Monday, April 17, 2017

Time to See Bridgette’s Home

Monday, Apr. 17th, Mom’s birthday. I can’t even fathom what it must be like turning 91. Bravo, Mom! You’ve done something so many others don’t get the opportunity to do. Happy Birthday, sweet lady.
"Happy Birthday to me!"

Bill and I had made arrangements to drive to Cambridge this morning to visit my daughter. When we left Ontario in October, Bridgette was in the smack dab middle of moving her house and job. We read of her trials and tribulations while things slowly fell into place for her.

Selling her home in West Lorne, Ont. and searching for a new one close to Guelph,because the employer she was the Operations Manager for, changed location. From London. She did it, on her own and bought a lovely near-Century home in Cambridge. My daughter is a strong-willed, determined, intelligent, beautiful young single mom. Don’t stand in her way.

Today, we drove through small towns on country roads and highways leading us to the address she gave us. 
Beautiful stone house

Nothing says 'old' like these bell pillars
We left shortly after 9 and found her there, standing on her front porch with a very proud little smile on her face when we arrived just before 11. She paid a small fortune for this house but that is the way it is in the Guelph vicinity and if you want to live there, you pay for the privilege.

Her house is beautiful and so perfect for her. It isn’t modern, it isn’t fancy, it is old. The woodwork, the floors, the radiators, the windows and the brick exterior all add to its charm. Even though parts of it have been remodeled, it still has the old feel from the narrow stairs up to the lofty attic right down to the clean, antiquated wallpaper in her bedroom closet.
Welcome Home, Bridgette!
We sat on chairs from my parent’s dining room and had a great visit with coffee and dessert at her well-used scratched wooden dining table. Bridgette doesn't demand 'perfect' when furnishing her home and I love that.

The atmosphere in this home is what it should be, comfy, cozy and warm. It is a small house, at least the rooms are small, but it has three stories and remember, no home is small to me now that I live in a 440-sq. ft. recreational vehicle!

Bridgette does collect things other than books
(I'm not even talking about the liquor bottles!)
Her Fire King dishes are beautiful

Heat rads from days of yore kept us warm
Bridgette took us then to see her place of business, the warehouse and offices of Regency Fireplace Products on Hanlon Creek Rd. It isn’t finished yet, but wow, it is huge! 33,000 sq. feet of space in all. She filled us in  on the ups and downs of moving so much product from one city to another. The changes in city rules and regulations regarding racking, building codes were very frustrating for her but she rose to the challenge and made the necessary decisions with the help of her staff.
Following Bridgette's cooper to Regency, on the left
Bill and I said our goodbyes around 3:15 pm and headed on out of the area towards home. We arrived around 5, time for Clemson’s dinner and ours soon after. I had some of the leftover casserole from yesterday and we warmed that up. As usual, it almost tasted better the second day.
Bridgette shows us around her warehouse

Temporary office set up until theirs are finished on Apr. 21st
Lots of boxed fireplaces, wood or gas
I was happy to see that my Avon box had been delivered while we were away. It was sitting on the mat beside our Suite door wrapped in a plastic bag. Yay! We missed Gabby today so was happy to see that she was there in the pond, waiting for our return. I think she rather enjoys being photographed. Such performances!

The day turned out quite nice, with sun over Cambridge but we left The Ridge in clouds and rain only to return to mostly cloudy skies again. As I sit here at 6 pm, the sun is returning. I think we are in for a couple of nice days so we look forward to that.
I hope you’ve had a great day, we sure have! It was wonderful to see where my daughter has made her home. She doesn’t need it, but we totally approve!
Bill checks out the new forklift
Thank you for reading today. Just pictures of our drive today along with what we saw. 
typical country road

That is our turn onto Baptist Church Road on the right

We aren't sure what she is doing here, but it was interesting to watch
Not sure if this water tower is being painted, rebuilt or torn down

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  1. Nothing like living in an old house with character, looks wonderful.

  2. Looks like your daughter has made great choices and you have every right to be proud of her.
    That Fork Lift that Bill is sitting on has quite a high reach.
    Like you we are waiting for the warmer sunny days.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. She is a very independent young woman. Warm days at least pop in and out so we know one time they will stay.

  3. Your daughter has a charming house and big enough for you guys to stay over for an extended visit. For parents it's a good feeling to see the accomplishments of their offspring and that they are happy in their lives.

    1. thank you Marlene. Not exactly room for us to sleep in beds but at least she has floor space for an air mattress! These old houses were not equipped to carry box springs and mattresses up the narrow stairs. :) It is indeed a great feeling to see our children settled.

  4. It is amazing to read everyones blog and they are all about the same things. Home and family. We do enjoy the south for the winter but all need to come back to family. Thanks for sharing. Love the pictures of where you live in the summer too.

    1. PS. Your mom and I share a birthday. Its great to see her at the piano with a smile on her face.

    2. That is true, we all love to be home and then love to get away! :) A belated and warm Happy Birthday to you too, Lorne!! Hope it was a great one too.

  5. It looks like a beautiful house, and old homes have such character!