Monday, April 24, 2017

Banking, Common Snipe, Cleaning up Outdoors, Jello at Home

Monday, Apr. 24th was another beautiful sunny day. Too bad the wind is so cool again this morning. We were up at 7 for our coffees and blog reading. As I stepped out to walk to the Restroom I could hear the bird that we heard last July again. We had searched for the sound on a bird app and came to a conclusion, then, that it was a boreal owl.
Bill leaves to get water
 This morning I was able to see it and it sure doesn’t look like any kind of owl I’ve ever seen or read about. It was flying singly and really high up that I couldn’t focus on its quick flight long enough to get a picture. Hmmm. I wanted to google it now that I know what the bird looks like.

I pulled out my collection of yard ornaments
These are things we brought from our house before we sold last year

some things I couldn't leave behind when I knew we were coming to the Ridge

Our neighbour, Caroline, had these out at the curb
Loved the 3 blind mice wind vane
Let the hummingbirds come
Seems that the owl makes the exact same sound as the Common Snipe and to be honest this looks much more like a snipe than an owl. If I could get a photo of him I could confirm my findings so I’ll continue to try. I have all summer to capture him.

Our neighbours have this little shed way back on their property
Why let something like this go to waste?
We drove into Durham for a 10 o’clock appointment at RBC about the investments that were due. Susan was very interested in the lifestyle we have chosen and asked a lot of questions about the southwest. She was thrilled to get one of our cards so she could read our blogs. That cleaned up and settled for a few years, we went to F & S to fill a propane tank.

Gabe swims
Bill always looks after things that are needed for the Suite but is even more in-tune to my needs when he will be away. I can’t help but think how useless I would be for so many things if he wasn’t around for a few days. I’m sure I’d manage with instruction but you know what I mean. He needs to stick around for a very, very long time!

Taking a break, see the piles I need to go back and pick up?

Back home by 11 this morning and the temperature has risen to 12C/53F and the wind has died down considerably. In town there is no noticeable wind so it is probably 3 or 4 degrees warmer. I’ll take this in a heartbeat though, nothing compares to the serenity and privacy up here on the hill. We sat down and while made a few phone calls to change our mailing address, I went online and did the same for my connections with being Mom's poa. I think we might have everything updated now to our rural route delivery.

So I'm watching a visitor in Gabe's pond
He flies in behind him/her and seems to stalk

Flirting or showing who is boss?

Seems like they have come to terms with each other
After a bite for lunch we headed outside. Bill and Clemson drove over to The Acreage to get the bladder full of water. We were just below half but because he was expected to go to London for a couple of days, we wanted to top up. While he was gone, I hopped on my bike and went for a spin down the lane and road to the corner. Gosh, my legs need to be stronger! Good thing for the 6 gear changes on my wheels. It was good and I just need to build up the muscle so it doesn’t take so much out of me.

I was stunned when these geese came from nowhere
 My next venture was to rake the secondary lane from the bottom of the corral up the hill to the Suite. Mostly small branches from the overhead trees but also dead grass needed to be raked and cleaned up. So, from the leg work out to the arms it felt good to work outside. Often, I stopped to take a breather and have a water break. The sun was warm and I was grateful for the wind today.

One day I'm going to catch this guy in flight displaying his beautiful red wings
Bill returned and set up the hoses and filter to fill the tank before opening up his cargo trailer that holds his remote-controlled planes. I should have got a picture but maybe I’ll wait until he has it organized again. He is always coming up with new ideas.

Once I finished raking and dumping the loads in the brush pile, I was truly exhausted. I think the bike ride had caught up with me and my legs felt like rubber. I walked the lane a couple of times just to keep moving and then gave in and sat in my lounge chair with Clemson.
In case you missed it, this  will be our temperature for the next few

At 5 I lit the Weber and heated it up to start roasting potatoes. I could have sat outside in that warmth for a bit longer but I knew I would be asleep. After putting the cut-up spuds in a tinfoil pan, I came inside with Bill and Clemson and cut up onions and mushrooms. I would fry those up on the stove inside.
Dinner was delicious with the sides I’ve already mentioned and the steak we didn’t eat last night. After a good working day, sitting down with a full tummy was just what we needed. Not sure how long I will be able to sit and read before these eyes give in.

Gabe returns to his self made peace

I kept an eye on Gabe today in our east pond and watched swallows frequent the sky. Like the snipe, they are very fast, too fast for my lens. As a few of my readers have stated, this is a nature haven………….or should I say heaven. There is always something to listen to or look for related to ‘the nature of things’.
With the sun setting behind me, I’m going to pop in last night’s final sunset and call it a night. I’ve no doubt, if you are an outdoors type of person, whether it is landscaping you’re into, hiking, driving or reading, I’m sure you enjoyed this beautiful day in your neck of the woods as much as I did.
Good night from our summer place
By the way, Bill got a call this morning from CanAm. Change of plans, jiggling jello happens even here at home. While we were prepared to have Bill go to London Tuesday and Wednesday to work, Tuesday got postponed. Hmm, it would be a really long day for him to drive the 2 1/2 hours, work 8 hours and drive home so Phil was able to find someone to cover Wednesday's jobs. that makes life easier this time for us. We have to take the Ford in for the bumper repair Thursday morning so staying overnight was not going to be an option. Thanks Phil!

Thank you for following our day today. I love receiving your comments.


  1. The weather sure was wonderful to be outside all day long. perfect.

  2. the scenery is so beautiful. its so peaceful.... I wonder if there is any car mechanics or bumper repair

    1. We have mechanics in town and were able to get our bumper replaced 20 minutes away in Hanover. It is so peaceful here, nature comes alive in the country.