Saturday, April 22, 2017

Sunshine! Makes Me Want to Dance or is that the 50’s tunes?!

Saturday, Apr. 22nd we were up before the birds, well before the sun anyway. The sun didn’t make a grand appearance as a sunrise, but it was so determined that it gradually pushed the clouds out of the way. By noon, it reigned over the blue sky and every one of us below. I dragged out of bed around 6:45 and Bill and Clemson were already up. That is what going to bed at 10:30 does for us.

I had my shower this morning and we drove to Hanover arriving just before 9 at the Bread Depot. It is nice to be able to buy the bread we love now that we are back in Canada. From there we dropped in on Donna and Gerry briefly. I had a few jacket/sweater options for her to choose from. She is going to a funeral tomorrow and it is tough to know what to wear.
Into  Hanover early

Our next stop was Rona to buy a couple pieces of lumber to make our mailbox post. We needed something easily transportable, but stable, as well as enough to hold our ‘Richards’ Way’ sign. I can’t see what is in Bill’s head but there are usually pretty good ideas up there. One last stop in Hanover was Walmart for our groceries. 

A few groceries to put away, Clemson watches
Their prices are pretty much the best around. I never thought years ago that today I would be buying groceries in a department store!
Donna and Gerry's home in Hanover
By this time, the sun was almost full blown as we drove back through Durham into the Home Hardware to pick up the mailbox. Just a basic metal one is all we need plus the numbers to stick on our fire #. Our name will obviously be on the sign overhead. This should work out great. Bill has a couple of good working outside days to put it together and we are in business!
Measuring the 2 x 4
I hadn’t eaten anything before we left so when we arrived back around 11 I was hungry and got out the stuff I needed for a breakfast quesadilla. Bacon, egg, grated cheese, tomato and lettuce. I cooked a couple extra pieces of bacon so Bill could have a toasted bacon, cheese, tomato lettuce sandwich for lunch. Yum, that was delicious!
And here come the buds and growth
Tummy full, I checked online to see the progress I’d made in donations for the Alzheimer’s walk. I sent off a thank you to a donor this morning, you know who you are so ‘thank you’. I’m halfway to my goal and that is great for the cause!
This little plant put me in mind of my youth when these were all over our fields
I wanted to share something that totally cracked me up yesterday and I believe it is worth a mention. One of our fellow bloggers, Lorne, wrote a post entitled Man Cold. I don’t recall laughing that hard at sarcasm in a long time so if you haven’t read, and are looking for a cackler check it out at A Place Called “Away”. Enjoy. I hope Lorne doesn’t mind the mention, I think he missed his calling.  :)

The wind was cold today and we were only hitting about 7C but we both bundled up and went outdoors. Bill started working on the post for the mailbox and I, um, what did I do? I walked down the lane, I laid on the dock, I took pictures and enjoyed my life.
When Bill needed my help, I was there to hold the post or the mail box while he cut the lumber or put screws in. Soon, he had it together, placed in the pail and ready for our fire number to be applied. We loaded it into the tractor wagon and took it to the end of the driveway with rocks in the pail for stability.
I walked along behind to hold the load straight
We have our mailbox. Next project, satellite. Because the dish fell over on Thursday night, we needed to find the satellite again. It didn’t take long and we had our service. Yay! Lastly, connecting the new head that Bill just bought to the dish that was installed on our Bunkie. Things were aligned perfectly and within 10 minutes we had that one set up too. Double yay!
Filled with rocks and ready to go to the road
Bill just needs to activate the new box and we’re good to go. We used the one from our bedroom so we knew things were working properly. Guess what time it is? Time for Clemson to get his dinner. He was patient and did some running around outside while we were working. Now he is a happy pooch with a full tummy. And it is our turn.
This was one of today's accomplishments

We picked up some mild Italian sausages today so it will be a simple supper cooked on the Weber Q. I think a salad on the side will fill the remainder of the plate. While the sausages were cooking, Bill was also watching the fire he started to burn some confidential paperwork. That is another bonus about living here, we have no need to shred, just burn it.

Just lazing in the sun by the pond
 I was disappointed not to find Chapman’s ice cream today. I need to find a grocery store that sells it. Sure wish I could find some Tillamook in Durham!
Recognize this?
After dinner and dishes, the fire had died down and so we closed up the sheds and called it a night. What a wonderful evening it is with the sun still very strong at 7 pm and finally the wind has died down too.
See the white spot on the far edge of the pond? Gabe
I can probably guess that you have had a wonderful day, how could we not? Sunshine makes so much difference in a day. Gabby is nesting, Gabe is protecting and the frogs are in rehearsal.

Playing with my software settings and our gorgeous sunset

Thank you for following my posts and please feel free to leave a comment if you are so inclined.


  1. The sunshine today was wonderful.
    Nothing quite like this lifestyle,peace and quiet country living. The local grocery store should have Chapmans ice cream, not so much Walmart.

    1. Love that sun and took advantage of it. Nice and easy, that is what the lifestyle is, eh George? :) I don't think our Foodland has it but I'll check Hanover next time.

  2. I love your spot, it always looks so peaceful. You looked a little bundled up for laying on the dock!!! Nice job on the sign. Perhaps if you ask at the grocery store about Chapman's they may start getting it in or at least tell you where you can get it. Small town places are usually pretty good that way.

    1. Thank you it is very peaceful here. I was definitely bundled up! That wind was cold but the sun so nice. I'll check it out for sure. :)

  3. That's a pretty nice sign you got. Looks official to me. Who made it? I presume you'll be removing the mailbox when you are south. We take our mailbox off the post too when we are away traveling so no junk mail will accumulate. I find the mail forwarding by Canada Post very expensive considering that we do not get very much mail anyway.