Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Overcast Day, Mom, Mail Arrives! Baked Things

Woke up to this sky, no sunrise and no chance of sun today even though the forecast model showed some this morning. It is only 7C and I’m sure we’ll see some rain spatters as well. That’s okay, after our showers, I have plans to visit Mom and maybe poke around Durham stores to get reacquainted.
This morning sky didn't show too much promise for a sunrise
After reading posts and having my tea and breakfast I showered and got ready for my visit. Captured this blue jay around the property. First time this year we’ve seen them here. Last year they hogged the bird feeder, of course, that was later in the year.

I drove into Durham in the spattering rain and wind at 10:45 and parked in front of Rockwood. I found Mom sleeping in her room, dressed but such a peaceful sight. It was such a gift to wake her up and get such a welcoming smile. Of course, she didn’t think she’d seen me for years, but that was okay. I know better, wink, wink.
Good day to go visiting

Rockwood Centre
I can’t help but wonder what the visits will be like and want to be comfortable suggesting a walk for exercise or just to go down to the puzzle room. Today I need not worry. I sat on her bed with her and we chatted non-stop for an hour. The time seemed to fly by and I soon had to take her down to her dining room for lunch.

Saying goodbye was 100% better today than last time because someone was at her table already. She made a joke about not inviting me for lunch because there wasn’t a chair for me but kissed me goodbye and watched and waved as I went out the door. That is exactly I want to leave her, happy, comfortable and content.
Mom was so happy to see me and very willing to pose for me
After leaving Rockwood I picked up the mail from our short-lived post office box and then drove to Main St. (hwy. 6) and parked. I wanted to scoot around the town a bit and see what I might have missed last fall. I went into a book store and picked up 5 for $3, authors that we will read, James Patterson and Tami Hoag to name a couple.

The view from Main Street (Garafraxa)
 From there I wandered down as far as the community pool which took me across the bridge over part of the Saugeen River. The other day I viewed a different part of this river when I walked alongside the McGowan Falls.

Love the talent displayed on the brick buildings in town
Then I poked my nose into one other store, a second-hand store of course that I’ve been in before. I like the owner of this place and found a pretty little pair of shoes to replace a couple I’m purging on Sunday. From there, I’m heading home to my sweeties. I’m sure they’re missing me like crazy. Oh, I’m pretty good at sarcasm too!

Bill had finished his James Patterson book “Along Came a Spider” so I left him long enough to get that out of the way. I was sitting at my laptop when I looked out the window towards the road and noticed the mail lady was stopping at our mailbox. Yay! Our first delivery! “We’ve Got Mail!”

Clemson and I took our walk down the laneway to get the mail. That was fast, we just made that change a few days ago. Bill noticed that my income tax refund was in the bank already too, that only took 8 days. Too bad it wasn’t enough to cover what he owed on his.

My walking partner
Bill found himself outside working in his cargo trailer again. Since the air was still cool at only 10C he at least was in out of the wind. I’m not sure what he got up to but I left him alone and I set about baking something. I plugged our Suite in to the power and made pulled out a few recipes to choose from.

I chose a peanut butter chocolate cheesecake as well as a fudge, so you can probably tell from this that I have been craving chocolate the last couple of days. Bill popped in a couple of times to see what the creations were going to be and it will be determined after dinner if they were a success.

I made up 4 burgers for dinner and lit the Weber Q. Bill took over cooking the meat and the bacon while I cut an onion and tomato and set things up inside. I haven’t had a hamburger in a long time but still could only eat one. That’s okay, leftovers.

When dishes were done I saw the first sighting of the sunshine since that morning peak at 7 am. We heard on the news that London was getting sun for most of the day and we’re sorry to have missed out on that. Looks like we’ll have our own for tomorrow and that is good, I am anxious to get outside again.

We watched a bit of Canadian Pickers and then a rerun of one of our favourite NCIS shows. We recorded The Voice and watched it at 9 and then put on 48 Hours: NCIS. I hope you have all had a good day and got some of that sunshine wherever you are.
My garden with frogs in place

My tired pooch - sorry for the blur, I was trying to take it quickly so as not to disturb them
Goodnight from The Ridge and from the sun that made this only appearance
Thank you for reading. I love to get your comments if you feel like leaving one.


  1. A perfect day for cooking inside, all looks very yummy.

  2. yummy comfort foods and a little shopping trip on a cold and overcast day is a great recipe to lift the spirit. You know what to do!

  3. The pictures of the food looked way to good...:) The picture of your garden with the frogs in place is wonderful.
    I know what you mean about visiting with your mom, glad for you that it was a good day especially the leaving. I know when I would spend time with my dad and he wouldn't want me to leave, he had 24 hour a day care, it would be hard explaining that I had to go home and there was someone there with him. She does have one great smile.

    1. For anyone who has not dealt with an aging parent in a home, it leaves an empty guilty feeling inside us when we walk away. We know they are cared for very well but it is still so hard. It is the child/parent role reversed. I was so happy it went well and can only hope for the same on my next visit!