the little Canon Powershot
With that we are calling it a night and plan to finish the novels we are reading. I am into Lee Child’s “Make Me” and it has me laughing at times with Jack Reacher’s antics and on the edge of my seat at others.

This has been a great day and I hope you have had a good one too.

Thank you for reading and your comments are always welcome!


  1. Busy, busy, catching up with everyone, while the weather is yucky. Not long and we be back in the area again.

    1. Beautiful sunny mild day today, 11C which isn't bad at all and no white stuff! Soon you will be caught up in the visiting fray and we'll be relaxing by then. :)

  2. The weather may not be the greatest but it sounds like you and Bill are enjoying visiting with family and friends. Stay warm and dry.

    1. Regardless of weather, we are warm, dry and happy visiting with friends and family. :)

  3. Haha.....love the word gallivanting.....a highly underutilized word!

  4. It is weird to visit friends in your old neighbourhood when you no longer live there, it's been four years since we sold our house and I still have a hard time driving by it.

    1. We didn't take our dog Clemson, we think it would be hard on his little head. He always got excited, naturally, turning on to that street. :)