Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Who Turned the Heat Off? A Bundle Up Day and Bill Comes Home

Well, Clemmy and I had a good night. It is nice that it doesn’t get dark now until around 8:30 so I was able to keep the blinds open to the great outdoors. Seeing outside for as long as possible helped me psyche myself up for what I knew was coming.

Like clockwork, at 9 the little guy jumped off my chair and had to go out. I turned on the outside light plus the scare lights on the Suite. This lights up all around the unit. Even though Clemson only goes about 10 feet off our mat, straight out and does his piddle before returning to me, I feel better having the area lit up.

I focused on capturing the sound of the peeper frogs instead of anything beyond that and we did fine. I did fine with no racing heart palpitations. Thank you to all of you for your supporting comments. It was a drizzly calm night and he doesn’t like to get wet any more than I do.
What is this crap on my step?
This morning, Wednesday, Apr. 12th brought a few large white flakes of snow that lasted for about 2 minutes and then disappeared. Clemson and I got up at 7 to 1C and a bit of a wind out there. Overnight I had the propane heater set at 1.5-2 and turned toward the stairs so we were very cozy and warm.
I don't know if you can see her, but our neighbour's dog, Ellie May
visits usually once a day. She is a sweet old soul and we don't mind.
Bill is doing well in Lambeth although the owner cancelled their rv pick up for yesterday so after a couple of hours of work, he clocked out. That was unfortunate but it is what it is. This morning, another cancellation, but Can Am had need for him to drive to St. Mary’s to pick up their newly purchased golf cart. Guess who? That worked out well and with an orientation this afternoon he should be home in good time this evening.
This was the tall cupboard I straightened up yesterday
I'm much happier with it
Two graders went by this morning
They really keep on top of these roads
He slept last night in a warm retro trailer with electric and water hookup and the furnace on. Luckily it had a microwave so he could heat up his leftover casserole but unfortunately, this unit did not have a television. Bummer, he had a long night with only his phone to play with. Neither thought of him taking a book. Duh!

Today was a bitter cold day, the temperature never rose above 3C. With that strong wind and no sun, my two attempts at getting “out there” had me hi-tailing it back inside in a matter of minutes. I don’t have to be doing anything in that cold so stayed inside.

I wasn’t in the mood for purging my clothes closet today and needed to keep cranking up the heater to keep warm. That is what happens when you sit on your butt all day, you get chilled. It turned into a computer day as I dug into my son-in-law’s family tree. This is for Dad as he has a huge Family Heritage Site going right now.

Before I knew it, the time had flown by and Bill called around 4 to say he was on the way home. Yay! I’ve pulled some loin chops out of the freezer for supper, he should arrive shortly after 6:30. I’ll make up a salad to go along with them.

Sitting here at the window, I saw our resident goose (he/she is always on the pond, alone, every day) going through the motions to find food. Often visitors arrive and they squawk and perform before they leave again. I should name this one since he continues to show his back side over and over as if we’re friends.

The sun arrived and suddenly my mood improved by 50%. Clemson and I tried one more time to venture outdoors, well, he had some business to attend to. It didn’t last long and we were back inside. I was kind of expecting Bill to drive in while we were out there but it wasn’t until after we’d stepped inside.
And the sun came through

I'll take it

I had to go out and snap a picture of him coming in the driveway. I missed him and so did someone else. So cute to see him trot over to his daddy in greeting. I’m not a fan of pork chops, I’m sure I’ve mentioned that, but it was my go-to meal tonight and I made the best of it. I pulled out the electric fry pan and fried them up in bacon grease with some seasonings.
My man and my Toyota
With a nice salad filled with veggies I dabbed some barbecue sauce on my plate to dip the pork in. I was able to finish the whole chop and it didn’t taste too bad. Give me beef or chicken anytime, please.
A little boy is happy
So with Bill home, all is well again. He had a long couple of days but was happy to be back where he belongs…………until the next time they need him. I asked him to take some pictures of the retro trailer he slept in. Cute!

It is actually a nice little trailer
Instead of sitting on the computer tonight, I’m going to close up. I have someone to talk to again other than Clemmy. I hope you’ve had a warmer, sunnier day than I have. The best is yet to come!
Goodnight from the Ridge

Thank you for reading. I love to hear from you!


  1. Nice that you made it through those days, but now he is back home and all will be good. Got here today at camp awesome and was not to bad at 9 c and we had some sun. Much cooler than where we were, but no snow!
    Now to enjoy your time together.

  2. Welcome Home George and Suzie! Now family time, enjoy Easter gatherings!

  3. Patsy a thought for your consideration: in Germany pork chops are usually breaded (first flour, then beaten egg and finally bread crumbs, i.e. Italian) and slowly browned at medium heat in a frying pan. This gives the pork a different taste. Sometimes I fry ripe bananas alongside them when I make this dish. You are right, your site looks like camp awesome with the ponds, the ducks and open spaces.

    1. Thank you for the suggestion Marlene! I have written it down for next time. I used to like them but my tastes changed. I'll definitely try that!
      This is definitely like Camp Awesome for me!

    2. Even shake and bake makes pork chops so tasty .

    3. I've tried that too but there is still pork in there. LOL I can take them once in a while but don't really enjoy the flavour. :)

  4. Just wanted to thank Bill for the trailer orientation he did for me on Wednesday afternoon (the Lance). Sounds like I was the only one that didn't cancel. As if I'd let a little cold weather delay getting a new trailer! :)

    We are still both working full-time, so we'll be following along on your adventures.

    Take care

    1. Hi Bob, thank you so much for commenting. I have passed the message on to Bill. He hopes you are happy with your new trailer! Keep in touch.