Thursday, April 6, 2017

Windy Night, Wet Day, Shopping!

It wasn’t surprising to wake up on Thursday, Apr. 6th to an overcast wet day. Last night the sky was pretty weird looking, we knew those strong winds and clouds were going to bring something nasty. Looks like we’re in for a couple of cold, wet days and the wet might even be white. Oh well, it is what it is.
See that little patch of blue? I was hopeful even through the rain
So, this morning Bill is working for CanAm on an orientation for a couple picking up their 17’ trailer. I don’t know if it is a new one or a used one but they will be living in it until their new home is built in Collingwood. Okay, I’m good at living in my 36’ rv but 17’? I’d have to draw the line there.

Bill clocks in at 9 and gets familiar with the trailer so he can offer helpful advice to the owners. He tries to give them as much info as possible so their first experience is a good one, at least as far as knowing how things work. So by 8:45 he was out the door.
Look at these two little travel trailers the boys are washing today
I knew what I was going to do while he was busy. I’ve been here in the London area for um, 6 days and I haven’t been to any of my favourite haunts yet. Today was the day. I said goodbye to Bill and took the truck into the city. I didn’t have to go far, the Goodwill store, Winners, Nygard and Value Village were all in a pretty close radius.

I’d never been to the Goodwill on White Oaks Road before so stopped there first. Well, this didn’t appeal to me on first impression. There were a fair number of customers and I saw on the main board that all clothes were $1.75/lb. Since that is all I look at, that was what I needed to know. I poked through a couple of their large rolling bins, found 3 nice, good quality tops and left. Total spent $1.75.

My next closest venue was Winners and I walked through there and perused their clearance racks. Since there was nothing in particular I was looking for, I basically put in time until the Nygard store opened down the sidewalk. Only once in a blue moon do I find a real good deal at Winners so I wasn’t surprised today.
Found nothing in this store
When I walked in the next store, I remembered that I love this Fashion Outlet place. I remember picking up some beautiful clothes at an awesome price last summer. The staff is always friendly, one lady in particular who was there last year. My eye is keen for “off the rack” and “seconds” signs as I know they knock these designer labels down to a fraction of the original cost.

I found a couple of things, tried them on and checked out. This time it was $27 after my 10% discount scratch card. One last stop and going to Value Village is always an ‘iffy’ experience. Sometimes I find great things for a good price and other times, nothing catches my eye.

I’m not crazy about the way they price clothing in particular. They rely too much on the brand name and that just isn’t fair. Some of us just want a pair of jeans that fit good no matter the brand. All jeans should be priced the same, all tops, all dresses. Most thrift stores follow this practice and they are guaranteed to get my business.

Anyway, I found a couple of things in the household section and a hooded sweatshirt to replace the one I tossed on the trip home. No discussion needed on what happened to that one. I spent $12. I’m pleased with my shopping spree. It would have been nice to have someone tag along for company but not necessary. By the way, I don’t mean a husband.

Today has turned into an upside-down day. We thought we might go home this afternoon but Bill has been tied up all day with his orientation for one reason or another. Now we’ve discovered that one of the cables for our bedroom slide out needs to be repaired or replaced. We’ve got their best guy looking after it and the verdict will answer the question as to when we pull out of their lot.

We are retired, we have no obligations for time so will do what we need to do and stay as long as we need to stay. Stay tuned! The rainbow side of it is that this is the place for something like that to happen, not up at The Ridge.

I hope your day has been a good one even if it is here in the wet stuff we are enduring. It could always be worse and I have a feeling it will be before it gets much better. I just went out and brought the truck to the front from the back-parking lot. That was the shower I didn't take this morning. The staff at CanAm close two gates when they leave here and the rumour is that Bill is taking me out to supper. We don’t want to be locked inside.
Thought I'd throw in this gorgeous Arizona sunset
Because I can and I was there and got the bumper sticker!
Thank you for reading, sorry to the guys that it was a post mostly about shopping. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

All of your comments are read and appreciated!


  1. Looks like you had a fun day shopping and looking for deals. Hope your get you slide fixed and get back on the road again. Like you said we are retired so no big deal right?

    1. I needed to get out and walk through some shops. :) Thank you, hopefully they can do it this morning so we can be off around noon. No big deal, all the time in the world.

  2. Sounds like a successful shopping day. If something has to go wrong with your RV you might as well have it happen when you are parked in a place they can fix it. Hope the rumor is correct and you had a very nice dinner out...:)

    1. Thank you, it was fun! You are right, this is the place for sure! The rumour was true, we just went to Flying M down the street but good food and I didn't cook! :)

  3. I'd jsu stay there a day or two yet, several inches of snow up here not too far from The Ridge!

  4. I never find anything at Winners ... probably because I don't have the patience to sort through the racks! Love the sunset picture 😊