Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wind and More Wind but a Productive Day

Wednesday, Apr. 19th up on the hill started out really windy. Good thing it was a mild 11C at 7 or it could be quite nasty out there. At least it is looking to be a dry day even though the sky is covered in heavy clouds. It is a fine day to run some errands and pay a visit to Mom.
Mary, Mary Quite Contrary
How Does Your Garden Grow?
Neither of us felt like rushing around and actually that word ‘rushing’ isn’t in our vocabulary anymore anyway! I had my shower and we drove to Priceville, the opposite direction of Durham on Highway 4. We were happy to see the little post office building was still there as it was up for sale last fall.

Phil, the postmaster, greeted us warmly when we walked in. I re-introduced myself and Bill and we discussed the possibility and requirements of having rural mail delivery. He agreed that having a post office box in Durham was a costly endeavor and was very helpful. Decision made!

When we left there, we drove to Durham where Bill dropped me off for a visit with Mom. I couldn’t find her for a few minutes and by deductive reasoning a staff member helped me locate her in the hair salon. She was all done up in rollers with a new perm. We chatted in there until she was finished which turned out to be so close to lunch time that we walked out to the dining room.
When cows lay in a field, the farmers tale means it is going to rain
Pay attention, it is pretty bang on
Mom was confused when I was ready to leave “you’re just going to drop me here in a corner?” At least it was her humour asking since she could see her chair at the dining table. I believe it was just shy of 10 hugs that I got before she agreed to sit down. 

 Waving goodbye with an “I love you guys” it is nice to see her smiling when we leave.
We drove to Tim Summers Tax & Accounting office and dropped off Mom’s income tax information. Another very friendly business owner, this town is shaping up to impress me. We went to RBC to make an appointment to talk about our investments which are coming due.
There is that smile in a new 'do'
Our final stop was at the Men’s Clothing Store with the Service Ontario counter in the back. The first step in changing from a post office box to an end of the laneway mail delivery. Both our drivers licenses and health cards taken care of in a matter of minutes.

Home for lunch (breakfast for me) so we made up toasted tomato sandwiches. It was nice for a change and we have tomatoes to be eaten up. While munching away we were both on our laptops updating addresses with Service Canada, our pensions, magazines, friends and family.
Gabby nests
I realized yesterday that I need to pull my kitchen compost container out of the cupboard. That made me happy, because slowly things are falling into place. Since we pay for garbage tags here, this will keep it to a minimum.

I guess the running around tired us out and we, all three, crawled up for a snooze. Bill is headed off to London tomorrow morning so he ironed his shirt and packed his bag and the car with his ‘overnight’ bedding. In the morning, we’ll pack a cooler for him with lunch for a couple of days, supper and dessert. Yes, he has remembered to put in some reading material and his laptop this time.
Strange sky today
The sun has taken over the sky so Clemson and I did our walk to the end of the lane. Lots of turtles jumping off logs as we walked by and there was Gabe in the pond providing the security Gabby needs while nesting. It has been a productive day without a lot of exertion and before we know it dinner time arrives.
Gabe floats by, actually I think he sleeps
Steak, fried mushrooms and salad. Yummy. Once dishes were cleaned up, we settled in to watching our Tuesday night shows that we recorded last night. The coming days sound like storms are in the air. I guess it will be good for the gardens to get that rain.

I hope your day has been a good one and that you enjoy the calm before the storm.
Thank you for reading along and I love to receive your comments.


  1. Nice to get those loose ends wrapped up and a visit with you mom. Too bad it was windy there, pretty nice here. This user is a tough life that we have ti suffer through, but still think it is the best job we have ever had.
    Now for you to make through the nighttime without Bill, think you should be getting pretty good at it by now.

  2. It usually windy up here to some extent but there have been a few days stronger than others. We don't mind especially when the sun is out! :) Yes, I'm getting used to going out with Clemson now. He is pretty quick too. :)

  3. That is a great picture of Mom...I thought her hair looked a bit out of control on Sunday and so glad that she made the decision on her own! She needs to maintain some control after all!
    It was a beautiful day to work outside though the final days of the week don't look quite so promising.

    1. I was very surprised that she had set it up herself. I'm glad you had a good day to work at Mildmay.