Sunday, April 2, 2017

Slow Moving Morning, Lovely Dinner with Friends

Today, Saturday, April 1st I woke up at 6:30 again. I was in bed last night by 10 so felt well rested. I peeked out my bedroom window and reminded myself where we were. Oh yes, CanAm parking lot. It is quiet, no one arrives until after 8:30. It was nice and warm inside the Suite again all night with the fireplace and our heater on low. 

I don’t know if I am hoping for a miracle today, but with the 36F/2C outside it would be nice if the weather guessers were right in their forecast for +6C and sunshine later. At this point, it really doesn’t matter, we are home and happy to be here. Funny but it seems a long time ago that I was sitting at a pool in 95F temps and it was only 2 weeks!
Bobby, Jeff and Derrick at A V F
It felt good not to have to get up and get on the road, let me tell you! We are going to putter around London to do a few things on our list and possibly squeeze in a visit with a friend or two since our kids in the area seem to be busy today. See? This is what I explained to friends in the southwest and how it was easy for us to pull up stakes and disappear for 5 months. We don’t expect our children to be at our beck and call and visa versa.

So, after breakfast we drove the short distance into London. We needed Canadian cash now, and Bill needed to stop at Cummin’s at Westmount Mall to order new lenses. From there it was a trip across the city to Henry’s Camera Store to pick up a sensor and lens cleaning kit. My pictures are so bad and my camera needs a good cleaning. Bill has a good camera too so the cost for the kit and bulb are well worth it for us.
Bill's new plane

When we left there, we headed over to AVF, Bill’s favourite store of all time That is because it is a hobby store and one of our very best friends co-owns it. The store is on Dundas St. East and does a booming business. Derrick had set aside a plane that Bill ordered a couple of weeks ago, a plane that we can fly easily at The Ridge as well as take next year down south. We had a nice chat with Derrick, Jeff and Bobby.

I was feeling a headache coming on, which is very rare but wanted to have something to eat before we made contact to visit friends. It was noon time and we don’t like to drop in at any meal time on anyone. A quick bite at A & W including their frosty root beer was good for a change. I did really well by not being pulled into the Talize in the same parking lot! For those who don’t know, Talize is a very organized version of a Salvation Army/Thrift store. One of MY favourite stores in the city.

We unfortunately missed Sharon but found Jim at home and up for a visit. How great he looked and he was happy to see us. 

Jim and Sharon from a couple of summers ago
We have had lots of comments on our tan since we returned home and Jim was no exception. We had a nice chat for an hour and a half before heading back to Lambeth to the Suite and our pooch.
A Synergy motor home in the CanAm lot
Andy in there hooking up an rv for tomorrow
The sun was popping in and out intermittently for the rest of the afternoon and the temperature made it to the forecasted 9C. It wasn’t a bad day at all. Today we heard from my sister Gayle and her husband, John and they arrived home in Chatsworth around 4 pm, safe and sound.
An older model Airstream but gorgeous inside!
Also, our dear friends, Rob and Pat, from Durham made it across the border into Canada and home in good time. Now we have all exchanged our Canadian cell phone #’s so we can still keep in touch back here.
Our temporary home until we move north to the Ridge
Last night, Kirk Thomson, one of the owner’s of CanAm knocked on our door before he left for the day, with an invitation to join him, Kate an a few others for dinner. They want to thank their CanAm friends, volunteers, who have helped them out at the Seminars. What a lovely gesture! Of course, we accepted. It will be a nice evening.
Cut little Tag trailer
So, while Bill puttered around with the gang inside I lazed about in the Suite with Clemson. There isn’t much to do in a parking lot and I know tomorrow will be a busy day. They are expecting a large crowd. People need to register in advance for this seminar and there is always a big attendance.
Kate puts on a beautiful table display for her guests
From there, they get on the list for any of the 10 vehicles ready to tow that they wish to test drive. It is a good opportunity for wanna-be rv’ers or wanna-be upgraders to see what their vehicle can pull. There are also two seminars during the day put on by Andy Thomson detailing very helpful information for rv’ing.
Glen, Suzette, Kate, Tina, Linda and Jill
Bill will be assisting by driving a pickup truck that is pulling a 5th wheel. He drives out with the registrant and they take the wheel to drive back. It is a good test for sure. I will be inside as a greeter, checking people off the list and directing them to their assigned sales rep. At least during the slow periods I will be able to come out and check on the pooch who will be dutifully looking after the house.
A little warmth to the chill air
We met at Kirk and Kate’s place at 6:30 and had a drink before dinner with some very tasty bacon-wrapped almonds in sauce and just as delectable brie with walnuts. Oh my! 

Kate and Kirk's beautiful home
It was chilly outside but the sun kept us warm while we chatted on their deck looking out over the property.
Kirk, One of our gracious hosts

Yes, the cold air didn't hamper the conversation in the least

Hors d'oeuvres

Interesting what you learn about others in these small gatherings and who you bump into. We had a wonderful meal and a fantastic time on into the evening when we left for home around 10. I was in no frame of mind to post, I went straight to bed.

Goodnight from Lambeth, On. and thank you for reading today. All comments are welcome!


  1. Looks like a fun 1st day back in Ontario, enjoy yourselves today as well and keep nice and toasty warm.

    1. It sure was. We had a great couple of days so far and more to come.

  2. Nice reconnecting with friends and I'm certain they were all interested in hearing about your travels.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Sounds like a great day back on your home turf. I can "hear" in your writing you are happy to be there.
    When I wake up for the first few days after we get home I have to stop and think, where am I and where is the bathroom...:). Of course, at this point we are still moving back into our brick and mortar house.

    1. It really was. Yes, we are happy to be home, since we had to. :) If that makes sense. Happy moving back into the house. I'm not jealous of that!