Friday, April 28, 2017

Heat Loss, Haircut, Baby Yertle and Taking Control

On Friday, Apr. 28th we woke up to guess what? Clouds again. Lordy oh Lordy, will Julie from CTV news ever get it right this week? The wind had died down this morning only to pick up again by noon hour just in time for the sky to clear and the sun to bring us some warmth.

Good morning
Over coffee/tea Bill and I made plans for today. Not written in stone, we had discussed yesterday that maybe I would go into Hanover for my haircut on Monday and get the license plate cover put on at Heinz while I’m there. They didn’t have one in stock yesterday.
Just another view across our patio set to the pond 

This morning we decided to both drive in and get both things done. Bill will be out of town on Monday and Tuesday so this way I don’t have to drive in next week. He dropped me off at First Choice at 9:30 and I was pleased that there were only 2 customers ahead of me. I was taken care of pronto by Brandy. Who names their offspring after booze anyway? She was charming as is the right type in a snifter.
Dandelions have made an appearance

A peek through the brush along the driveway
I only wanted a trim and she took off at least 2 inches, trying to get rid of my ‘scraggy’ ends. My word, not hers. With my $3 coupon I only had to pay $12.47 plus tax and a tip. Pretty good price, I’d say, and she even blew it dry with some product on it. Such a little touch up makes a huge difference.
What do you see in this picture?
I wandered into Mark’s Work Warehouse as I noticed a ‘storewide sale’. I love that store, their clothes and their sales. I didn’t get too far into the store as I didn’t need anything other than some new socks. Found a great deal, buy one get one for 50% off on Denver Hayes so walked out a happy ‘camper’. Literally!
Meet Baby Yertle
I don't know how I didn't step on him on my way to the Restroom
Bill tooted around town a bit waiting for my text to say I was ready and timed it perfectly as I walked back to the parking lot, he was there. We came home just before 11, done running around for the day. The temperature was rising but not very quickly at 11C and the winds were also stepping it up. Naturally.

I felt a chill so made myself a cup of tea and we each enjoyed one of my corn muffins with butter. Yummy, even without nuking them. After yesterday’s 27C my body was feeling cheated with such a drastic heat loss. I think I’ll brave it this afternoon, bundle up and go out and dig up a persistent nuisance plant in my garden. I can’t remember what Donna called it, but that is my name for it.
this green ground cover plant as well as the green and white is what I'm evacuating
I’m glad I went out, despite the cool wind, as the sun was wonderful. I dug out the 3-prong trowel and a shovel, my garden gloves, a board to sit on and a container for the ‘disposals’. Before I got too far, one of my layers came off. Granted I was wearing a few so I had some to spare.
Clemson checks the air and the sounds around us
Clemson is always happy when our jackets, sweaters or shirts come off. You can see why in the picture. Here he sat listening to the sounds of nature and I’m sure smelling all kinds of things I was not aware of. He was my watch dog and kept me in his sight.
I started at one end of the garden and decided I wasn’t stopping until I got to the other end. It took me about 4 hours and even though I feel confident that I got 90% of these pesky plants, I’m sure there are roots still stretching up to the surface as I type. I’ll watch and keep pulling them. Eventually, I should prevail.
Where you see  brown, is where that plant took over
Once I was finished, I put things away and admired my work. My back always argues with this type of chore so I decided to take a walk down the lane and stretch it and my legs out. Of course, a camera in had means a few pictures of the pond along the way.

Bill came out after feeding Clemson at 5 pm and I showed him the garden. I wanted his opinion of where I wish to plant a small vegetable garden so we checked that area out as well. I plan to start digging in the next couple of weeks if the weather ever co-operates.

Done for today
Since we had some leftovers in the fridge that needed to be cleaned up, that is what we did for supper. I plugged us in after using solar power all day and reheated a pork chop and a hamburg patty. On the side, I made up a salad. It was just enough and tasted pretty good.

With dinner and dishes cleaned up, I noticed the clouds had moved in leaving only a sliver of sun. It was a pretty good day and it feels pretty nice that at 8 o’clock the sun still hasn’t set. I enjoy watching the performance put on in the evening sky, the colours, the play of the clouds and the overall effect. Tonight was no different.

Goodnight all

I hope that you have enjoyed your day. I hope that the sun shone in your world.

Thank you for reading. I love to read your comments.


  1. Nothing quite like country living and the wide open spaces.

    1. Yup and the wind. Heh heh, we weren't here last spring so perhaps that is normal here. On the hot summer days we welcome it. :)

  2. Great price on the hair cut. The garden looks great, I wonder if mulch would help keep the 'weed' down, and if not it would at least make it easier to pull each time you see it. Liked the sunset pics.

    1. Yes, cheap hair cuts at First Choice. Thank you, I love the garden. I actually do have black mulch on the garden, it is just where I dug up yesterday that needs more now. The plant I am trying to remove has creeping roots so I know I didn't get it all. It isn't even a weed, my sister planted it for ground cover but it takes over all my other plants. I will definitely get more mulch sooner than later, thanks! :)